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  • Finding Aid Number : 14070000000       (Click To View Citation)

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    Two copies of book Flying Alligators and Silver Spurs: The Dangers, tragedies, and comradeship of the Vietnam War, in a helicopter pilot's own words by Charles W. Oualline. This book chronicles Oualline's service in Vietnam from July 1966 through July 1967 with the 119th Aviation Company and Novembe ...Read more

    Added: 23 Aug 2004[Updated: 29 Sep 2004]

  • Finding Aid Number : 13340000000       (Click To View Citation)

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    Less than one linear foot of Vietnamese Periodicals, poetry and other literary works. Two copies of Bang Duong, Nguyen Duy Quang-Mat Que Huong, 2000; two copies of Bang Duong, Nguyen Duy Quang- Bong Ngay Qua, 2003; two copies of Nguyen Duy Quang's book of poetry titled Huong Tinh Xua, 2007.

    Added: 26 Apr 2004[Updated: 19 Feb 2008]

  • Finding Aid Number : 19450000000       (Click To View Citation)

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    Materials including a framed copy of Richard Nixon's letter of resignation; a writing pen with Richard Nixon's signature; a wooden display box with items from Harold E. (Skip) Quant's service in the Marine Corps from 1965-1970; a copy of the 2 October 2005 issue of 'Parade' featuring an article on Ge ...Read more

    Added: 16 Dec 2010[Updated: 16 Dec 2010]

  • Finding Aid Number : 17260000000       (Click To View Citation)

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    Book titled Minh Duc Hoai Trinh: Her Life and Works by Nguyen Quang

    Added: 06 Feb 2006[Updated: 06 Feb 2006]