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Eglises d'Asie Collection (1735) Finding Aid
Item Number: 17350000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Over 250 issues of the French religious periodical titled Egilses'd Asie and a variety of other French and Vietnamese articles and publications.

Added: 28 Oct 2009[Updated: 02 Nov 2009]
Keith Erdman Collection (572) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5720000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of photographs, slides, a Vietnamese phrase booklet, and a map document Keith Erdman's service with the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969 with C Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division and later as an advisor to the Vietnamese Police Field Forces.

Added: 18 Nov 2009[Updated: 30 Sep 2019]
Harold Eggers Collection (2155) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21550000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Two scrapbooks kept by Harold Eggers contain letters, photographs, postcards, and articles that document his service in Vietnam.

Added: 21 Dec 2009[Updated: 03 Feb 2010]
Malcolm P. East Collection (1931) Finding Aid
Item Number: 19310000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Books, periodicals, newsletters, an audiotape, and army field gear donated to the Vietnam Archive by Malcolm P. East.

Added: 05 Feb 2010[Updated: 23 Aug 2011]
Penni Evans Collection (1962) Finding Aid
Item Number: 19620000000   (Click For More Item Information)

A few materials, including photographs, date from Evans' service with the American Red Cross in Vietnam from March 1970 to March 1971. The bulk of the materials date from post-war work on veterans issues and include correspondence, articles, reports, photographs, and newsletters on a number of topics including Agent Orange, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and women veteran's issues.

Added: 20 Jan 2011[Updated: 02 Dec 2019]
Donna Elliott Collection (2318) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23180000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Book titled Keeping the Promise by Donna Elliott documents her investigation into her brother's, Jerry Elliott, MIA case when he went missing during a mission with the 282nd Assault Helicopter Company at the beginning of the siege of Khe Sanh on 21 January 1968.

Added: 02 Mar 2012[Updated: 02 Mar 2012]
Thomas Ellis Collection (2287) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22870000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of slides and photographs document Thomas Ellis' service in Vietnam as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam, first with C Troop 1/9 Cavalry, March-May 1967, and then with the 228th Aviation Battalion (Assault Support Helicopter) in 1969-1970.

Added: 10 Oct 2012[Updated: 28 Feb 2019]
Stephen A. Eklund Collection (2592) Finding Aid
Item Number: 25920000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Computer printouts of sixteen aerial photographs taken by Gunnery Sergeant Gerald J. Bolick and Sergeant J. Guastamachio while they served as Intelligence Imagery Interpreters with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing from January 1968 through May 1969. These photos were taken with hand held cameras from Forward Air Control (FAC) aircraft in the Hoi An area of Quang Nam Province.

Added: 11 Sep 2013[Updated: 11 Sep 2013]
Raymond J. Essenmacher Collection (2062) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20620000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Two linear feet of biographical files, relevant articles, and letters about American POW/MIAs during the Vietnam War donated to the Vietnam archive by Raymond J. Essenmacher. The biography files are printed from Defense Intelligence Agency POW/MIA Branch List software. Other material, including articles and letters, is printed from the POW Network.

Added: 06 May 2014[Updated: 10 Oct 2017]
Embassy of Vietnam Collection (1157) Finding Aid
Item Number: 11570000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This collection consists of travel and tourism brochures and information booklets promoting Vietnam.

Added: 20 May 2003[Updated: 12 Jan 2006]
Dick Elder Collection (1659) Finding Aid
Item Number: 16590000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Monthly Reports produced by Ben Moore from Udorn Air Base, April 1962 to April 1967

Added: 21 Oct 2005[Updated: 05 Apr 2011]
Khe Sanh Veterans Association Collection (1675) Finding Aid
Item Number: 16750000000   (Click For More Item Information)

The collection consists of approximately one linear foot of issues of The Khe Sanh Veterans' Red Clay newsletter.

Added: 09 Nov 2005[Updated: 20 Nov 2019]
Jerry L. Echols Collection (1676) Finding Aid
Item Number: 16760000000   (Click For More Item Information)

'How I got to Vietnam, And other war stories' by Lt. J. L. Echols, USCG (Retired) documents Echols service with the United States Coast Guard during the Vietnam Conflict.

Added: 09 Nov 2005[Updated: 24 Mar 2006]
Edward Eno Collection (1672) Finding Aid
Item Number: 16720000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Various documents and books document Ed Eno's service with the U.S. Coast Guard, Division Thirteen in Cat Lo, Vietnam.

Collection: Edward Eno Collection

Added: 02 Dec 2005[Updated: 02 Dec 2005]
John J. (Jeff) Ellis Collection (1724) Finding Aid
Item Number: 17240000000   (Click For More Item Information)

293 slides document John Ellis' tour of duty in Vietnam and his R and R trip to Australia.

