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Bob McGarry Collection (2036) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20360000000   (Click For More Item Information)

DVD and CD contain slides and film from Bob McGarry's service in Vietnam and Thailand, 1969-1970.

Added: 25 Oct 2007[Updated: 25 Oct 2007]
John W. Mountcastle Collection (2029) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20290000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One hundred and eleven slides document John Mountcastles's tours of duty in Vietnam with B Company, 1st Battalion, 69th Armor, 3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (changed to 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division in August 1967) in 1967 and as an Advisor with MACV Advisory Team 3 with the 7th Armored Cavalry ARVN and later as a G3-Air Advisor with Headquarters, 1st ARVN Infantry Division.

Added: 13 Nov 2007[Updated: 06 Jan 2010]
George H. Mahon Collection (2043) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20430000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Summaries of major newspaper articles describing the Pentagon Papers from the Foreign Affairs Division of the Library of Congress.

Added: 29 Nov 2007[Updated: 15 Feb 2008]
John H. McCool Collection (2046) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20460000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of books document John H. McCool's experience with the Vietnam conflict. All materials date from the post-war era. The collection includes books published by the Combat studies Institute Press at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas which document subjects on the Vietnam War and the Global War on Terror.

Added: 26 Feb 2008[Updated: 26 Feb 2008]
Ed Moffitt Collection (2074) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20740000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Two letters from Ed Moffitt to The Wall Street Journal and Walter Cronkite in 1998 and 2008, respectively. Also included is a photocopy of Moffitt's letter toThe Wall Street Journal in the Letters to the Editor section of The Wall Street Journal. The letter asks why there was no media outrage toward Ho Chi Minh as there was against Pol Pot.

Collection: Ed Moffitt Collection

Added: 05 May 2008[Updated: 15 Apr 2014]
William Stuart Morgan, Jr. Collection (2072) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20720000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Memoirs document William Stuart Morgan, Jr.'s tours of duty in Vietnam from 1965-1966 with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 163 (HMM-163) and from 1968-1969 with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 542 (VMFA-542). A poem and related items are also included.

Added: 27 May 2008[Updated: 26 Mar 2010]
Elizabeth Mayberry Collection (2071) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20710000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Paper written by Elizabeth Mayberry on 26 April 2007 titled 'The Korean and Vietnam Wars' for a History course discusses veterans' experiences in both wars. The collection also contains questionnaires and correspondence relating to the paper and an oral history interview of Eli Takesian at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington's Military Chaplain Oral History Project, 13 December 2002.

Added: 18 Jun 2008[Updated: 23 Jan 2009]
William Mayer-Oakes Collection (2246) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22460000000   (Click For More Item Information)

March/April 1965 issue of the periodical titled New Guinea and Australia, the Pacific and South-East Asia features an article titled 'China's Long Shadow' by Denis Warner discusses the threat of Communism in Southeast Asia.

Added: 24 Sep 2009[Updated: 02 Oct 2009]
Duncan Milne Collection (2240) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22400000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately one half a linear foot of English language newspapers from South Vietnam, September-October 1966. This collection also includes fourteen United States Air Force aerial photographs. The photographs show various airstrips, villages and bases throughout Vietnam and are dated from June 1967- July 1968. These items were donated to the Vietnam Archive by Duncan Milne.

Added: 29 Sep 2009[Updated: 13 Oct 2014]
Dianne Griffin Murray Collection (2129) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21290000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of correspondence and classroom assignments collected by Diane Griffin Murray while she attended school for children of Air America employees in Thailand during the 1970s.

Added: 16 Oct 2009[Updated: 05 Apr 2011]
William B. McIver Collection (2255) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22550000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Book titled By Dead Reckoning: From the Great Depression to the First Vietnam War by William B. McIver describes McIver's life from the time he was raised on a sharecropper cotton farm in West Texas during the Great Depression to his service in the United States Navy during the Korean War and the French Indochina War in the 1950s. The book also gives McIver's family background dating back to their arrival from Scotland to Colonial North Carolina.

