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USNS General John Pope Collection (1574) Finding Aid
Item Number: 15740000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Hardbound log books, bridge and engine room bell books, materials from bulletin boards, deck log books, Naval Ships Technical Manuals, departmental custody cards, inventory lists, maps and posters and other publications relevant to maritime service have all been recovered from the General John Pope, which is mothballed in the San Francisco Bay. In addition, over 400 canvas bunk bottoms were recovered; these have been digitized and can be viewed online as part of the Vietnam Graffiti Project.

Added: 17 May 2005[Updated: 18 Dec 2015]
Wall That Heals Memorabilia Collection (338) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3380000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of letters, notes, photographs, an information kit, U.S. flags, and other materials document how individuals in the Lubbock area remember those who lost their lives during the Vietnam Conflict. These materials were collected by the Vietnam Archive staff from the 'Wall that Heals,' a to-scale replica traveling version of 'The Wall' (National Vietnam Veteran Memorial in Washington, D.C.) when it visited Texas Tech University in conjunction with the Vietnam Center's third Triennial Symposium, 14-20 April 1999.

Added: 05 Nov 2001[Updated: 23 Feb 2017]
Clarence "Jerry" Wages Collection (337) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3370000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Lieutenant Commander C. J. Wages' thesis for the School of Naval Command and Staff titled ^D'Riverine Warfare: The Need for a Brown Water Navy^D>' documents the reasons why the Brown Water Navy was a necessity during the Vietnam Conflict. The thesis was written in March 1967.

Added: 07 Jan 2002[Updated: 21 Jun 2006]
Charles Ward Collection (339) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3390000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Half a linear foot of 'The Nam', a comic book published by Marvel Entertainment Group, documents a cultural perspective of the Vietnam Conflict. 84 issues are included, including the first issue through issue 84. The date span for this run of the comic book is December 1986 to September 1993 and the comic books are in good to mint condition.

Added: 07 Jan 2002[Updated: 13 Jun 2006]
James Willbanks Collection (340) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3400000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of two CD-ROMs, one film, and photocopies of papers written and presented by James Willbanks for conferences and other academic gatherings document various topics related to the Vietnam Conflict. The papers all date from the post-war period, primarily 1999-2001 and include topics such as: the end of the Vietnam Conflict, military forces in Vietnam, the defeat of the South Vietnamese, the Thai army in Vietnam, the battle for Hue, and the 1972 Easter Offensive. One CD-ROM contains documents dating from 1962 to 2004 and includes: the Analysis of Khe Sanh Battle (5 April 1968), Helicopter Operations in Counterinsurgency, Combined Action Program (CAP) Histories, and Viet Cong Improvised Mines and Booby Traps. The other disc contains various Vietnames language documents translated by Merle Pribbenow. The film footage dates from the war era.

Added: 07 Jan 2002[Updated: 13 Oct 2016]
William Warwaryick Collection (352) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3520000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of documents and other materials provided to refugees from Southeast Asia by the Ministry of Immigration in Canada details the issues associated with political refugees entering Canadian soil. The bulk of the material is dated from the late 1970s and early 1980s and is written in English, Vietnamese, Lao, and Cambodian.

Added: 07 Jan 2002[Updated: 13 Jun 2006]
Jack Williams Collection (341) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3410000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of documents, awards, unit songs, and slides document Jack Williams' service as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam Conflict. All materials date from the war period.

Added: 07 Jan 2002[Updated: 13 Jun 2006]
Hal Womack Collection (342) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3420000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of books, periodicals, and a variety of newspaper clippings document various aspects of the Vietnam Conflict, including Hal Womack's service. The newspapers date to the early 1970s and are in fair to good condition.

Collection: Hal Womack Collection

Added: 07 Jan 2002[Updated: 13 Jun 2006]
Vivian Woofter Collection (343) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3430000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of documents and letters detail Operation Helping Hand, 1971-1972. The bulk of the materials date from the war period, though some come from the post-war period as well.

