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Mr. Richard Hogue Collection (2248) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22480000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Book titled We Were the Third Herd by Richard F. Hogue describes Hogue's service with the 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division from July 1969 until he was wounded in January 1970.

Added: 22 Sep 2009[Updated: 02 Oct 2019]
Andrew J. Hudson Collection (2256) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22560000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Audiotape contains recordings of a firefight on 14 September 1969 on Highway 311 several miles south of Fire Support Base Buttons and Song Be City in which Sergeant Donald Sidney Skidgel was killed. Less than a quarter of a linear foot of typed transcript of the aforementioned recording that includes an introduction, index to radio call signals use, glossary, epilogue, and map. A copy of the Operational Report for August 1969 for Troop D, 1st Squadron (Airmobile), 9th Calvary, 1st Calvary Division (Airmobile), which contains the report with additional details, elaborations, corrections and classifications provided by Andrew Hudson. Three rememberences: one for First Lieutenant Michael Herman Thomas, one for Sergeant Donald Sidney Skidgel, and one for Private First Class John Anthony Halladay; these men were killed in action on September 14, 1969. All three rememberences were written by Andrew Hudson.

Added: 16 Oct 2009[Updated: 27 Jun 2012]
174th Assault Helicopter Company Association Collection (2051) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20510000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately seven linear feet of memorabilia collected from members of the 174th Assault Helicopter Company including reunion material, correspondence, photo albums, VHS tapes, and artifacts document the activities of the 174th Assault Helicopter company during the Vietnam War.

Added: 09 Apr 2009[Updated: 13 Sep 2019]
James Holt Collection (587) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5870000000   (Click For More Item Information)

DVD donated to the Vietnam Archive by James Holt with two songs by Jeffrey Deitelbaum with songs titled 'Say My Name' and 'Veteran's Song.'

Collection: James Holt Collection

Added: 25 Oct 2007[Updated: 30 Sep 2019]
Yen Huong Collection (1968) Finding Aid
Item Number: 19680000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Collection: Yen Huong Collection

Added: 25 Oct 2007[Updated: 26 Oct 2007]
Nguyen Phuong Hieu Collection (2045) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20450000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Vietnamese language document donated to the Vietnam Archive by Nguyen Phuong Hieu.

Added: 03 Dec 2007[Updated: 15 Feb 2008]
William H. Harper Collection (2047) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20470000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Copy of William H. Harper's DD-214 documents his career in the United States Army.

Added: 26 Feb 2008[Updated: 06 Jan 2010]
Ruth Gertrude Hansen Collection (2097) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20970000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Letter from Ruth Gertrude Hansen, an employee of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, to her niece Christine Hansen describes her experiences in Saigon the day of the successful coup against Ngo Dinh Diem, 2 November 1963.

Added: 27 May 2008[Updated: 06 Feb 2009]
George Heady Collection (2094) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20940000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Correspondence, military documents, and photographs document George C. Heady's induction into the Enlisted Combat Aircrewmen Roll of Honor at Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum, 4 November 2005.

Added: 18 Jun 2008[Updated: 23 Jul 2012]
James Honl Collection (2217) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22170000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately half a linear foot of slides primarily in the village of Song Be, Phuoc Long Province taken by James Honl that depict his service as an Advisor with the United States Army in 1968-1969.

Collection: James Honl Collection

Added: 03 Nov 2009[Updated: 12 Oct 2018]
Richard D. Holzheimer Collection (2169) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21690000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately one linear foot of newspapers from Southeast Asia and issues of Pacific Stars and Stripes, primarily from 1974 and 1975. The donation also includes two booklets titled 'Information from North Vietnam' prepared by MACVSOG Psyops Research and Analysis and an audio tape with GI humor purchased by Holzheimer in Nha Trang in 1969.

Added: 19 Nov 2009[Updated: 23 Nov 2009]
Howard D. Horton Collection (2219) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22190000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Two patches and Howard D. Horton's Vietnam recollections document Horton's service with the 108th Artillery Group from October 1968 to March 1970. Photo of Headquarters and Aviation personnel of the 108th Artillery Group in Dong Ha, RVN.