Added: 16 Oct 2009[Updated: 16 Oct 2009]
Janet McDaniel Collection (2122) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21220000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Silver tray presented as a token of appreciation to Virginia Beck by Lieutenant General Serm Na-Nakorn, Commander, Royal Thai Forces, Vietnam.

Added: 24 Nov 2009[Updated: 24 Nov 2009]
Tom Mueller Collection (2087) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20870000000   (Click For More Item Information)

82nd Airborne Division Flag donated to the Vietnam Archive by Tom Mueller.

Added: 24 Nov 2009[Updated: 24 Nov 2009]
Edgar R. McCoin Collection (2229) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22290000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately one half of a linear foot of artifacts, photographs, field manuals, and military administrative documents illustrate Edgar R. McCoin's life and in particular, his service in Vietnam in 1971 with the 45th Military Intelligence Company, 519th Military Intelligence Battalion, 525th Military intelligence Group while assigned to Combined Intelligence Center, Vietnam.

Added: 14 Dec 2009[Updated: 15 May 2012]
Richard K. Macauley Collection (2279) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22790000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Two copies of a CD contain Charley Horse, which is Richard K. Macauley's memoirs of his tour of duty in Vietnam from his unique perspective as a Journalism college graduate. Paper copy excerpts from his memoirs are also included in the donation.

Added: 27 Jan 2010[Updated: 28 Jan 2010]
Roger Moseley Collection (2277) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22770000000   (Click For More Item Information)

16mm film and caption sheet for A-37 operations at the 6th Special Operations Squadron (SOS) Redeployment Command Post, Bien Hoa, 1971-1972. Also included in the collection is a description of 6th SOS operations and a short history of the 8th Tactical Bomber Squadron (Yellowbirds).

Added: 27 Jan 2010[Updated: 05 Apr 2010]
Clifford Miller Collection (2281) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22810000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Book written by Clifford Miller titled Out the Wire documents his service as an infantryman in the United States Army in Vietnam, 1969-1970.

Added: 03 Feb 2010[Updated: 11 Feb 2010]
James E. Markham Collection (2275) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22750000000   (Click For More Item Information)

DVD titled War: Republic of Vietnam, 1968-1971 contains photography by James E. Markham while he was serving as an advisor to the Vietnamese Navy and was in the United States Navy Pacific Fleet's combat Camera Group, Detachment Alfa.

Added: 03 Feb 2010[Updated: 03 Feb 2010]
Richard Mackie Collection (136) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1360000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One manuscript titled ^D'Operation New Life: The Untold Story^D>' (1998) documents Richard Mackie's service during the Vietnam Conflict

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 09 Mar 2006]
David Marr Collection (138) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1380000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One folder of five articles from the publication Australian Outlook detail various aspects of the Vietnam Conflict. Articles date December 1966 - December 1975.

Collection: David Marr Collection

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 09 Mar 2006]
Carol Maxwell Collection (140) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1400000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One folder of poems and letters document Carol Maxwell's son's service in Vietnam, his death due to Agent Orange-related cancer in 1993, and her responses to both. Letters to her son are dated from the 1960s and correpondence to Dr. James Reckner and the poems are dated from the 1990s.

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 28 Oct 2010]
James McBride Collection (141) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1410000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One folder of documents detail information about the USS Shangri-La, the ship that Commander James J. McBride, USN (Ret) served aboard during the Vietnam Conflict.

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 09 Mar 2006]
McConkey Collection (143) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1430000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One folder of a defense attaché telephone directory for Saigon, May 1973 and two log books were collection by McConkey during his service in Vietnam.

Collection: McConkey Collection

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 21 Jun 2007]
Malcolm McConnell Collection (144) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1440000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Over three linear feet of photographs, postcards, VHS tapes, audio reels, periodicals, and research materials document a deep understanding of various aspects of the POW/MIA issue. All materials were collected by Malcolm McConnell in his research for his work, 'Inside Hanoi's Secret Archives: Solving the MIA Mystery', manuscripts of which are in the collection. The 1634 photographs are former PAVN photos. These photographs, numerous declassified U.S. documents, PAVN documents, and correspondence date from the war period.

