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Canopies Up!

Item Number: 885VI1694
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Canopies Up! is the first episode in a remarkable new series that introduces a refreshingly vivid and bright creative style to aviation programs. Original flightline footage. Cockpit cameras. Vivid colors. Natural cockpit sounds and radio chatter. Accompanied by narration from the pilots who fly the jets, as told to us in interviews across the nation. To those familiar with the critically acclaimed Eagles Over The Gulf series, the in-the-cockpit feel of this program should come as no surprise. Not only will you hear the words of the pilots and see their aircraft in stunning detail, but we've also added more in-flight and air-to-air footage than ever before. In Canopies Up!, the pilots of America's frontline military jets tell you about their aircraft and the demands of their job. From assignment night to combat, from the C5A to the F15E, you'll see and hear the world of military aviators as if you were there yourself. Special footage, released here for the first time, comes directly from combat cameras filming live, on location in theatre, and at air bases and stations across America. You'll hear about the KC135 that had two engines torn from its wing, and A-7 that takes a barricaded landing and, in possibly the most dramatic air-to-air audio ever, an F16 pilot as he prepares to punch out over Iraqi territory. This is the world of America's frontline air power - told entirely in the words of the pilots of the 1990s - in a program you will enjoy for years.

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885VI1694, Michael Sloniker Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

Added: 29 Sep 2004 [Updated: 20 Nov 2013]