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Michael Marsh Collection (2752) Finding Aid
Item Number: 27520000000   (Click To View)

The collection consists of books and periodicals on various topics regarding the Vietnam War.

Added: 15 Sep 2017[Updated: 18 Sep 2017]
Barry McAlpine Collection (2876) Finding Aid
Item Number: 28760000000   (Click To View)

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of documents, a newsletter, and an oral history interview donated to the archive by Barry McAlpine. The collection contains correspondence regarding the medals awarded to McAlpine during his service in Vietnam, as well as a copy of McAlpine's oral history interview conducted through the Veterans History Project with Grand Valley State University.

Added: 25 Oct 2017[Updated: 27 Oct 2017]
Cecil A. Wells Collection (2928) Finding Aid
Item Number: 29280000000   (Click To View)

The collection consists of a letter received by Reverend Cecil Wells from a man identified as Dan who debates American involvement in the Vietnam War and the morality of his own involvement. The letter is undated.

Added: 13 Dec 2017[Updated: 13 Dec 2017]
Alva L. Matheson Collection (2929) Finding Aid
Item Number: 29290000000   (Click To View)

The collection consists of the Forward Air Controllers Association FAC History Book (May 2004).

Added: 14 Dec 2017[Updated: 14 Dec 2017]
John W. Glenn Collection (2332) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23320000000   (Click To View)

Less than one linear foot of slides document John W. Glenn's service with 2nd Combined Action Group, 3rd Marine Amphibious Force (2nd CAG, 3rd MAF) during the Vietnam War.

Added: 06 Aug 2010[Updated: 13 Mar 2013]
Guy S. Meloy, III Collection (2349) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23490000000   (Click To View)

Book of maps of every campaign, battle, and operation that Lieutenant Colonel (later Major General) Ho Trong Hau of the ARVN participated in up to spring 1966. Also included in the donation is Major General Guy Meloy's description Operation Bright Light Cobra Tail, which was conducted in Cambodia on 30 December 1966 to rescue four American POWs. The mission was a tactical success, but unfortunately the POWs had already been moved to anotherl ocation deeper in Cambodia and were not rescued.

Added: 07 Jan 2011[Updated: 10 May 2011]
John McCullough Collection (2139) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21390000000   (Click To View)

Presidential campaign buttons and matches, 1960 to 1972; Marine Corps Recruitment posters; a George McGovern T-shirt and poster, and a Presidential Fact Finder Wheel donated to the Vietnam Archive by John McCullough.

Added: 20 Sep 2010[Updated: 20 Sep 2010]
Ronald P. (Phil) Marshall (2112) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21120000000   (Click To View)

Approximately six linear feet of Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) membership directories, reunion programs, newsletters, and calendars from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s; Dustoff Association membership directories and newsletters; and other assorted, newsletters, periodicals, maps, photographs, and artifacts donated to the Vietnam Archive by Ronald P. (Phil) Marshall, who served with the 237th Medical Detachment at Camp Evans and Quang Tri in 1969.

Added: 05 Oct 2010[Updated: 28 Mar 2018]
Minh Quy Hospital Collection (2364) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23640000000   (Click To View)

CD-ROM contains the records of Dr. Patricia Smith, founder of Minh Quy Hospital in Kontum during the Vietnam War. Also included in the CD are interviews with Dr. Smith by Lenna H. Allred in 1993 and Roaslie McQuaide in 1990. The original records of Dr. Smith are housed at the Catholic Relief Services Archives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Added: 22 Nov 2010[Updated: 12 Jun 2012]
William G. Meffert Collection (2389) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23890000000   (Click To View)

Fictional story based upon true events at the 95th Evacuation Hospital in Da Nang in 1969 written by William G. Meffert.

Added: 07 Mar 2011[Updated: 20 Sep 2012]
George J. Maltbie Collection (2386) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23860000000   (Click To View)

Approximately a quarter of a linear foot of slides document George J. Maltbie's service with the 5th Battalion, 7th Cavalry in Vietnam, 1966-1967.