Other collections that relate to the POW/MIA issue include the U.S. Air Force POW Oral Histories Collection, the interrogation reports in the Douglas Pike Collection, the Shirley Johnson Collection, and areas of the National Vietnam Veteran's Coalition papers.

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 24 Aug 2017]
Donald McCullough Collection (145) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1450000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of a museum artifact, maps and documents detail Major Donald McCullough's service during the Vietnam Conflict. The maps are of South Vietnam and Cambodia and have markings by Major McCullough. Documents include a USAF Flight Crew Check List, safe conduct passes and a Small Arms Hand Receipt. All materials date from the war period.

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 10 Mar 2006]
Barbara McDougal Collection (146) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1460000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One folder contains an article from ^D'The Stars and Stripes^D>', two cartoons from a Vietnamese newspaper and an advertisement offering rewards for capture Viet Cong weapons. All materials date from the war period and were collected by Barbara McDougal while she served as the librarian at the Veterans Administration Clinic in Lubbock, Texas

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 10 Mar 2006]
Robert McLane Collection (063) Finding Aid
Item Number: 0630000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One manuscript, titled 'The Zig Zag Club' documents Robert McLane's life during the Vietnam Conflict. Topics covered in the manuscript include McLane's involvement in the hippie movement, his experimentation with various drugs and his deployment to Vietnam with the 12th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division in 1967. The manuscript is from the post-war era.

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 28 Feb 2006]
Mike Mercer Collection (353) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3530000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of photographs, patches, artifacts, negatives, slides, newsletters, periodicals, military administrative documents, and other printed materials document Mike Mercer's service as an engineer in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam Conflict, 1967-1968. All of the materials date from the war period and are in good condition.

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 30 Sep 2019]
Michael Mittelmann Collection (150) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1500000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Over three linear feet of books, photographs, slides, maps, posters, artifacts, periodicals and documents detail medical conditions, field surgery, and Vietnamese culture during the early 1960s, during which time Colonel Michael Mittelmann served as a physician in Vietnam. Of particular interest are the USARV Medical Bulletins located in folder 14. The bulk of the materials date from the war period, though there are some materials from the post-war era.

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 30 Sep 2019]
Charles Montgomery Collection (428) Finding Aid
Item Number: 4280000000   (Click For More Item Information)

A camouflaged hat with U.S. Staff Sergeant Rank and his Vietnamese rank of Lieutenant, two love bracelets, Asian playing cards, one Red Cross bag, and an empty pack of Zig Zag rolling papers document Charles Montgomery's service with the 173rd Airborne Brigade (Sep).

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 15 Jun 2006]
Albert Moore Collection (429) Finding Aid
Item Number: 4290000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Five reel-to-reel audiotapes, which contain various war sound effects. In addition this collection also contains MRFA newsletters, spring 2000-winter 2001, program from 2002 memorial service, three programs from dedication ceremony CCB-18, June 2002, one poster, and three models of river patrol boats document Albert Moore's naval service on the rivers during the Vietnam War.

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 05 Jan 2009]
Gary Moorhead Collection (430) Finding Aid
Item Number: 4300000000   (Click For More Item Information)

A USS Dehaven cruise book, two 20mm shells, and a .50 caliber shell document Gary Morehead's naval service during the Vietnam War, 1967-1968.

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 19 Jun 2006]
James (Butch) Morris Collection (152) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1520000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of newspaper clippings, Vietnamese money, a 1969 meal card, an Ace of Spades called card, a short poem by PFC Earl M. Bailey, a pocket guide to Vietnam and a memorial service program document James ^D'Butch^D>' Morris' service in Vietnam. The bulk of the newspaper articles deal with the 1970 trial of four Marines for the death of 16 Vietnamese civilians at Song Thang and the memorial service program is for members of Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines killed-in-action (KIA).

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 10 Mar 2006]
Mark Moyar Collection (153) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1530000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One folder of an editor's copy of a book and a manuscript document the CIA Phoenix Program and issues related to the Viet Cong. The manuscript is titled ^D'The War Against the Viet Cong Shadow Government^D>' (April 2000). The editor's copy is of Mark Moyar's book titled, ^D'Phoenix and the Birds of Prey: The CIA's Secret Campaign to Destroy the Viet Cong^D>' (1997), published by the Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland. It can also be found in the Vietnam Archive Library at DS558.92 .M69.

