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Franklin (Nick) Nickerson Collection (2190) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21900000000   (Click To View)

Approximately half a linear foot of slides, negatives, and photographs primarily taken by Franklin (Nick) Nickerson in Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand while he service with the Department of the Army Special Photographic Office (DASPO).

Added: 03 Nov 2009[Updated: 19 Jun 2012]
E. Q. (Skip) Fahel Collection (2170) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21700000000   (Click To View)

Approximately one and a half linear feet of maps, slides, photographs, film, military administrative documents, and articles document Elpidio Q. (Skip) Fahel's two tours of duty in Vietnam with the 2nd Battalion (Mech), 22nd Infantry from April 1967-April 1968 and the 1st Battalion, 3rd Infantry, 11th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division from September 1969-September 1970.

Added: 04 Nov 2009[Updated: 20 Sep 2017]
Rex Capling Collection (2216) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22160000000   (Click To View)

Approximately one linear foot of 16 mm film and a VHS tape from Rex Capling's service in Vietnam as an F-105D Thunderchief pilot with the 469th 'Fighting Bulls' Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing, 7th Air Force, based in Korat, Thailand.

Added: 05 Nov 2009[Updated: 23 Mar 2016]
Jack Johnson Collection (640) Finding Aid
Item Number: 6400000000   (Click To View)

Less than one linear foot of VHS tapes, DVD, stories, and a recommendation for the nomination of Jack O. Johnson for induction into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame document Jack Johnson's service in Vietnam with the 188th Assault Helicopter Company.

Added: 10 Nov 2009[Updated: 19 May 2015]
Dana Sachs Collection (2195) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21950000000   (Click To View)

South Vietnamese newspaper from 1971 titled Duoc Nha Nam.

Collection: Dana Sachs Collection

Added: 13 Nov 2009[Updated: 13 Nov 2009]
Floyd W. Jiminez Collection (2264) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22640000000   (Click To View)

Booklet of Poetry titled 'Memories of War' By Floyd W. Jiminez documents his feelings and memories from his service in the United States Army during the Vietnam War.

Added: 13 Nov 2009[Updated: 13 Nov 2009]
Robert Rigoulot Collection (2178) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21780000000   (Click To View)

Approximately half a linear foot of correspondence, military administrative documents, drawings, and photographs document Robert Rigoulot's service in Vietnam in 1971 as a sympathy letter composer in the Casualty Branch of the Adjutant General's office in Chu Lai, the Headquarters for the Americal Division.

Added: 16 Nov 2009[Updated: 16 Dec 2009]
Larry Stegall Collection (2265) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22650000000   (Click To View)

CD-ROM contains photographs of Larry Stegall's tour of duty with the 101st Airborne Division at Camp Eagle, South Vietnam, March 1970-March 1971.

Added: 18 Nov 2009[Updated: 18 Nov 2009]
David Larsen Collection (2238) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22380000000   (Click To View)

Documentary script from the Discovery Channel series Battle Zone discusses David Larsen's service with the United States Navy's Task Force 116 (Gamewardens), River Division 593 and the battle where he earned the Navy Cross on 2 August 1969.

Added: 18 Nov 2009[Updated: 01 Sep 2010]
Keith Erdman Collection (572) Finding Aid
Item Number: 5720000000   (Click To View)

Less than one linear foot of photographs, slides, a Vietnamese phrase booklet, and a map document Keith Erdman's service with the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969 with C Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division and later as an advisor to the Vietnamese Police Field Forces.

Added: 18 Nov 2009[Updated: 02 Oct 2015]
Harold Lutz Collection (2262) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22620000000   (Click To View)

Approximately half a linear foot of slides, currency, Chieu Hoi leaflets, North Vietnamese propaganda, and Americal Division publications document Harold Lutz's service with Company A, 1st Battalion, 1st Infantry, 11th Brigade in Vietnam in 1968.

Added: 18 Nov 2009[Updated: 25 May 2012]
Drew D. Dix Collection (2266) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22660000000   (Click To View)

Book titled The Rescue of River City by Drew Dix documents Dix's heroics with Special Forces while leading a group from the South Vietnamese Provincial Reconnaissance Unit (PRU) in recapturing Chau Phu from the Viet Cong during the Tet Offensive, 31 January - 1 February 1968. Dix's exploits during the 56 hour skirmish earned him the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Added: 19 Nov 2009[Updated: 19 Nov 2009]
Richard D. Holzheimer Collection (2169) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21690000000   (Click To View)

Approximately one linear foot of newspapers from Southeast Asia and issues of Pacific Stars and Stripes, primarily from 1974 and 1975. The donation also includes two booklets titled 'Information from North Vietnam' prepared by MACVSOG Psyops Research and Analysis and an audio tape with GI humor purchased by Holzheimer in Nha Trang in 1969.

Added: 19 Nov 2009[Updated: 23 Nov 2009]
Howard D. Horton Collection (2219) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22190000000   (Click To View)

Two patches and Howard D. Horton's Vietnam recollections document Horton's service with the 108th Artillery Group from October 1968 to March 1970. Photo of Headquarters and Aviation personnel of the 108th Artillery Group in Dong Ha, RVN.