Added: 08 Mar 2011[Updated: 11 Jun 2012]
Thomas Lynn Eichenauer Collection (2387) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23870000000   (Click To View)

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of poetry written by Thomas Lynn Eichenauer, primarily during his service in Vietnam with C Troop, 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 1st Infantry Division, 1968.

Added: 04 Apr 2011[Updated: 04 Apr 2011]
Mr. James Christopher Mayfield Collection (2413) Finding Aid
Item Number: 24130000000   (Click To View)

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of photographs document James C. Mayfield's tour of duty with the 1st Cavalry division in Vietnam in 1972.

Added: 23 May 2011[Updated: 15 May 2013]
Douglas Pike Collection: Indochina Archive (2258) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22580000000   (Click To View)

The Douglas Pike Collection: Indochina Archive consists of 234.15 linear feet of documents; one artifact, a Friend Shipment, Friendship People-to-People, Aid to Vietnam button; and 425 books collected by Professor Douglas Eugene Pike (July 27, 1924-May 13, 2002) who served as the director of University of California, Berkeley’s Indochina Studies from 1982-1996. The collection is divided into thirty-one series in the following order: DRV/SRV Foreign Relations, Cambodia, DRV/SRV Economy, Periodicals, DRV/SRV Armed Forces, DRV/SRV Social Movements, DRV/SRV Situationer, Refugees (Particularly Vietnam, Laos, & Cambodia), DRV/SRV Education, DRV/SRV Government/Politics, DRV/SRV Health/Medicine, DRV/SRV Legal, DRV/SRV Communications-Propaganda, Cities (Vietnam), DRV/SRV Ethnic Groups, SRV Law Enforcement, DRV/SRV Ideology, Government Documents, DRV/SRV Anniversaries, DRV/SRV General, China, DRV/SRV Emulation Movements, Vietnam History, International Committee of the Red Cross Interviews with POWs in South Vietnam-Pre 1975, SRV Reeducation, DRV/SRV Human Rights, Personal Papers, DRV/SRV Culture, DRV/SRV Public Welfare, Artifact, and Books.

The 234.15 linear feet of documents primarily consist of newspaper clippings and periodicals, covering political, social, and economical issues of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV), a.k.a. North Vietnam, and later the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV), present day Vietnam, from 1929-2001, with the bulk being from the mid 1960s-1980s. The clippings deal with a large variety of topics, ranging from foreign relations, economy, armed forces, legal issues, ethnic groups, refugees, to reeducation.

Added: 09 Nov 2011[Updated: 08 May 2017]
David Manrique Collection (2430) Finding Aid
Item Number: 24300000000   (Click To View)

Five photographs document David Manrique's service in the United States Army in Vietnam, 1967-1968.

Added: 13 Dec 2011[Updated: 18 Jul 2012]
John E. Nelson & William B. McCormick Collection (2435) Finding Aid
Item Number: 24350000000   (Click To View)

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of military documents concerning William B. McCormick's duty as a military escort for the remains of his best friend, John E. Nelson, who was killed in action while serving with Company C, 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry, 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam on 13 April 1968. Also included in the collection is a copy of an article McCormick wrote in the October 2009 issue of 'Vietnam' about his experience serving as a military escort for Nelson's remains.

Added: 05 Jan 2012[Updated: 14 Sep 2012]
Douglas Meador Collection (2309) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23090000000   (Click To View)

A novel titled Face the Tiger by Douglas Meador discusses drug trafficking in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Added: 15 Feb 2012[Updated: 15 Feb 2012]
Fran McGraw Collection (2347) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23470000000   (Click To View)

Book titled Safe Landings: Memoirs of an Aviator's Wife by Fran McGraw describes her life as an Army wife married to Jim McGraw, which included moving thirty-nine times and Jim serving two tours of duty in Vietnam.

Added: 15 Feb 2012[Updated: 15 Feb 2012]
Bernard W. McNallen Collection (2587) Finding Aid
Item Number: 25870000000   (Click To View)

Two documents recounting incidents from Benard W. McNallen's service in Vietnam as a marine corpsman with the 1st Platoon, India Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division from 1967 through 1968.