Added: 07 Jan 2002[Updated: 13 Jun 2006]
George Wortman Collection (344) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3440000000   (Click For More Item Information)

One 1970 religious calendar from Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Republic of Vietnam details the daily schedule of religious events for the year, including the schedule of Protestant Sunday services in the chapel.

Added: 07 Jan 2002[Updated: 13 Jun 2006]
Charles Wright Collection (345) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3450000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of awards, military orders and other documents detail Charles Wright's service as an advisor during the Vietnam Conflict. The bulk of the materials date from the war period, with some materials dating from the post-war period.

Added: 07 Jan 2002[Updated: 13 Jun 2006]
Joseph Welsh Collection (368) Finding Aid
Item Number: 3680000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Books about LRRPs, photographs, original poems and writings, printed material, a chronology of Vietnam events, a brief biography of Welsh, and Patrolling newsletters all chronicle experiences of LRRPs in Vietnam.

Added: 07 Jan 2002[Updated: 12 Apr 2010]
Wei Liang-Tsai Collection (441) Finding Aid
Item Number: 4410000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Publications written by Wei Liang-Tsai in English and Chinese discuss Vietnam Veterans in the United States after the Vietnam War and the United States involvement in the French Indochina War, 1945-1954.

Added: 07 Jan 2002[Updated: 21 Jun 2006]
Joseph Wysocki Collection (546) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5460000000   (Click For More Item Information)

DD-214 documents Joseph Wysocki's service in the United States Air Force, 1964-1968.

Added: 21 Feb 2002[Updated: 11 Dec 2006]
Lewis C. Wright Collection (536) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5360000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross Citations and individual flight records document Lewis C. Wright's service with the United states Air Force in Southeast Asia in 1967.

Added: 21 Feb 2002[Updated: 01 Aug 2006]
Herbert A. Woodcock, Jr. Collection (527) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5270000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Lieutenant Colonel Herbert A. Woodcock, Jr.'s DD-214 documents his retirement from the United States Air Force after 29 years of service from 1951-1980.

Added: 21 Feb 2002[Updated: 28 Jul 2006]
Emery C. Wall Collection (534) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5340000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Newspaper articles from the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal gathered by Emery C. Wall's mother while he served with the United States Army in Vietnam.

Added: 26 Feb 2002[Updated: 10 Apr 2009]
James Winlow Collection (542) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5420000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This collection contains material from member of B Troop 2/17th Cavalry Association. The objective of the B Troop 2nd 17th Cavalry Association is to preserve the memory, history and honor of those who served with B Troop 2nd 17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division before, during, and after the Vietnam War. The Association is active in promoting the research, dissemination and preservation of information concerning Association members and assist members in locating others with whom they served. B Troop 2nd / 17th Cavalry Association is exempt from taxation under IRC 501 (c) (19). James Winlow produced a documentary of a June 1999 return to Vietnam by members of B Troop to re-visit the battleground where Spec. 4 Joseph G. LaPointe Jr. earned, posthumously, the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Added: 28 Feb 2002[Updated: 19 Jul 2004]
Lyle Warner Collection (1088) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10880000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This collection contains a 30 x 40 inch road map of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

Added: 13 Jan 2003[Updated: 22 Jan 2003]
Laos War Documentary Project Collection (1095) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10950000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This collection contains videotapes of Roger Warner's interview with Vang Bee, conducted December 5, 2002 and is the first, the collection also contains a CD-Rom with images of Hmong flying T-28s and a collector's issue if Flight Journal titled Air War Vietnam.

Added: 03 Feb 2003[Updated: 19 May 2017]
Walter Wylie Collection (1098) Finding Aid
Item Number: 10980000000   (Click For More Item Information)

This collection consists of newspapers from Saigon; Vietnamese language textbooks and lessons; 1st Logistical Command magazine and book; and various other materials ranging from a copy of a poster to Congressional reports to a map of Saigon. Also included in the collection are numerous newsletters from various veteran organizations including Indochina Digest; Insider; Vietnam Insight; and Vietnam Bulletin. The collection also has in numerous artifacts including two swords, a Vietnam flag, a deck of survival cards, arrows, and a straw conical hat.