Added: 20 Nov 2009[Updated: 02 Feb 2010]
Gerald Hickey Collection (2086) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20860000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately 20 linear feet of books, periodicals, maps, clippings, carvings, swords, pipes, and textiles donated to the Vietnam Archive by the famous anthropologist Gerald Hickey from his personal collection. The books are primarily written in French, but also include some Vietnamese and English publications. The dates of the material range throughout the 20th century and even some into the late 19th century. The majority of the books concern the study of the Montagnard tribes of Vietnam. The artifacts were collected during Hickey's anthropological fieldwork in the Vietnamese Highlands from the 1950s through the 1970s and include Montagnard hand-carved wooden statues of a peahen and an androgynous human figure which was placed on a grave from the Katu tribe. Also included are five swords and multiple examples of Jarai, Rhade, Bahnar, and Maa woven textiles to include shirts, blankets, and loincloths. There are also multiple examples of ornamented bamboo pipes of Bahanar, Cua, Stieng, and Halang origin.

Added: 03 Feb 2010[Updated: 02 Oct 2019]
Paul Mather & Burks Hunt Collection (2286) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22860000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Two reels of 16mm film donated to the Vietnam Archive by Burks Hunt. The shorter of the two films is the aftermath of an ambush of a search team outside of Saigon in December 1973. The other film documents a trip to Hanoi to retrieve the remains of POWs who died in captivity.

Added: 17 Feb 2010[Updated: 19 Apr 2010]
John H. Hastings Collection (2290) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22900000000   (Click For More Item Information)

161st Aviation Company History and Roster written by John H. Hastings.

Added: 23 Feb 2010[Updated: 23 Feb 2010]
Dennis Hackin Collection (2303) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23030000000   (Click For More Item Information)

CD-ROM contains Morning Reports and Daily Officer Logs for Charlie Company, 1st Battalion (Mechanized), 5th Infantry, 1967-1968.

Added: 12 Apr 2010[Updated: 22 Apr 2010]
John Hauge Collection (1926) Finding Aid
Item Number: 19260000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Maps, photographs, negatives, artifacts, Vietnamese money, articles, correspondence, military administrative documents, Chieu Hoi leaflets, Vietnam Militaria catalogs, and a book document John Hauge's service in the United States Army in Vietnam with MAVC Advisory Team 48.

Collection: John Hauge Collection

Added: 12 May 2010[Updated: 28 May 2014]
Wayne C. Huot Collection (2052) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20520000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately one linear foot of Montagnard artifacts, Rucksack, and two AK-47 clips donated to the Vietnam Archive by Wayne C. Huot.

Added: 18 May 2010[Updated: 18 May 2010]
Gerald F. Halfman Collection (2298) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22980000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately three linear feet of United States Navy uniforms, accessories, and a sea bag document Gerald F. Halfman's service aboard the USS Joseph Strauss during the Vietnam War.

Added: 18 May 2010[Updated: 19 May 2010]
Darryl Henley Collection (1843) Finding Aid
Item Number: 18430000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Slides, photographs, articles, correspondence, artifacts, maps, postcards, USARV Medical Bulletins, Vietnamese currency, booklets and pamphlets, 3rd Field Hospital Admission and Disposition Reports and Operating Procedures, excerpts from the 1972 3rd Field Hospital yearbook, and Darryl Henley's typed Vietnam diary document Henley's service in Vietnam from 1965-1967 as a registrar with the Army 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon.

Added: 29 Jul 2010[Updated: 02 Oct 2019]
Vets Back to the War Zone & College of the Canyon Collection (2316) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23160000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Two oral history interviews with William Bowman and Jerry Salas conducted by the College of the Canyon (COC) in Santa Clarita, California and Vets Back to the War Zone (VBTWZ) in Canyon Country, California. The oral histories are sponsored by the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress American Folklife Center.

Added: 13 Aug 2010[Updated: 16 Aug 2010]
Patricia Bryant Collection (2304) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23040000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately half a linear foot of Army handbooks, base guides, military administrative documents, brochures, clippings, and photographs document Patricia Bryant's service in Vietnam in the United States Army as a nurse with the 67th Evacuation Hospital at Qui Nhon and later with the 85th Evacuation Hospital, 1967-1968. The collection also contains material about the Vietnam Women's Memorial Project.