Collection: Mark Moyar Collection

Added: 07 Dec 2001[Updated: 10 Mar 2006]
George McColm Collection (142) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1420000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Two folders of documents and articles detail various aspects of George McColm's service as Agricultural Coordinator, Agronomist, Water Management Advisor and Program Analyst for CORDS-NLD in South Vietnam, 1966-1972 (Office of Civil Operations and Rural Support - New Life Development). The first folder concerns Vietnam-related topics and documents date from the war period. The second folder contains non-Vietnam-related materials and date 1930s-1980s.

Added: 05 Jan 2002[Updated: 20 Sep 2019]
Edward P. Metzner Collection (148) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1480000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Over two linear feet of books, photographs, negatives, slides, maps, Army artifacts, audio reels, periodicals, reports and sheet music document Edward P. Metzner's service as a U.S. Army advisor to ARVN troops (Republic of Vietnam Army), 1964-1974. The bulk of the materials are from the war period. Items of note include 1945 sheet music in Vietnamese for the anthem of Vietnam and reports on psychological operations in various province in Vietnam.

Added: 05 Jan 2002[Updated: 04 Sep 2019]
Mr. Willis B McDonald Collection (1025) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10250000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This collection contains printed copies of original poetry, and short stories written by McDonald while serving in Vietnam 1967 - 1969 and after. Also included are photographs, a glossary and a copy of McDonald's DD-214.

Added: 17 Sep 2002[Updated: 15 Oct 2015]
McMurry University Killed-in-Action Collection (147) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1470000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Four linear feet of 87 short biographies document the service of 80 US Military personnel who served and died in Vietnam. The biographies were written by McMurray University students for the History class HIS 2300: A Survey of American History Since 1865, taught by Dr. Frazier. The collection was donated by Frazier and the History Department of McMurray University, located in Abilene, Texas, and is arranged alphabetically by last name.

Added: 05 Nov 2001[Updated: 23 Feb 2017]
Michigan State University Vietnam Advisory Group Collection (149) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1490000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Two linear feet of seventy studies and reports were prepared by the Michigan State University Vietnam Advisory Group. The reports cover various topics dealing with training and consultation for nation-building programs initiated by the Eisenhower Administration and carried over into the Kennedy Administration. Included topics are budgetary and fiscal systems, village life and administrative organization. The materials date 1954-1963, with most of the studies coming from the late 1950s.
For more information about the Michigan State University Group, consult John P. Ernest's work, 'Forging a Fateful Alliance: The Role of Michigan State University in the Development of America's Vietnam Policy' (Michigan State University Press, 1998).

Added: 05 Nov 2001[Updated: 21 Jul 2014]
Mobile Riverine Force Association Collection (151) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1510000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One linear foot of documents, command histories and correspondence document the service of the Mobile Riverine Forces during the Vietnam Conflict and the establishment of the Mobile Riverine Force Association. Documents are separated into the following categories: Command Histories (March 1967 - December 1967), correspondence, and daily internal information summaries (December 1967 - December 1968). All documents date from the war period.

Added: 05 Nov 2001[Updated: 13 Feb 2012]
My Lai Collection (154) Finding Aid
Item Number: 1540000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Just over four linear feet of photographs, legal documents, correspondence, handwritten notes, printed materials, and military records document the My Lai incident (16 March 1968) and the subsequent investigation and trial of the participants of the incident by the Department of Defense in 1969. The materials are dated between 1956 and 1973, with the majority of the documents from 1968 to 1972, and are divided into the following categories: legal documents, correspondence, handwritten notes, printed materials, military records, and photographs.

Included in these documents are witness statements of many of the participants at My Lai, which formed the basis of evidence the U.S. Army used to indict Lieutenant William L. Calley, Jr. and others. Also included are legal documents of the court cases between the United States Government and members of Company C, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry and Department of the Army documents, which explain the procedures of the trial process in a military court of law during the Vietnam Conflict era.

