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The VHPA Aviator (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA))

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The VHPA Aviator
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA)
Citrus Heights, California
United States
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2005- / Earlier Title: The VHPA Newsletter


  • Publication: September/October 2011

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FEATURES: Suggested Reading BY John Penny One More Huey Driver BY Steve Bookout So Others May Live BY Terry Garlock Let's Smoke on this... BY Charlie Gossett Please Gentlemen.... Embellishments must be allowed BY Howard D. Horton Announcement of a Special Warrant Officer Veterans History Project Federal Way pilot retires after front-line service spanning Vietnam, Afghanistan Report on the Funeral Services for CW3 Andy Howes BY John Mateyko VHPA'ers in the News B Troop, 7/17 Cav re-flags to the Scalphunter Troop from the Vietnam Days BY Mike J. Hodges Museum Announces Opening of "Tropic Lightning" Exhibit

REUNION: From the Chairman of the 2011 Reunion in Orlando BY Mike Law VHPA leadership and Military Reunion Planners BY Julie Kink Orlando Reunion Raflle BY Moon Mullen The Members of the VHPA Are Invited

LETTERS: To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM Al Roettger To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM Kenneth Roach To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM George Hadeler To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM Bill Campbell Dear Editor the VHPA Aviator FROM Bob Thompson August 10, 2011 Editor, VHPA Aviator FROM Thomas K. Farley To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM LeRoy R. Brown Looking For - a Huey Crew in need of a GCA at Hue/Phu Bai on 10 Jan 1970 FROM Gary Breault Gary (Roush) answered Gary (Breault) with the folling E-Mail FROM Gary Roush Looking For tow long-lost friends FROM A.H. Timothy Wilson Looking for help ID'ing a book about a Vietnam Helicopter Pilot FROM Doug Chadwick Looking For anyone who might have known George Mellinger FROM Misty Reynolds Looking For - Correction to a previous request for information FROM Seppo I. Hume

TAPS: Aberlt N. "Al" Turner - David Jacob Feigert - Delmer Mason 'Mac' McConnell - Edward Tolfa Jr. - Frederick G. Funk - Glenn M. Ebaugh - James R. Grissom - James (Jimmy) Allen Smith - James Joseph Hughes Jr. - John Berrien Whitehead - John W. Alber - John M. Stoen - Kenneth Lindstrom - Lanley Jerry Chavis - Lee "Tex" Westbrook - Oscar L. 'Bud' Shuler - Richard Michael Levy - Robert Andrew Stroud - Wayne Rex Bryan - William "Bill" Barrett - William (Bill) Edward Rowe - William C. "Bill" Hinton - Bobby Gene "Bob" Walls - Michael E. Neufield

CHAPTER ACTIVITIES: Alamo chapter BY Bob Dillon California chapter north BY Ken Fritz Central New York chapter BY Tom McMillen Fort Rucker chapter BY Roscoe Souders Fort Wolters chapter BY Mike Sheuerman Georgia chapter BY Skip Bell Louisiana Gulf Coast chapter BY Phil Ness Montana chapter BY Todd Brandoff Mid-South chapter BY Pete Norman New England chapter BY Bill Williams North Alabama chapter BY Jim White North Carolina chapter BY J.D. Lawson Ohio River LZ chapter BY Jim Miller Rocky Mountain chapter BY Phil Lanphier South Carolina (Celebrate Freedom) chapter BY Larry Russell South Dakota chapter BY Harold Pardew South Missouri chapter BY Russ Emory VHPA of Florida chapter BY Gary Harrell Virgina chapter BY Ben Gay Washington State chapter BY Mark Hansen

BOOK REVIEWS: Dear Mom, I'm Alive: Letters Home From Blackwidow 25 BY John Penny Sharks, Dolphins, Arabs, and the High Priced Help BY John Penny Strength and Honor: America's Best in Vietnam BY John Penny

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2841Newsletter611030, John Shafer Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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