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Remembering The Vietnam War

Item Number: 2600EM0958
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Disc contains 13 images of infantry. 823 images of weapons, helicopter gunships, prisoners, landing craft, Vietcong, civilians, battle damage, USO shows, soldiers around camp, aircraft refueling, planes, awards ceremonies, combat scenes, anti-war protests and ships firing.

16 maps of battles and South Vietnam including Battle of Ia Drang 1965, Situation in 1964, Indochina 1954, NVA Attack Plan 1965, NVA Spring 1972 Offensive, Operation Cedar Falls 1967, Final Days of South Vietnam, South Vietnam during Tet Offensive 29 January - 25 February 1968, South Vietnam and Cambodia 1970, Lamm Son 719 1971,

16 folders of diplomatic cables and reports including Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker’s Cable Concerning Corruption in South Vietnam 19 July 1972, Ambassador John Dean’s Cable on the Cambodia Settlement, 6 February 1975, Assessment of General Fred C. Weyand’s Report on Vietnam 5 April 1975, Debrief of the Mayaguez Captain and Crew 19 May 1975, Escape from South Vietnam (Refugees) 10 July 1976, Helicopter Pilot Radio Transmission During the Saigon Evacuation 29 April 1975, Indochina Refugee Boat cases 10 December 1976, Intelligence Report Thieu Unlikely to Win Emergency Power, Lessons of Vietnam by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger ca 12 May 1975, Life Inside Cambodia 10 May 1976, Ominous Developments in Vietnam 12 March 1975, President Ford’s Meeting on Foreign Aid 12 September 1974, President Richard Nixon’s Meeting on Recognition for Returning Prisoners of War 15 February 1973, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s Cable on President Gerald Ford 29 April 1975, The Situation in Asia 15 July 1975, Vietnam Assessment Report by General Fred C. Weyand 9 April 1975

An anthology of American Military History containing maps from the Revolutionary War to the Korean War. A Vietnam War timeline. VIETNAM STUDIES CEDAR FALLS- JUNCTION CITY: A TURNING POINT by Lieutenant General Bernard William Rogers 1989. Vietnam Studies U.S. Army Special Forces 1961-1971.

Pub Credit Line
2600EM0958, Philip C. Gutzman Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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