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1st Infantry Division and 11th Armored Cavalry in Vietnam

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11th Armored Cavalry Produced by the Army, this film explores the regiment's operations beginning in 1966. There is good footage of the regiment's base camp, Xuan Loc, in Vietnam's III Corps. Scenes include: Operation Santa Fe, defense of Bien Hoa and Saigon, support of Vietnamese Army action, minesweeping operations, air cavalry troops and the medical civilian assistance program. 1st Infantry Division In Vietnam Produced by the U.S. Army, this video begins with a historical overview of the division's campaigns in World War I and World War II. The 1st was the Army's first full division sent to Vietnam. The video picks up with the unit's Vietnam deployment On July 12, 1965, when the first elements of the division's 2nd brigade arrives at Cam Ranh Bay and is sent to join the remainder of the brigade that landed at Vung Tau. Three months later the rest of the division arrived. The following is a synopsis of what you will see in the video: Soldiers of the 1st establishing defensive perimeters for their base camps. The battle of Ap Bau Bang on Nov 11-12, 1965. Division soldiers ambushing the Viet Cong near Tom Loi on Nov. 20, 1965. Operation Rolling Stone in 1966. A sequence detailing the heroics of Congressional Medal Of Honor recipient Lt. Robert J. Hibbs for his actions on March 5, 1966. Operation Cedar Falls in January 1967. Operation Junction City in War Zone C north of Tay Ninh City from Feb-May 1967. There are also clips of the division's pacification program and the training program for the division's replacements. The division was at peak strength when it engaged in Operation Shenandoah II, a series of violent battles conducted on both sides of Highway 13 from Lai Khe to Loc Ninh near the Cambodian border. The battle over the airstrip at Loc Ninh was the most notable. The video also recounts the division's exploits during TET and its engagements with a division of North Vietnamese regulars at the Cambodian 'Fishhook Area.' In June 1969 the division began to employ small fiberglass boats to patrol the approaches to Saigon. In 1970 the division returned to Fort Riley Kansas where the video ends with a ceremony on April 15, 1970. This film was reviewed by military historian James Hinds.

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998VI0597, Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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