Added: 26 Feb 2003[Updated: 19 May 2017]
Charles E. Wilson Collection (1108) Finding Aid
Item Number: 11080000000   (Click For More Item Information)

A yearbook from 1963 - 1964, two decorative ashtrays, and a plaque document Charles E. Wilson's service aboard the USS Frank E. Evans.

Added: 04 Mar 2003[Updated: 08 Apr 2005]
Nevin Williams Collection (1143) Finding Aid
Item Number: 11430000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately three linear feet of documents, artifacts, periodicals, books, and photo files document Nevin Williams' experience in Vietnam. This collection consists of digital photograph files on CD-Rom that document Nevin Roger Williams's service in the U.S. Army. The CD contains images of Cu Chi and Saigon, 1967; 18th Military Police Brigade, 1967-1968; and the MACV Advisory Team 45 in Ninh Thuan Province, 1970-1971. The collection also contains books and issues of Vietnam Magazine, 1988-2003.

Added: 23 Apr 2003[Updated: 08 Nov 2018]
James Wollner Collection (2351) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23510000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Book titled The Bamboo Shoot: The Story of the 2nd Airboat Platoon by James Parker Wollner.

Added: 14 Mar 2012[Updated: 14 Mar 2012]
Larry Woodson Collection (2292) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22920000000   (Click For More Item Information)

The collection consists of approximately twelve linear feet of materials documenting Larry Woodson's service with International Voluntary Services (IVS) in Laos from 1964-1971, his later work with USAID, and his subsequent involvement with the IVS Alumni and Air America Association after the war. The materials include documents (including administrative documents, memos, reports, guides on Lao and Thai customs, and correspondence); books; scrapbooks containing Lao currency and stamps; clippings/articles; photographs; slides (600 slides of Laos dated from 1964 - 1975); flags; periodicals; newsletters; newspapers; calendars; audio (including music); video; artifacts; Air Facilities Data Reports on Rescue and SOS SEA losses; Mekong Circle Reunion material; and electronic media.

Items of interest include a copy of the Laos book project proposal (an unpublished manuscript containing reminisces of men and women who served in Laos), Woodson's letters home to his parents, and affidavits and correspondence documenting the asylum seeking efforts of a Laotian family. Also included are correspondence and clippings telling about the lives of USAID people after they returned from Laos. The materials date from 1964 to 2015, predominately 1964-1979.

Added: 08 Jun 2012[Updated: 29 Mar 2018]
Joe Witherspoon Collection (2329) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23290000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Copy of Joe Witherspoon's performance evaluation from the United States Air Force during his service in Vietnam, dated September 1969.

Added: 12 Aug 2010[Updated: 16 Aug 2010]
Vernon Wagner Collection (2326) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23260000000   (Click For More Item Information)

September/October 2008 issue of Torch features an article about Peter Nash's survival following an aircraft crash in Thailand after completing a bombing mission over North Vietnam on 19 September 1968.

Added: 13 Aug 2010[Updated: 16 Aug 2010]
Jerry Webb Collection (2362) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23620000000   (Click For More Item Information)

CD recording of the Danang Dawnbuster Show recorded live on Monkey Mountain on 11 April 1972 and hosted Captain Jerry Webb under the on air name Specialist Brett Webb.

Collection: Jerry Webb Collection

Added: 12 Oct 2010[Updated: 12 Oct 2010]
Gary Witte Collection (2366) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23660000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Paper copy of a slide presentation Gary Witte made to describe his tour of duty in the Central Highlands of Vietnam with Army Corps of Engineers, September 1969 to June 1970.