Added: 21 Aug 2006[Updated: 15 Feb 2007]
Leonard R. Ellis Collection (1810) Finding Aid
Item Number: 18100000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Poems written by Leonard Ellis describe his experiences as a Vietnam era veteran.

Added: 28 Aug 2006[Updated: 28 Aug 2006]
John C. Elben Collection (1808) Finding Aid
Item Number: 18080000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of artifacts comprised of one Air America maintenance jacket issued to John Elben in 1961.

Added: 15 Sep 2006[Updated: 15 Sep 2006]
Jose T. Hernandez Collection (1782) Finding Aid
Item Number: 17820000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of artifacts and photographs document Jose T. Hernandez's service in the 9th Infantry Division, 1967-1968.

Added: 22 Sep 2006[Updated: 16 Jan 2007]
Isaac Esparza Collection (1625) Finding Aid
Item Number: 16250000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Slides, film, newspaper clippings, Chieu Hoi leaflets, and one program for the 4 May 1966 Memorial Service for the men of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines who were killed during Operation Osage in the Republic of Vietnam from 27 April through 3 May 1966 document Isaac Esparza's two tours of duty with the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division, 1964-1966.

Added: 25 Aug 2005[Updated: 19 Oct 2005]
William Eads Collection (1275) Finding Aid
Item Number: 12750000000   (Click For More Item Information)

351 slides and 102 photographs document William Eads' military service in Southeast Asia from 1963 - 1968. Photographs include images of of a T-28 crash, KB-50s refueling, and flight training locations in Thailand.

Added: 09 May 2007[Updated: 01 Oct 2019]
James Elliott Collection (1234) Finding Aid
Item Number: 12340000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Over two linear feet of correspondence, photographs and slides, military administrative documents, award certificates, unpublished manuscripts, magazine clippings, video tapes and other material document the production of the documentary film project CO VAN: The American Military Advisor in Vietnam. Correspondence includes letters sent to Elliott by former advisors, including Generals Norman Schwartzkopf and Colin Powell, about possible participation in the film. Photographs and slides document a variety of military and humanitarian activities in Vietnam from 1963-1969 and a twentieth anniversary commemorative event honoring Southeast Asian allies held in 1995. Military administrative documents include Orders of Battle for MACV advisory teams in Southeast Asia from 1954 to 1975. Unpublished manuscripts include personal accounts written by advisors and ARVN officers about their experiences in Vietnam. Videotapes include titles ^D'Return to Vietnam, Fall 1996,' a Vietnam television documentary, and other documentaries and feature films.

Added: 03 Nov 2003[Updated: 07 Jun 2019]
Ed Emering Collection (1236) Finding Aid
Item Number: 12360000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Australian military uniforms and field gear

Collection: Ed Emering Collection

Added: 05 Nov 2003[Updated: 14 Apr 2004]
Vincent Elequin Collection (455) Finding Aid
Item Number: 4550000000   (Click For More Item Information)

The Vincent Elequin collection is part of The Ranch Hand Association Collection, which encompasses the experiences of soldiers who took part in Operation Ranch Hand during the Vietnam War. This particular collection consists of three linear feet worth of studies about the effects of exposure to herbicides.

Added: 18 Mar 2002[Updated: 29 Jun 2006]
Ralph C. Erchinger Collection (1362) Finding Aid
Item Number: 13620000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Documents, slides, maps, and films document Ralph Erchinger's experiences as a C-7A Caribou pilot in Vietnam (1967 - 1968), as well as his military training and home life.

Added: 23 Jun 2004[Updated: 01 Oct 2019]
James W. Emmer Collection (1455) Finding Aid
Item Number: 14550000000   (Click For More Item Information)

VHS copy of 8mm film taken by James Emmer at Fort Hood, Texas and during his tour of duty in Vietnam, 1968 and a copy of orders for individuals from Company D, 5th Battalion, 46th Infantry, Americal Division being awarded the Combat Infantry Badge. The tape depicts Companies A-E of the 5th Battalion, 46th Infantry, Americal Division. Emmer served in Company D, 5th Battalion, 46th Infantry, Americal Division.

Added: 14 Oct 2004[Updated: 14 Jul 2005]
Curtis S. Englehorn Collection (1582) Finding Aid
Item Number: 15820000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Correspondence and a copy of Curtis Englehorn's DD-214 which chronicle his service in Vietnam from October 1969-October 1970 as a medic with a Marine Corp. Combined Action Platoon.

Added: 23 May 2005[Updated: 14 Jul 2005]
Ed Stiteler Collection (276) Finding Aid
Item Number: 2760000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of a program and photographs document Ed Stiteler's life after his service with the US Marines, 1966-1967. The photographs are from a thirty year reunion of India Company, 3/7, 1st Marine Division in 1997. The program is for an art exhibit titled, ^D'The Vietnam War: An Artist's Perspective^D>', which was an exhibition of paintings by Peter West at the Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum, 9 October 1992 - 28 February 1993.