Added: 05 Sep 2013[Updated: 05 Sep 2013]
Ralph M. Smith Collection (2607) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26070000000   (Click To View)

Six letters and a newspaper clipping donated to the archive by Judy McDaniel. The letters were written to Ms. McDaniel by a friend serving in Vietnam in the Army, PFC Ralph M. Smith. He served with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam from September 11, 1969 through October 27, 1969 when he was killed in action. The letters date from September 20, 1969 through October 27, 1969. The clipping is a notice of Smith's death.

Added: 12 Dec 2013[Updated: 12 Dec 2013]
James McKenzie Collection (2626) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26260000000   (Click To View)

Three copies of a Safe Return Christmas card donated by James McKenzie. The card calls for the safe return of all war resisters underground or in prison for the 1974 holiday season.

Added: 23 Apr 2014[Updated: 23 Apr 2014]
Ronnie Markell Collection (2553) Finding Aid
Item Number: 25530000000   (Click To View)

2072 slides (1967-1968) document Ronnie Markell's service with the 127th MP Company. This collection includes 200 slides of the Tet Offensive in Qui Nhon.

Added: 29 Sep 2014[Updated: 07 Oct 2015]
Michael Miller Collection (884) Finding Aid
Item Number: 8840000000   (Click To View)

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of documents donated to the archive by Michael C. Miller. The documents include a reviewer's draft copy of the book Three Tastes of Nuoc Mam: The Brown Water Navy & Visits to Vietnam by Douglas M. Branson, and several book reviews written by Miller.

Added: 23 Oct 2014[Updated: 23 Oct 2014]
Ronald McGrath Collection (2567) Finding Aid
Item Number: 25670000000   (Click To View)

Over six hundred slides, a map, and a thumb drive donated to the archive by Ron McGrath. The slides are images of Da Nang in 1970 and Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base and Bangkok in 1972. The images were taken by McGrath during his time as a forward air controller and an F-4 pilot.

Added: 23 Oct 2014[Updated: 11 Mar 2015]
Alejandro R. Montanez Collection (2651) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26510000000   (Click To View)

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of documents donated to the archive by Alejandro R. Montanez. The documents include 'A Review of Selected Literature on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its Effects on Vietnam Veterans' by Alejandro Ramos Montanez and a booklet with photos from Montanez's service with the 45th Medical Company 'Dustoff' from 1968 through 1969. In addition, the collection includes slides, photographs, museum objects, and moving images.

Added: 07 Nov 2014[Updated: 30 Mar 2017]
William L. McCarron Collection (2544) Finding Aid
Item Number: 25440000000   (Click To View)

Article with battle maps titled 'The Battle of Crazy Horse - Recollections' written by William L. McCarron.

Added: 15 Dec 2014[Updated: 16 Dec 2014]
Wm. Dennis Matheson Collection (2563) Finding Aid
Item Number: 25630000000   (Click To View)

A copy of the play 'Wild Hearts' and a book titled 'The Navy in Vietnam' written by Dennis Matheson.

Added: 15 Dec 2014[Updated: 15 Dec 2014]
Sheon Montgomery Collection (2656) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26560000000   (Click To View)

One book, Not All Heroes: An Unapologetic Memoir of the Vietnam War, 1971 - 1972. The book is a memoir about the author's time in Vietnam, which he described as the best year of his life. The book describes his experience behind the lines in Vietnam, working as a criminal investegator.

Added: 06 Apr 2015[Updated: 06 Apr 2015]
Tucker Marston Collection (2672) Finding Aid
Item Number: 26720000000   (Click To View)

Half of a linear foot of books.

Added: 27 Apr 2015[Updated: 27 Apr 2015]
James Mitchell Collection (1427) Finding Aid
Item Number: 14270000000   (Click To View)

Photocopy of Motley County Tribune undated newspaper article, 'Grandfather Brought Home for Burial.'