Collection: Gary Witte Collection

Added: 14 Dec 2010[Updated: 25 Jan 2011]
Terry J. Wilund Collection (2400) Finding Aid
Item Number: 24000000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of photographs document Terry J. Wilund's service in Vietnam from October 1967 to March 1968 with the 195th Assault Helicopter Company and then March 1968 to October 1968 with the 191st Assault Helicopter Company.

Added: 08 Apr 2011[Updated: 21 Sep 2011]
John Wideman Collection (2333) Finding Aid
Item Number: 23330000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Eleven audiotapes and 2 CDs of B-52 cockpit recordings from John Wideman's Air Force service in Southeast Asia, 1969-1970.

Added: 08 Apr 2011[Updated: 11 Apr 2011]
Jack Wells Collection (2403) Finding Aid
Item Number: 24030000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Book titled 'Class of 67: The Story of the 6th Marine Officer Basic Class of 1967' by Jack Wells details the courage and sacrifices of forty-four of his classmates from Marine Officer Basic Class 6-67, of which only one featured in the book was not killed in Vietnam.

Collection: Jack Wells Collection

Added: 15 Feb 2012[Updated: 15 Feb 2012]
Barry Wain Collection (2881) Finding Aid
Item Number: 28810000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately six and a half linear feet of documents, audio tapes, electronic media, and periodicals donated to the archive by David Wain. This material represents the research gathered by Barry Wain to write a book on the Ho Chi Minh trail. The collection includes numerous documents and histories of the Ho Chi Minh trail written by the Vietnamese government. There are also numerous diaries and books written by men and women who served on the trail relating their experiences in the war. Many of these documents are in Vietnamese and include a separate English translation. There are also several hand drawn maps of the Ho Chi Min trail.

The collection also includes numerous oral history interviews done by Barry Wain and men and women who served on the Ho Chi Min trail. The interviews were done either entirely in English, or were done in Vietnamese with an interpreter translating the answers into English. The interviews were conducted in 1989, 1990, and 1991. Also included in the collection are several computer disks containing typed transcripts of the oral history interviews.

The collection also contains photocopies of numerous articles, reports, and book chapters that provide background information on the Vietnam War or the Ho Chi Minh trail.

Collection: Barry Wain Collection

Added: 11 May 2018[Updated: 30 Oct 2018]
Gary G. Beach Collection (2996) Finding Aid
Item Number: 29960000000   (Click For More Item Information)

The collection consists of one 3 inch film reel containing footage from Gary Beach's tour of Vietnam. The reel is undated.

Added: 18 Oct 2018[Updated: 18 Oct 2018]
Edward A. Westrick Collection (1599) Finding Aid
Item Number: 15990000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Photocopy of Edward Westrick's DD-214 and a short essay documenting Westrick's arrival in Vietnam with the U.S. Army Security Agency.

Added: 27 Jun 2005[Updated: 24 Mar 2006]
James Winn Collection (1594) Finding Aid
Item Number: 15940000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Artifacts, original and photocopied newspaper clippings, photographs, military administrative documents, certificates, and aviator flight log books document James Winn's career in the United States Coast Guard.

Collection: James Winn Collection

Added: 21 Jul 2005[Updated: 08 Sep 2005]
Joel Favor Collection (1633) Finding Aid
Item Number: 16330000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Teletype Model 28 machine used during the Vietnam War era.

Collection: Joel Favor Collection

Added: 29 Aug 2005[Updated: 29 Aug 2005]
J. Holley Watts Collection (1646) Finding Aid
Item Number: 16460000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Who Knew?...Reflections on Vietnam by J. Holley Watts documents Watts' service in Vietnam as a member of the American Red Cross Donut Dollies.

Added: 09 Sep 2005[Updated: 14 Nov 2005]
Robert Winston Collection (1649) Finding Aid
Item Number: 16490000000   (Click For More Item Information)

CD-Rom of images document the collision of the USS Frank E. Evans and the HMAS Melbourne, on 3 June 1969.