Added: 15 Sep 2010[Updated: 10 Sep 2019]
Bertil Haggman Collection (2360) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23600000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Booklet titled 'On the Vietnam War - Some Forty Years Later' by Bertil Haggman describes the activities of the Committee for a Free Asia in Scandinavia to support the United States in its defense of the Republic of Vietnam against the Communists during a time when it was more fashionable in Sweden to support the Communist Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

Added: 13 Oct 2010[Updated: 22 Nov 2010]
Stewart M. Harris Collection (2423) Finding Aid
Item Number: 24230000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Book titled 'Shore Duty: A Year in Vietnam's Junk Force' by Stewart M. Harris describes Harris' service as a senior advisor for Coastal Group 16 in Quang Ngai Province from April 1968 to April 1969.

Added: 02 Mar 2012[Updated: 04 Dec 2019]
Charles E. Hildebrandt Collection (2451) Finding Aid
Item Number: 24510000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One hundred and one slides showing Thailand, Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base and Bangkok, taken by Charles E. Hildebrandt in 1966 and 1967 during his service with the United States Air Force's 8th Tactical Fighter Wing at Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base.

Added: 02 Apr 2012[Updated: 02 Jun 2016]
Richard D. Hill Collectin (2518) Finding Aid
Item Number: 25180000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One copy of a book titled 'Proud of What I Was ... A Soldier' written by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Dan Hill.

Added: 17 Sep 2012[Updated: 24 May 2013]
Jeff Harvey Collection (2487) Finding Aid
Item Number: 24870000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of materials that document Alpha Company of the 1/28th Infantry (Black Lions) involvement in the Tet Offensive February 1968 and in the Loc Ninh Operation September 1968 donated to the archive by Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Harvey. The material includes narratives of the members experiences in the Tet Offensive, a description of Alpha Company's role in the Loc Ninh Operation, a copy of a Newsweek article by Kevin Buckley, and biographies of the men who contributed stories to this collection.

The collection also includes a poster featuring a reproduction of a painting by Brian Wood (4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment) and a commemorative booklet for the 2018 reunion of the Black Lions created by Harvey's children.

Added: 18 Sep 2012[Updated: 10 May 2019]
Michael W. Hoke Collection (2650) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26500000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One document donated to the archive by Michael W. Hoke. The document is titled 'Statement of the South Vietnam Liberation National Front as Regards the Situation in South Vietnam Following the Nov. 1, 1963 Coup D'etat' published by Foreign Languages Publishing in November 1963. The donor received this document while he was serving on Advisory Team 38 in Bao Loc, Lam Dong province.

Added: 07 Nov 2014[Updated: 02 Oct 2019]
David Martin Oberheu Collection (2647) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26470000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Four U.S. Navy yearbooks donated to the archive by Carrie Honeycutt. The books include three cruise books for the USS Bennington from 1964 to 1965 and a 1964 yearbook for the US Navy Officer Candidate School, The Seachest. The books were from her father David Martin Oberheu's service in the Navy.

Added: 16 Jan 2015[Updated: 02 May 2019]
Michael Ray Harrison Collection (2404) Finding Aid
Item Number: 24040000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately one linear foot of artifacts, photographs, and a Ho Chi Minh poster captured around Pleiku, 1972-1973 and donated to the Vietnam Archive by Michael Ray Harrison.

Added: 25 Feb 2015[Updated: 30 Mar 2015]
Marjorie T. and Charles J. Hansen Jr. Collection (2655) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26550000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One book written by the donor, containing correspondance from her husband, Charles Hansen during his service in Vietnam during 1971 and 1972, and a narrative of Charles' early life, their time on vacation in Thailand, and their experience after he returned from the war.

Added: 06 Apr 2015[Updated: 06 Apr 2015]
Franklin C. Cowperthwaite Collection (2663) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26630000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than a quarter linear foot of informational briefs, pamphlets, newsletters, newspapers, and photographs relating to both naval supprt activity and the celebration of Tet. Items of note are the informational booklets on the customs and traditions of Tet dated January 1968 and material relating to the Vietnamese River Assault Group. The items were collected by the donor's father, Franklin C. Cowperthwaite.

