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Secrets of War: Vietnam: Hidden in Plain Sight and Special Operations

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  • Existence: 1998

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Discover the most daring covert operations, ingenious spy gadgets and cunning military deceptions that forever changed the course of history...Painstakingly researched with previously classified footage from private sources and government archives all over the world, SECRETS OF WAR exposes the real stories of the 20th century's greatest conflicts! 1. HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT The Viet Cong's secret method to foil America's attempts to seal off South Vietnam. From the Ho Chi Minh trail to the tunnels of Cu Chi, the remarkablee story of hidden supply highways, underground cities, covert camps and double agents... 2. SPECIAL OPERATIONS As regular American units fought under rules of engagement imposed by their political leaders, unconventional Special Forces fought classified battles, often 'across the fence.' Their covert missions led them deep into North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia... The stories of clandestine operational groups, their missions and mysterious means of survival...

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998VI1320, Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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