Added: 13 Sep 2005[Updated: 16 Nov 2005]
Norris W. Woldy Collection (1666) Finding Aid
Item Number: 16660000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Historical data on the 14th United States Naval Construction Battalion written by R.N. Woldy.

Added: 30 Sep 2005[Updated: 24 Mar 2006]
Sandra Marie Wittman Collection (1692) Finding Aid
Item Number: 16920000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Tunnel detection and neutralization documents, book catalogues, scholarly papers, a bibliography of Vietnam-related books, periodicals (1960s-present) and 155 books on Vietnam, all of which were collected by Sandra Marie Wittman, document different aspects of the Vietnam Conflict and its legacies.

Added: 17 Nov 2005[Updated: 22 Sep 2016]
Thomas B. Wood, Jr. CW4, USA, Ret. Collection (1927) Finding Aid
Item Number: 19270000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Less than one linear foot of photographs, training manuals, and DOD evasion charts document Thomas B. Woods service in Vietnam from December 1967-December 1968. The materials date from the war era.

Added: 19 Feb 2007[Updated: 05 Mar 2007]
Franklin S. Whitlock Collection (1940) Finding Aid
Item Number: 19400000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Approximately one linear foot of military administrative documents, photographs, and various army clothes document Franklin S. Whitlock's service in Vietnam with the 563rd Transportation Company.

Added: 03 Apr 2007[Updated: 16 Oct 2007]
Philip M. Worley Collection (1948) Finding Aid
Item Number: 19480000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Three linear feet including slides, photographs, Naval service documents, certificates, medals and awards, US Navy dress uniform, and other various museum artifacts document Philip Worley's service in the US Navy from 1967 to 1971.

Added: 24 Jul 2007[Updated: 02 Feb 2011]
Allan Wentworth Collection (2013) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20130000000   (Click For More Item Information)

CD contains a Power Point presentation of Allan Wentworth's service in Vietnam with Coast Guard Squadron One, Division 13 at Cat Lo on the USGC POINT PARTRIDGE (WPB 82305) from February through September 1969 with the United States Coast Guard March 'Semper Paratus' as background music.

Added: 29 Oct 2008[Updated: 29 Oct 2008]
Jack Williamson Collection (2156) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21560000000   (Click For More Item Information)

16mm film reel contains footage taken by USIS in remote Vietnamese villages. Short Paper written by Jack Williamson titled 'Integration of Civilian Population into Counterinsurgency Strategies' gives Williamson's thoughts on how civilians around the world can protect themselves against insurgencies.

Added: 17 Nov 2008[Updated: 06 Jan 2010]
Conrad N. Walker Collection (2235) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22350000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Book titled The Leapin' Deacon: The Soldier's Chaplain by Conrad N. Walker and J. Walker Winslow describes Walker's career as a United States Army Chaplain, including his service in Vietnam.

Added: 25 Sep 2009[Updated: 25 Sep 2009]
Larry E. Wilson Collection (2230) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22300000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Book titled Fortitude: True Stories of True Grit, edited by Malinda Teel, contains a story written by Lawrence E. Wilson titled 'The Battle at Finger Lake' that documents a battle that Wilson was involved in southwest of Da Nang on 21 November 1967. Also included in the collection is a longer manuscript version of the article.

Added: 01 Oct 2009[Updated: 30 Oct 2009]
Welch Warren Collection (1831) Finding Aid
Item Number: 18310000000   (Click For More Item Information)

Over 500 books concerning a variety of Vietnam War related topics donated to the Vietnam Archive by Welch Warren.

Added: 21 Oct 2009[Updated: 18 Feb 2019]
Rob Weiner Collection (929) Finding Aid
Item Number: 9290000000   (Click For More Item Information)

VHS tape titled Carriers describes the role of aircraft carriers during the Vietnam War.

Collection: Rob Weiner Collection

Added: 02 Nov 2009[Updated: 02 Nov 2009]
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