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The Forward Air Controllers Association FAC History Book

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  • May 2004

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Raven, Rustic and Red Marker; Sidewinder, Viper and Cottonmouth; Covey, Jake, Hound Dog, Bird Dog and Sundog, are but a few of the call signs of 4,000 brave Forward Air Controllers who fought in Southeast Asia from 1961 until 1975. They conducted a variety of missions in lightly armed aircraft over heavily defended targets in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Many paid the ultimate price - with over 200 killed in action. This CD contains the personal stories of these pilots, navigators, interpreters and combat controllers, as well as tributes to fallen comrades. I am proud to have served with these courageous warriors. - Ralph E. Eberhart, General USAF

Documenting the experiences of Forward Air Controllers in the Southeast Asia Wars is an awesome task. This history begins with the deployment of Detachment 2 Alpha (Jungle Jim) to Bien Hoa AB RVN on 16 November 1961 and ends with the Mayaguez Incident on 15 May 1975. Readers will quickly realize that there were several different wars being fought simultaneously. A comprehensive FAC History must include all of these experiences. What we as FACs did was anchored in similar tactics but the tecniques employed were so diverse that it would be a mistake to attempt to draw encompassing conclusions. Sector FACs working on advisory teams in South Vietnam had little or no knowledge of what was being done in Laos; and FACs supporting major allied force army units were usually unaware of the FACs working interdiction missions along the DMZ. The antiaircraft fire and resulting tactics in 1962 had few points of comparison to the FAC tactics necessary to cope with sophisticated radar and infrared directed antiaircraft fire in 1973. Each experience related in this book has to be accepted on its own merit and the reader must realize that memories after 25 to 35 years have a way of amplifying some points and diminishing others. Early on the FAC Association History Book Committee concluded that several textbook type books have already been written and that first person experiences would be much more interesting. We therefore decided that "a compendium of short stories" would provide a more meaningful history and complement existing works.

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1299EM0808, Joseph V. Potter Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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