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Item Number: 998AU0838
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Free Bailey with Don Donoher Walter Cronkite, March 12 Primary McCarthy, On LBJ being elected Dan Rather, White House Vice President with Bobby Kennedy Richard Nixon Dean Rusk before Senate Foreign Relations Committee, March 11, 1968 William Fulbright, Desire for Advance Consulation Dean Rusk Claiborne Pell Lausche Dodd Symington Side A (Contains copyrighted Material) In a 1968 NBC television news broadcast, the presidential primary race between Richard Nixon, Eujene J. McCarthy, Herbert J. Humphrey, and Robert Kennedy is covered quite extensively. Herbert Humphrey is heard playing upon his civil rights record to gain voter support. Similarly, an excerpt from one of Robert Kennedy's speeches during the Indiana run-off is provided wherein he attempts to gain voter support based upon his truthful and open discussion of class and race divisions in America. Nixon receives the republican national party's presidential nomination. Governor Wallace of Alabama dies in her mansion in Montgomery, Alabama. She leaves behind her husband, former-governor George C. Wallace, and their four children. Also in Montgomery, Alabama, Martin Luther King Jr. stages a small civil rights march. The march was postponed after only three blocks because he had neglected to obtain a proper permit for the protest. Hostilities were avoided and the march ended peacefully. At this time, fighting in and around Saigon was escalating and the beginning of the Paris peace negotiations between the North-Vietnamese governement and a six-man delegation representing American interests were not scheduled to begin for another week. President Lyndon B. Johnson announces a rise in G.I. home loan tax rates as a result of the nation's war-time economy. He defends America's position on the Vietnam conflict by citing America's concern with securing individual freedoms for people around the world. Side B (Possible Copyrighted Material) Attorney F. Lee Bailey participates in a call-in radio show. He answers questions about contemporary issues, including the general state of the American justice system, women's roles in the courtroom, U.S. murder statistics, interpretation of crime severity, U.S. drug policy, and proper representation of african-americans in the courtroom. In the last twenty-five minutes of the audiofile, the speaker lectures on the inception and subsequent influence of the United Nations on international politics.

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998AU0838, Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

Added: 06 Jan 2003 [Updated: 20 Nov 2013]