Added: 24 Apr 2015[Updated: 13 Nov 2019]
John & Kathryn Hunter Collection (2369) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23690000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Three books written in French in the 1950s about life in Vietnam and donated to the Vietnam Archive by Kathryn Hunter.

Added: 27 Apr 2015[Updated: 29 Apr 2015]
William E. Hodgson, Jr. Collection (2522) Finding Aid
Item Number: 25220000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One green fatigue shirt with Vietnam Veteran embroidered above the pocket on one side and some senior army aviator aviation wings above the other pocket.

Added: 05 Oct 2012[Updated: 04 Dec 2019]
James Holcombe Collection (2531) Finding Aid
Item Number: 25310000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of slides and electronic media. The collection contains 186 slides and one CD-ROM containing scans of the slides taken by James Holcombe while he served in Vietnam with C Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division from 1969 to 1970.

Added: 26 Oct 2012[Updated: 26 Feb 2016]
Richard H. MacKinnon Collection (2494) Finding Aid
Item Number: 24940000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately half a linear foot of photos, slides, artifacts and a booklet documenting Richard H. MacKinnon's time in Vietnam as a contractor for the Philco Corporation from 1962 - 1964. The collection contains photos and slides of Saigon, Pleiku, Bien Hoa and several villages. Additionally the collection contains some fold out tourist maps of Saigon, some Vietnamese money, and a booklet entitled The Sacred Flame about Buddhist's plight in Vietnam

Added: 14 Nov 2012[Updated: 11 Apr 2016]
David Westphall Veterans Foundation Collection (2211) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22110000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Over 40 linear feet of notebooks, scrapbooks, photographs, slides, brochures, newsletters, correspondence, videotapes, flags, meeting minutes, financial material, and other administrative material document the David Westphall Veterans Foundation which was established by Victor Westphall to create the Vietnam Veterans Peace and Brotherhood Chapel (now the Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park) at Angel Fire New Mexico on 22 May 1971 in memory of his son David Westphall, a United States Marine who was killed in an ambush at Con Thien on 22 May 1968. The inclusive dates of the collection are from the beginning of construction of the Memorial in 1968 until its ownership was transferred to the State of New Mexico in November 2005. 5 boxes of material from this donation relating to Victor Westphall and the state of New Mexico were transferred to Southwest Collections at Texas Tech University. There are document folders within the collection that will not be digitized.

Added: 16 Jan 2013[Updated: 30 Oct 2019]
William Haponski Collection (2562) Finding Aid
Item Number: 25620000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately ten linear feet of books, periodicals, manuscript materials, and newsletters donated to the archive by William Haponski. The majority of the materials in this collection are about the French involvement in Vietnam, and more specifically their involvement in the First Indochina War. Subjects covered are the French colonization of Vietnam, battles and strategies of the First Indochina War, to include firsthand accounts from participants, the rubber industry and plantations in Vietnam, and missions. There are also source materials covering the American Vietnam War. These materials are dated from 1885 through 2012.

Added: 15 Apr 2013[Updated: 17 Jun 2015]
James L. Haines Collection (2766) Finding Aid
Item Number: 27660000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One annotated picto map used by James L. Haines during his service as an aerial observer/Forward Air Controller (FAC) with Sub Unit One 1st Anglico. Haines worked with the 2nd Republic of Korea (ROK) Marine Brigade at Hoi An, and the map shows their area of operations.

Added: 18 Aug 2016[Updated: 30 Aug 2016]
Joseph R. Henry Collection (2698) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26980000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of unidentified slides of Vietnam. Some depict green berets and scenes of camp life, as well as Vietnamese people, housing, and boats. There are some aerial photos, as well as dentistry photos, women in Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese dress), and Vietnamese children. They were given to the archive by Joseph R. Henry who was in Vietnam from 1969 to 1971 with the 1st Cavalry and Special Forces.

