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Minh Quy Hospital


Found in 6 Collections and/or Records:

Bill Rose Collection (2353) Finding Aid
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Less than a quarter of a linear foot of articles and newsletters document Bill Rose's work in Vietnam with the Minh Quy Hospital and Vietnam Christian Service from 1967 and on into the 1970s.

Collection: Bill Rose Collection

Association: Minh Quy Hospital

Added: 07 Mar 2011[Updated: 04 Oct 2013]
Gwen J. Braile Collection (2481) Finding Aid
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Approximately half a linear foot of material related to Minh Quy Hospital donated by Gwen Braile. The collection contains news clippings about the fall of Saigon and the return of some Minh Quy Hospital staff to the United States. There is also a letter and typed journals from Peggy Braile and a letter from George 'Humphrey' Christian. There is a copy of Dr. Pat Smith's Newsletter, August-September 1974, and a copy of an article about nurses at the Minh Quy Hospital. A photograph of the hospital staff and visitors [ca.1971-1972], several photographs of hospital staff and Montagnard patients [taken by Dr. John W. Taylor, ca.1972], and a chess set made by Dr. George Christian while imprisoned in Kontum. The majority of the materials date from 1974 to 1975.

Collection: Gwen J. Braile Collection

Association: Minh Quy Hospital

Added: 11 Jun 2012[Updated: 08 Apr 2016]
Hilary Smith Collection (2330) Finding Aid
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Book titled Lighting Candles: Hospital Memories of Vietnam's Montagnards by Hilary Smith documents the activities from 1971-1973 at Minh Quy Hospital which was established by Dr. Pat Smith of Seattle to care for Montagnards in Kontum in the Vietnamese Central Highlands. Letters written by Hilary Smith to her father during her service at Minh Quy Hospital, including letter exchanges between Hilary and other nurses from the hospital. Also included in the donation is an early manuscript draft of Smith's book Lighting Candles, and photocopies of newspaper articles about Minh Quy Hospital. Also two large maps of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand, a Tacitaal Zone map, and a large collection of photographs, and negatives of Minh Quy Hospital.

Collection: Hilary Smith Collection

Association: Minh Quy Hospital

Added: 29 Mar 2012[Updated: 16 Oct 2018]
John Taylor Collection (2776) Finding Aid
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The collection consists of less than a quarter of a linear foot of photocopied textual records, photographs, and electronic media documenting Dr. John Taylor's experience working at Minh Quy Hospital in Kontum, South Vietnam from 1971 to 1973. The materials include articles, correspondence (including some letters in Vietnamese), Dr. Taylor's order to report for induction into the US Armed Forces, clippings, and a list of Minh Quy Hospital projects. Correspondence subjects include Dr. Taylor's antiwar advocacy efforts, his struggle with the military draft, and his service at Minh Quy Hosptial. Many of the documents include translations and other notes provided by Dr. Taylor. The materials date from 1968 to 1975.

The collection also includes one CD donated to the archive by Dr. John Taylor. The CD contains scans of correspondence about the Minh Quy hospital written by Dr. Taylor and other volunteers and staff members of the hospital. The correspondence talks about the operations of the hospital, the staff's efforts to get support for the hospital, the movement of the hospital due to the dangers of war, and personal correspondence between Taylor and other hospital staff. The CD also contains photos taken by Dr. Taylor while volunteering at the hospital. The materials are dated 1971 through 1975.

Collection: John Taylor Collection

Association: Minh Quy Hospital

Added: 22 Sep 2016[Updated: 19 Jun 2017]
Kerry Heubeck Collection (2355) Finding Aid
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Three books written or edited by Kerry Heubeck.

Collection: Kerry Heubeck Collection

Association: Minh Quy Hospital

Added: 15 Feb 2012[Updated: 08 May 2015]
Minh Quy Hospital Collection (2364) Finding Aid
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CD-ROM contains the records of Dr. Patricia Smith, founder of Minh Quy Hospital in Kontum during the Vietnam War. Also included in the CD are interviews with Dr. Smith by Lenna H. Allred in 1993 and Roaslie McQuaide in 1990. The original records of Dr. Smith are housed at the Catholic Relief Services Archives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Added: 22 Nov 2010[Updated: 12 Jun 2012]