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(Acid) Trip To Where?

Item Number: 998VI0620
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  • Existence: 01 January 1968

General Note / OCR

Trip To Where? That's the name of the film produced by the Navy in 1968. It's one of those anti-drug films they made you watch when you were in the Navy. This one is actually very entertaining. Here's the story line. The film opens with three off-duty sailors in an apartment on an LSD trip. Two of the men have taken the drug, and the third sailor is not high, presumably he is there to make sure they don't do anything stupid. One sailor is having a grand old time experiencing all kinds of colorful hallucinations. But the other guy is having a bad trip. He tries to jump out of the window and they take him to the hospital, where they get a lecture from a doctor on the dangers of LSD. It gets really interesting when they return to duty aboard a carrier based in San Diego. They all work in communications. One guy starts to have flash-backs while he is giving instructions to a pilot, who is landing on the aircraft carrier. When the Navy finds out they were taking LSD, the sailors get in a lot of trouble. Along the way they meet some real shady characters, who sell them drugs.

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998VI0620, Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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