Added: 05 Jan 2002[Updated: 01 Jun 2006]
James Endicott Collection (444) Finding Aid
Item Number: 4440000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Official reports and documents highlight James Endicott's involvement in the My Lai Trials where he successfully defended Major Charles Calhoun.

Added: 08 Jan 2002[Updated: 30 Sep 2019]
William George Eckhardt Collection (475) Finding Aid
Item Number: 4750000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This collection consists of one manuscript titled My Lai: An American Tragedy.

Added: 09 Jan 2002[Updated: 10 Apr 2017]
Mr. Myron M. Everton Collection (684) Finding Aid
Item Number: 6840000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Myron Everton's DD-214 and military resume document his career in the United States Air Force from 1949 to 1972.

Added: 12 Jun 2002[Updated: 30 Sep 2019]
Est et Ouest Collection (086) Finding Aid
Item Number: 0860000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This French journal is a bi-monthly publication that deals with various topics in the east (Asia) and in the west (everything else). Some examples include the problems associated with the war in Asia and the Soviet effect on Asia. In certain editions, charts and graphs may be found to give related information in demographics, agriculture, economy, etc. The date range is 1967-1971.

Added: 08 Jan 2002[Updated: 01 Mar 2006]
Jay T. Edwards Collection (2186) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21860000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Stories I Tell My Friends by Major General Jay T. Edwards, USAF (Ret.) document Edwards' career in the United States Air Force, including his service in the Vietnam where he flew 252 combat missions for the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing.

Added: 20 Jan 2009[Updated: 20 Jan 2009]
Edgar W. Eaton Collection (2738) Finding Aid
Item Number: 27380000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One book, Mekong Mud Dogs: The Story of Sgt. Ed Eaton, Ed Eaton, 2014. The book is a first person account into the life of an infantryman of the Mobile Riverine Force's river raiders. The donor and author, Ed Eaton, was a Platoon Sergeant and sniper with the river raiders on the Mekong.

Added: 30 Nov 2015[Updated: 30 Nov 2015]
Elias A. Cuevas Collection (060) Finding Aid
Item Number: 0600000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One folder of documents donated by Captain Eloy Cuevas in honor of his father detail Elias A. Cuevas service with C Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) during the Battle of Ia Drang Valley, November 1965. The date range of the documents are from the war era to the 1990s.

Added: 06 Dec 2001[Updated: 28 Feb 2006]
David Egan Collection (082) Finding Aid
Item Number: 0820000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One folder of articles from various publications document Hugh C. Thompson's intervention at the My Lai Massacre, which saved the lives of ten villagers. All articles are from 1997-1998.

Collection: David Egan Collection

Added: 05 Dec 2001[Updated: 21 Mar 2017]
Mary Emeny Collection (084) Finding Aid
Item Number: 0840000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of letters, newsletters, computer diskettes and diaries document Mary Emeny's service in the Voluntary International Service Assignments (VISA) program, 1964-1968.

Collection: Mary Emeny Collection

Added: 05 Dec 2001[Updated: 21 Mar 2017]
Ted Engelmann Collection (085) Finding Aid
Item Number: 0850000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately four linear feet of books, posters, photographs, audio cassettes, LP records, periodicals, and documents detail Vietnam veteran Ted Engelmann's life as a photographer, 1968-present. Materials of note are 16 color photographs from Time to Heal: Images and Interviews After the Vietnam Conflict (Limited Series) taken by Engelmann, the publication Long Time Passing: Vietnam, which is a collection of Engelmann's photographs coupled with poems written by students of Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School. A dissertation by Kyudok Hong titled ^D'Unequal Partners: ROK-U.S. Relations During the Vietnam War^D>' is also included.

Added: 05 Dec 2001[Updated: 30 Sep 2019]
Wildring Edwards (Dr. Thomas A. Dooley) Collection (074) Finding Aid
Item Number: 0740000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately five linear feet of books, photographs, slides, museum artifacts, two audio reel-to-reel tapes, periodicals, newspaper clippings and documents detail Dr. Thomas Dooley's visit to Lubbock in the 1950s and his work in Laos. Much of the material was sent to Mrs. Wildring Edwards in the 1950s and 1960s.

Added: 05 Dec 2001[Updated: 30 Sep 2019]
James Evans Collection (1257) Finding Aid
Item Number: 12570000000   (Click For More Item Information)

The James Evans collection includes military administrative documents, correspondence, original art, photographs, slides, negatives, newsletters and other memorabilia that document Dr. Evans service as a U.S. Army surgeon in Vietnam from October 1969-October 1970, first with 1st Battalion 77th Armor (Quang Tri) and then the 91st Evacuation Hospital (Chu Lai).

Added: 05 Feb 2004[Updated: 15 Jan 2020]