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R&R, Bangkok, Thailand. We were put up in a hotel. I think it had a 'George' somewhere in the name, but can't remember. After weeks at sea, most wanted to sleep but were constantly interupted by knocks on the door. The 'Madam' would bring in her girls. I took a photo of these three, who managed smiles despite their disappointment. Invariably, these would be followed by other vendors (in order) of drugs (including heroin), alcohol, and rarely, boys. Drug and alcohol dealers would open up a suitcase full of their stores for display to the servicemen. The marijuana was so common it was pre-rolled in cigarette form. I think they were called 'Krong Tips'. The whole R&R routine had the blessing of the U.S. military and, obviously, the locals. The tacit complicity with the Thai government and the military was never mentioned.

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VA026055, John S. Janks Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

Added: 19 Feb 2002 [Updated: 23 Jan 2019]