Added: 13 Sep 2004[Updated: 12 Feb 2009]
Stephen F. Maxner Collection (1483) Finding Aid
Item Number: 14830000000   (Click To View)

Less than one linear foot of documents, books, and moving images detail Stephen F. Maxner's research of the Vietnam War. The collection includes one copy of The Vietnam War for Dummies by Ronald B. Frankum, Jr. and Stephen F. Maxner; One document titled Lessons Learned Vietnam Primer, published by the Department of the Army, critiquing U.S. Army tactics and command practices in small unit combat in Vietnam from May 1966 to February 1967; One VHS copy of C-SPAN 2 - Book TV - Lewis Sorley discuess Vietnam Chronicles: The Abrams Tapes at NARA; Lubbock Avalanche Journal articles about the Vietnam Center and Archive activities; One printed Internet BBC article on similarities between U.S. involvement Iraq and Vietnam. Photocopy of Who's Who in Vietnam War.

Added: 21 Dec 2004[Updated: 26 Jan 2012]
Everett McDaniel Collection (1507) Finding Aid
Item Number: 15070000000   (Click To View)

November 2004 issue of Leatherneck magazine.

Added: 27 Jan 2005[Updated: 10 Feb 2005]
North Carolina Vietnam Veterans, Inc. Collection (1512) Finding Aid
Item Number: 15120000000   (Click To View)

Brochures, newspaper and magazine clippings, articles, correspondence, informational letters, internet printouts, periodicals, newsletters, and a music CD document the activities of the North Carolina Vietnam Veterans, Inc. These activities include volunteerism in Vietnam. The collection also includes a Strategic Studies Institute colloquium brief on the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

Added: 17 Feb 2005[Updated: 03 Jun 2015]
Heyward MacDonald Collection (1531) Finding Aid
Item Number: 15310000000   (Click To View)

Two CD-Rom's containing digitized copies of letters written by Mr. MacDonald to his parents while he was serving in Vietnam (1966-1967); recordings of audio tapes sent to MacDonald's parents and family, and a journal containing 94 photographs that Mr. MacDonald kept during his trip to Vietnam in 1999.

Added: 14 Mar 2005[Updated: 18 Apr 2005]
Dana Mansfield Collection (1540) Finding Aid
Item Number: 15400000000   (Click To View)

Memoir, 'Men in White Hats: A Military Policeman,' photographs, identification cards, Vietnamese money, copy of The Typhoon (February 1968), I Field Force Vietnam Organization Day all of which chronicle Dana Mansfield's service in Vietnam with the 272nd Military Police Company at Nha Trang, 1966-1969.

Added: 01 Apr 2005[Updated: 30 Aug 2005]
Henry McRae Collection (533) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5330000000   (Click To View)

Henry McRae's DD-214, and individual flight records document his 26 years of service in the United States Air Force.

Added: 21 Feb 2002[Updated: 01 Aug 2006]
Mr. David L. Miller Collection (529) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5290000000   (Click To View)

Lieutenant Colonel David L. Miller's DD-214 and AFMPC Form45 document his retirement from the United States Air Force after 22 years of service.

Added: 21 Feb 2002[Updated: 28 Jul 2006]
James M. MacFarlane Collection (557) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5570000000   (Click To View)

Correspondence, a list of Air America employees killed between 1960-1975, articles, newsletters, and a C-47 flight manual donated to the Vietnam Archive by James M. MacFarlane.

Added: 25 Feb 2002[Updated: 10 Jan 2018]
Frank Murray Collection (559) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5590000000   (Click To View)

Frank Murray served in SEA at Nakhon Phanom in the 56th Special Ops Wing during 1970-71. He was Operations Officer and later Commander of the 1st SOS. The tape is a recording of The SonTay Raid, the other side is of the Witchdoctor SAR during April 1971.

Added: 25 Feb 2002[Updated: 19 Jul 2004]
Florentine F. & Susie Macayan Collection (585) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5850000000   (Click To View)

Correspondence, telegrams, and articles document the USS Frank E. Evans and her collision with HMAS Melbourne in June 1969 and subsequent activities of the USS Frank E. Evans Association.

