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Robert E. Lawrence - My U.S. Army Career, January 1968-December 1969

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  • January 1968-December 1969

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68 numbered pages with the following glued into it: -Chronological Order of Events; Where Robert Lawrence was each month of service -Servicemen's Group Life Insurance -Certificate of Training for the Leader Preparation Course -Leadership School notes taken in classes -Personal card scores in aptitude areas - MOS explanations for Cook (94B20), Infantry Light Weapons (11B10), Indirect Fire Weapons (11C10), and Direct Fire & Anti-Tank (11H10) -Description of Ranks for the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy -Code of Conduct -Membership Application for the association of the United States Army -NCO school report cards -Vietnam Panel Advance sheet -Certificate honoring successful completion of Airborne Course by Robert E. Lawrence -Newspaper article discussing the importance of the jumpmaster's checks -Newspaper article covering a chaplain that earned jump wings -6 pages covering military courtesy -Booklet of military rifles -Immunization Certificate and International Certificate of Vaccination, World Health Organization -Letter of Welcome to "All Reinforcements" - March 7, 1969 -pictures of: M14 rifle, M16 rifle, M113 APC, O-1 Birdog, Spotter Plane, 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer, C141 Starlifter, C123 Provider, C7A Caribou, CH47 Chinook, U1A Otter, 101 Voodoo (jet fighter), A37 (jet fighter), F-100 Supersabre, F105 Thunderchief, 175mm Howitzer, F-5A Freedom Fighter, U10 Courier Oberservation Plane, C130 Hercules, C54A Skycrane Helicopter and a 105mm Howitzer -Rest and Relaxation Orders for Taipei, Taiwan 13-19 November 1969 -Brochure, stationary and envelope, note paper for First Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan -Menu from Tan Son Nhut (Vietnam) to Taipei (Taiwan), Boeing 707 Jet -Bingo Night U.S. Service Club Military Assistance Advisory Group [MAAG] NCO Open Mess -Advertising Card for First Hotel -$1.00 raffle ticket for Orphans home -Postcards depicting six different attractions of the Yan-Ming National Park to include: the park, the entrance, the park in the flower season, Mt. Ta-tun, the Lee monument, the fountain, azaleas, Chiang Tai-Kung Angling, and the Flower Clock -Airline ticket back to Vietnam from Taipei, Taiwan dated November 19, 1969 -R&R Program information pamphlet -Newspaper photos depicting infantry, tanks, and APC's at the Michelin Rubber Plantation -Newspaper photo of the new Division Commander, Major Harris W. Hollis, taking colors -Newspaper article discussing a captured weapons cache in the woods of Boi Loi -Picture of a soldier (9th Infantry) carrying an M60 machine gun with ammunition and guarding a bridge near Saigon -Part of cardboard carton with list of goods that come in a service pack: confection and stationary packs -Parachutists' Creed -Pictures of Gen. Abrams, Gen Rosson, and the II Field Force: headquarters, 1st ID, and the 2nd ID -Airborne Billfold Card -Photograph of Robert Lawrence on the front steps of barracks on April 23, 1968 in AIT; E-4-3, Ft. Polk Louisiana -The Observer, Volume 8 Number 22, 3 October 1969 -Photograph of Lawrence immediately after jump school -Local newspaper article about Lawrence, April 1969 -Photographs: observation helicopter (OH-6A), Huey Cobra strike, bulldozers with Rome Plow, Huey, soldiers from the 25th ID, rocket and mortar rounds, a 105mm Howitzer being loaded, and a 4.2inch mortar being fired, M48 tanks, a Huey Cobra Gunship, an Engineer Vehicle, and infantry soldiers wading through a marshy area on patrol, Infantry (Airmobile) Helicopter Assault, .50 Calibre machine-gun on top of a tank, and a 7.62 calibre Minigun firing from the hatch of an APC -Brochure from the Orient Chain Hotels and 4 pages of Chinese text newspaper (pages 39-40) -Newspaper: The Army Reporter Volume 5 Number 35, 1 September 1969 (pages 57-58) -Newspaper: The Army Reporter Volume 5 Number 40, 6 October 1969 (pages 59-60)

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1970scrapbook1634, Robert E. Lawrence Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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