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Vietnam Dog Handler Association


Found in 15 Collections and/or Records:

341st Training Squadron Collection (2339) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23390000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately seven linear feet of veterinary mortality records on note cards for military working dogs from the Vietnam War era. Most of the cards contain information such as Brand Number, Name, Sex, Place of Origin, Date of Birth, Date of Death, and Cause of Death. All of the records are also on DVD. Cards will be coded according to year of death. Color edges will be to the left hand side of space. Yellow code will designate the 1960s. Blue code will designate the 1970s. Insure no information is covered with coding tag.

Added: 27 Oct 2010[Updated: 22 Nov 2010]
635th Security Police Squadron K-9 Section (1041) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10410000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Two CDs containing a Power Point presentation and digital representations of original documents and images document the history of the 635th Security Police Squadron K-9 Section.

Added: 17 Oct 2002[Updated: 12 Jan 2006]
Darrell Trent Collection (1043) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10430000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Twelve Kodak Super 8 movie reels document different aspects of Darrel Trent's service with the Vietnam Dog Handlers.

Added: 17 Oct 2002[Updated: 16 Dec 2005]
Dave Harris Collection (1046) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10460000000   (Click For More Item Information)

8mm film and slides document the training and care of Vietnam war dogs during Harris' service in 1965-1966.

Added: 28 Oct 2002[Updated: 10 Feb 2015]
George Paloheimo Collection (1059) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10590000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This collection consists of a 3 ring binder containing medical notes compiled by Paloheimo, vet tech for the 34th ISPD, about the dogs in the unit. In the binder are hand-written notes regarding the health of the dogs, treatment of the dogs, and inventories of the medical supplies.

Added: 05 Nov 2002[Updated: 11 Feb 2016]
Gus Sousa Collection (1050) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10500000000   (Click For More Item Information)
Added: 13 Nov 2002[Updated: 29 Jun 2004]
John C. Burnam Collection (1702) Finding Aid
Item Number: 17020000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Two copies of book titled Dog Tags of Courage: Combat Infantrymen and War Dog Heroes in Vietnam by John C. Burnam (signed by author).

Added: 30 Nov 2005[Updated: 04 Jan 2006]
John Sciascia Collection (1394) Finding Aid
Item Number: 13940000000   (Click For More Item Information)

The collection consists of approximately two linear feet of materials consisting of documents, photographs, videos, and books accumulated by John Sciascia. The materials relate to Sciascia and his fellow Vietnam War dog handlers and include Vietnam Dog Handler Association newsletters and articles concerning the dedication of a War Dog Memorial; calling cards; memorial service programs; pamphlets; correspondence; and clippings. The materials are dated 1994-2017.

Added: 04 Aug 2004[Updated: 03 Aug 2018]
Kelly Bateman Collection (2348) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23480000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately two linear feet of uniforms and patches collected by Kelly Bateman document the activities of Vietnam War era security police and K9 units in Southeast Asia, Korea, the Pacific, CONUS (Continental Unites States), and Alaska.

Added: 31 Aug 2010[Updated: 11 Apr 2016]
Kenneth Neal Collection (2198) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21980000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Commemorative coins from the Vietnam Dog Handler Association. One pair of coins was created by Kenneth Neal for the October 2002 Vietnam Dog Handler Association Reunion. The other pair of coins commemorates the Military Working Dog Teams who served in Thailand, 1968-1976.

Added: 25 Nov 2009[Updated: 25 Nov 2009]
Larry Chilcoat Collection (1062) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10620000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This collection consists of materials related to Larry Chilcoat's efforts at getting the Texas State Legislature to pass House Resolution #522. H.R. #522 officially recognized the contributions made by war dogs in Vietnam. Also present in the collection are photographs, a newspaper (Victoria, TX, Advocate) article, the House Resolution #522, and correspondence.

Added: 13 Nov 2002[Updated: 11 Feb 2016]
Michael Lemish Collection (2322) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23220000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately one linear foot of military records, medical studies, articles, and photographs related to various K-9 operations during the Vietnam War to include mine, tunnel, scout, tracker and sentry dogs used by the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

Added: 29 Oct 2010[Updated: 26 May 2011]
Thomas Shambo Collection (1049) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10490000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Slides document Shambo's military service in Vietnam and include images of Phang Rang, and Shambo and his dog, Ronald. The slides were created in 1967 and 1968.

Added: 28 Oct 2002[Updated: 13 Dec 2002]
Vernon J. Anderson Collection (1079) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10790000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This collection consists of 47 Vietnam era photographs. 11 photos are of sentry dog training classes from 1966 through December, 1968. Classes included Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force dog handlers. 8 photos are of USAF basic flight training. 28 photos are of Vietnam era veterans during USAF basic flight training.

Added: 18 Mar 2003[Updated: 24 Jun 2013]
Vietnam Dog Handler Association Collection (1042) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10420000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This collection consists of a brochure on efforts to collect and build the National War Dog Memorial. Separated items include ceramic coasters from March Field Air Museum, Riverside, California, depicting a war dog and handler, and a commemorative coin from the VDHA Reunion, St. Louis, Missouri, October 11-13, 2002.

Added: 30 Jan 2003[Updated: 11 Feb 2016]