Added: 26 Feb 2002[Updated: 02 Dec 2011]
Roger McCaleb Collection (603) Finding Aid
Item Number: 6030000000   (Click To View)

This collection contains material from member of B Troop 2/17th Cavalry Association. The Association was formed in 1998 Reunion. The objective of the B Troop 2nd 17th Cavalry Association is to preserve the memory, history and honor of those who served with B Troop 2nd 17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division before, during, and after the Vietnam War. The Association is active in promoting the research, dissemination and preservation of information concerning Association members and assist members in locating others with whom they served. B Troop 2nd / 17th Cavalry Association is exempt from taxation under IRC 501 (c) (19).

Added: 28 Feb 2002[Updated: 19 Jul 2004]
David C. Martin Collection (382) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3820000000   (Click To View)

Military orders, crash records, operation reports, witness statements, correspondence, memorial dedications, books, museum artifacts, electronic media, newsletters and periodicals document David C. Martin's tour of duty with B Troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Air Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division. Materials date from both the war and post-war periods.

Added: 28 Feb 2002[Updated: 11 Apr 2017]
James Matthews Collection (544) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5440000000   (Click To View)

After Action Reports, Rosters, Unit Histories, and additional information document James Matthews service with B Troop, 2/17th Cavalry in 1969 and other activities involving B Troop, 2/17th Cavalry, 1969-1972.

Added: 28 Feb 2002[Updated: 31 Aug 2010]
Al Martin Collection (1181) Finding Aid
Item Number: 11810000000   (Click To View)

This collection contains two 16mm film reels: one has F-86 footage, the other has P-47 footage.

Collection: Al Martin Collection

Added: 24 Jun 2003[Updated: 08 Mar 2005]
William McCall Collection (1190) Finding Aid
Item Number: 11900000000   (Click To View)

Twenty-one reels (approximately 2700 feet) of Super 8 Film document air operations conducted by the 604th Air Commando Squadron in and around the Bien Hoa Air Base from July, 1967, through May 1969.

Added: 16 Jul 2003[Updated: 24 Oct 2003]
Lawrence McAuliffe Collection (1193) Finding Aid
Item Number: 11930000000   (Click To View)

Uncorrected proof and advanced copy of Purple Sun, a novel about the Vietnam War.

Added: 17 Jul 2003[Updated: 01 Aug 2003]
Tang Mai Nguyen Collection (588) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5880000000   (Click To View)

Books written in Vietnamese and a VHS tape titled 'Vietnamese Boat People: Live Free or Die' donated to the Vietnam Archive by Tang Mai Nguyen.

Added: 17 Sep 2003[Updated: 01 Aug 2017]
James Moran Collection (1218) Finding Aid
Item Number: 12180000000   (Click To View)

An Army jumpsuit worn by Jim Moran while in Vietnam helps document his service in the United States Army.

Added: 03 Oct 2003[Updated: 07 Mar 2006]
Billy Don Martin Collection (1224) Finding Aid
Item Number: 12240000000   (Click To View)

Samuel Colt Presents - A Loan Exhibition of Presentation: Percussion Colt Firearms.

Added: 15 Oct 2003[Updated: 15 Oct 2003]
Mr. Randolph Kent Miller Collection (1227) Finding Aid
Item Number: 12270000000   (Click To View)

This collection contains 184 slides taken by Miller during his tour of duty in Vietnam (1970 - 71), some documents, an aluminum film canister in a leather pouch, and a curriculum vitae. Also included are photocopied programs of ROTC ceremonies at Tulane University (April and May 1968); photocopy of an ivitation to attend a reception honoring the rebuilding of the Hospital at Bien Hoa (April 30, 1971); photocopied excerpts from the Jambalaya (Tulane University Yearbook) 1968; Miller's request for release from active duty (January 24, 1971); and newspaper articles.

Added: 28 Oct 2003[Updated: 02 Jun 2017]