The My Lai Collection has eighteen photographs taken by United States Army photographer Ronald Haeberle, some of which were subsequently published in Life magazine. Most of the pictures are quite graphic in their depiction of violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience. The remaining photographs were taken by Defense Department officials to document the My Lai investigation and other biographical information.

Collection: My Lai Collection

Added: 05 Nov 2001[Updated: 08 Jan 2019]
Thomas G. Murnane, DVM Collection (374) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3740000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of slides and one manuscript written by Thomas G. Murnane, DVM, documents the United States Military's Veterinary activities in the Republic of Vietnam, May 1967.

Added: 16 Nov 2001[Updated: 27 Feb 2017]
Marvin Mathiak Collection (449) Finding Aid
Item Number: 4490000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Two hard copy versions and one CD-ROM version of Marvin Mathiak's manuscript titled "Don't Mean Nuthin" conveys the day to day life of American ground soldiers in Vietnam through Mathiak's experiences in the United States Army in Vietnam as an infantryman with Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Infantry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, 1970-1971.

Added: 08 Jan 2002[Updated: 30 Sep 2019]
William Charles Moore Collection (450) Finding Aid
Item Number: 4500000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of a CD-ROM of photographs and a short story written by William Charles Moore in 1997 document Moore's service and experiences in the U.S. Army at Camp Crockett, Nha Trang, Republic of Vietnam, 1968-1969.

Added: 09 May 2007[Updated: 30 Sep 2019]
Ronald Morris Collection (062) Finding Aid
Item Number: 0620000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Half a linear foot of books, photographs, slides, museum objects and documents detail Ronald Morris' service as a line navigator on a flight crew with the 345th Troop Carrier Squadron out of Nha Trang and with the 7th Airborne Battle Group Command and Control Squadron out of Udorn, Thailand, November 1965-December 1966. Materials are primarily from the war era and include information on navigation, including maps, charts, and equipment used by Morris in the process.

Added: 09 May 2007[Updated: 30 Sep 2019]
Tom Miller Collection (2631) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26310000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One DVD donated to the archive by Tom Miller. The DVD contains a copy of the documentary film made about the Aljazeera reporter Cath Turner who was one of the orphans from 'Operation Babylift'. In the documentary Turner returns to Vietnam and finds her birth family as she examines the consequences of the babylift on the orphans themselves.

Collection: Tom Miller Collection

Added: 05 Jun 2015[Updated: 05 Jun 2015]
Robert J. Moir Collection (2733) Finding Aid
Item Number: 27330000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One book, 'The Exec: A Vietnam War Memoir,' by Robert J. Moir, published in 2013. The book describes his experience as an Executive Officer on USN (United States Navy) River Section 533 during his deployment for 12 months from 1967 to 1968. During this time his unit operated from inshore bases in South Vietnam's Mekong Delta.

Added: 11 Nov 2015[Updated: 11 Nov 2015]
Larry J. Musson Collection (2780) Finding Aid
Item Number: 27800000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Book titled Run Through the Jungle: Real Adventures in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Brigade by Larry J. Musson and one white vase with a blue dragon design.

Added: 28 Sep 2016[Updated: 07 Feb 2017]
Michael Law Collection (887) Finding Aid
Item Number: 8870000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately half a linear foot of documents, periodicals, newsletters, and a book donated to the archive by Mike Law. The documents were collected by Mike Law during his service with the VHPA and include correspondence with VHPA members, letters to the editor for the Aviator magazine, remembrances, battle accounts, and diaries from VHPA members, and military documents like rosters and the After Action Report for the battle of Ia Drang for the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division. The collection also contains numerous copies of the Hawk magazine for the 1st Aviation Brigade and one copy of the 2017 VHPA calendar title We Were Soldiers Once.... And Young!

Added: 18 Oct 2016[Updated: 07 Jun 2018]
Robert C. Meager Collection (2429) Finding Aid
Item Number: 24290000000   (Click For More Item Information)

The collection consists of approximately one linear foot of Daily Staff Journals and Unit Histories from the 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, January 1969 - July 1970.

Added: 01 Feb 2017[Updated: 20 Feb 2017]