Added: 29 Oct 2015[Updated: 02 Nov 2015]
John A. Hannah Papers (UA 2.1.12) Finding Aid
Item Number: UA21120000000   (Click For More Item Information)

John Hannah's papers are comprised of 13 series: Administrative files, General subject files, Committee files, Association files, Miscellaneous correspondence, Speeches, Civil Rights Commission, Publications, Ephemera, Audio-visual, Restricted, Photographs and Display images. Items related to the Vietnam project are taken from the administrative and general subject files. These folders contain correspondence, reports, notes, and newspaper clippings relating to the operation of the overseas program.

Added: 14 Jan 2016[Updated: 14 Jan 2016]
Allen Huseby Collection (2764) Finding Aid
Item Number: 27640000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of documents and a DVD-ROM donated to the archive by Allen Huseby. The documents talk about his service with the 981st MP Company in Vietnam, and the DVD contains a slideshow of images from his time in Pleiku 1968.

Added: 16 Aug 2016[Updated: 07 Mar 2017]
Michael Hebert Collection (2690) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26900000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of photographs and a troop roster for B Troop, 3/5 Cavalry in 1968.

Added: 25 Jan 2016[Updated: 15 Feb 2016]
Sylvia E. Hosegood Collection (2601) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26010000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One copy of the September 29, 1964 Stars and Stripes European Edition newspaper.

Added: 06 Nov 2013[Updated: 06 Nov 2013]
Michael A. Holt Collection (2603) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26030000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately one linear foot of slides and a super 8 film donated to the archive by Michael A. Holt. The slides and film were taken by Holt during his tour in Vietnam from May 1968 to May 1969, where he served in Bearcat and Dong Tam with the 191st Assault Helicopter Company.

Added: 18 Nov 2013[Updated: 11 Jul 2014]
Tom Harnisher Collection (1146) Finding Aid
Item Number: 11460000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This collection contains a video tape of Tom Harnisher talking about Vietnam to American Legion Post 1404, April, 15, 2000.

Added: 30 Apr 2003[Updated: 07 Mar 2005]
John Hulme Collection (1134) Finding Aid
Item Number: 11340000000   (Click For More Item Information)

'Unknown Soldier,' a film directed by John Hulme, documents the life, military service, and death of Jack Hulme, a Marine Lieutenant killed in Vietnam in 1969. At the time of his death, his son John was three weeks old. John Hulme began the film project as a way to know and understand his father. The film includes interviews with Jack Hulme's friends, family, and fellow Marines. The film also documents John Hulme's trip to Vietnam with his mother, Ellen, and their visit to the location of Jack Hulme's death. The film premiered on HBO and was screened in Washington, D.C. in May 2005. More information about 'Unknown Soldier' is available at http://www.unknownsoldiermovie.com.

Collection: John Hulme Collection

Added: 05 May 2003[Updated: 06 Apr 2006]
Chi Ha Collection (1160) Finding Aid
Item Number: 11600000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Five copies of an English-Vietnamese document on the January 19, 1974 naval skirmish between the navies of the Republic of Vietnam and the People's Republic of China in the South China Sea.

Collection: Chi Ha Collection

Added: 27 May 2003[Updated: 03 Dec 2003]
Mr. Howard Hirsch Collection (1472) Finding Aid
Item Number: 14720000000   (Click For More Item Information)

CD-Rom containing images from Howard Hirsch's time in Vietnam with the 12th Evacuation Hospital at Cu Chi, Forty-seven audio tapes containing correspondence between Howard Hirsch and his family, and Operation reports from the 12th Evacuation Hospital, September 1968 to October 1969.

Added: 18 Nov 2004[Updated: 01 Oct 2019]
Garth H. Holmes Collection (1481) Finding Aid
Item Number: 14810000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Slides, photographs, military administrative documents, a unit patch, a Life in Vietnam magazine (24 September 1966), A Vietnam Conflict Map (ca. 1966), a book entitled Combat Art of the 25th Infantry 'Tropic Lightning' Division (1966), a USARV Medical Bulletin (November - December 1967), essays, clippings, operational reports lessons learned, and sketches document Garth H. Holmes' service in Vietnam with the 12th Evacuation Hospital from September 1966 to December 1967.

Added: 10 Jan 2005[Updated: 28 Nov 2018]
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