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Harold Vorhies, Col. (Hal Vorhies) (1066) Hal Vorhies Collection


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Hal Vorhies Collection (1066) Finding Aid
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This collection consists of 84 reels of microfilm and a hand-carved wooden stamp used by the Viet Cong. Each reel of film holds approximately 100 feet of film. The film was sorted from vastly greated collection of the Combined Document Exploitation Center (CDEC), USMACV and consists of captured documents of the Viet Cong (VC) and North Vietnamese Army (NVA). It includes the original documents and their English translations. Also included is the following capture data: Date, location, capturing unit/activity and other circumstantial notations.

The sort from the master database was to select documents which bore a relationship to the VC and NVA activities in building a political infrastructure in South Vietnam during the conflict. The sort was done in 1975 by the Air Force Academy (which then had the entire CDEC microfilm holdings) using the machine designed for that purpose.

Added: 12 Nov 2002[Updated: 30 Sep 2019]
Hand carved Viet Cong stamp
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 Museum Object

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Hand carved Viet Cong stamp donated by Hal Vorhies.

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Collection: Hal Vorhies Collection

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Interview with Harold Vorhies
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 Oral History

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(USA) Interview conducted by Stephen Maxner.

Author(s): Stephen Maxner

Item Creation Date: 13 April 2002

Collection: Hal Vorhies Collection

Added: 26 Aug 2002[Updated: 14 May 2010]