Added: 20 Nov 2009[Updated: 02 Feb 2010]
Milton D. Beach Collection (2208) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22080000000   (Click To View)

Less than a linear foot of articles, photographs, maps, newsletters, flight cards, and a cruisebook document Captain Milton D. Beach's career in the United States Navy. The collection pays particular emphasis to a fire aboard the aircraft carrier USS FORRESTAL that took the lives of 134 sailors on 27 July 1967.

Added: 20 Nov 2009[Updated: 15 Feb 2010]
1st Combat Evaluation Group (CEVG) Association Collection (2146) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21460000000   (Click To View)

Less than one linear foot of small souvenir items collected during the 1st Combat Evaluation Group Reunion in Shreveport, Louisiana, 18-21 September 2008.

Added: 20 Nov 2009[Updated: 20 Nov 2009]
Janet McDaniel Collection (2122) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21220000000   (Click To View)

Silver tray presented as a token of appreciation to Virginia Beck by Lieutenant General Serm Na-Nakorn, Commander, Royal Thai Forces, Vietnam.

Added: 24 Nov 2009[Updated: 24 Nov 2009]
Howard Burbank Collection (1941) Finding Aid
Item Number: 19410000000   (Click To View)

Training manuals for helicopters, air assault techniques, avionics; guides and directories to Ft. Bragg, Ft. Wolters, Ft. Rucker,

Added: 24 Nov 2009[Updated: 28 Jun 2017]
Robert T. Latham Collection (2268) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22680000000   (Click To View)

Book titled A Tale of Boxes: The Role of Myth in Creating and Changing Our Stories by Robert T. Latham includes Latham's discussions on how the United States becomes involved in conflicts like the Vietnam War and why it fails.

Added: 24 Nov 2009[Updated: 10 Dec 2009]
William R. Wright Collection (2267) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22670000000   (Click To View)

CD contains William R. Wright's memoirs of his Marine Corps service from 1967-1971 titled 'Four Years in the Corps.'

Added: 24 Nov 2009[Updated: 24 Nov 2009]
Tom Mueller Collection (2087) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20870000000   (Click To View)

82nd Airborne Division Flag donated to the Vietnam Archive by Tom Mueller.

Added: 24 Nov 2009[Updated: 24 Nov 2009]
Kenneth Neal Collection (2198) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21980000000   (Click To View)

Commemorative coins from the Vietnam Dog Handler Association. One pair of coins was created by Kenneth Neal for the October 2002 Vietnam Dog Handler Association Reunion. The other pair of coins commemorates the Military Working Dog Teams who served in Thailand, 1968-1976.

Added: 25 Nov 2009[Updated: 25 Nov 2009]
William R. Browning Collection (2207) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22070000000   (Click To View)

A silk Vietnamese jacket given to William R. Browning by a friend of his family who served in Vietnam.

Added: 25 Nov 2009[Updated: 25 Nov 2009]
Jean Lamensdorf Collection (2269) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22690000000   (Click To View)

Book titled Write Home for Me: A Red Cross Woman in Vietnam by Jean Debelle Lamensdorf documents Lamensdorf's service as a member of the Australian Red Cross in Vietnam from June 1966 to June 1967.

Added: 25 Nov 2009[Updated: 25 Nov 2009]
Thomas M. Barnes Collection (2227) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22270000000   (Click To View)

Photo Journal documents Thomas M. Barnes' service with the Aerial Surveillance and Target Acquisition (ASTA) Platoon, B Company, 1st Aviation Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, 1966-1968. The journal is made from original slides taken by Barnes during his Vietnam service. Also included is a DVD copy of the journal and a patch made by Barnes from the 1st Aviation Battalion, 1st Infantry Division.

Added: 25 Nov 2009[Updated: 17 Aug 2010]
Larry Fletcher Collection (865) Finding Aid
Item Number: 8650000000   (Click To View)

Two Vietnamese villagers' hats and Larry Fletcher's book, 'The Shadow Spirit: Flying Stingers and BUFFs in S. E. A., donated to the Vietnam Archive by Fletcher.

Added: 30 Nov 2009[Updated: 08 Aug 2018]
Louis Rios Collection (2159) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21590000000   (Click To View)

Approximately nine linear feet of books, periodicals, newsletters, video, DVDs, photographs, reunion information, correspondence, articles, artifacts, and ephemeral material document Louis Rios' service with the Americal Division (Company A 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry, 11th Light Infantry Brigade, 23rd Infantry Division) in the Vietnam War, and his membership in the Americal Division Veterans Association after the war.

Added: 02 Dec 2009[Updated: 12 Jul 2018]
Janice Whitehead Collection (2166) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21660000000   (Click To View)

Audiotape letters and a United States Army Nurse's uniform document Janice Whitehead's service as a nurse in the United States Army during the Vietnam War.

Added: 04 Dec 2009[Updated: 09 Dec 2009]
Paul DeMarco Collection (2271) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22710000000   (Click To View)

Less than half a linear foot of slides document Paul DeMarco's service in Vietnam in 1972 with the 148th Military Police Company at Cam Ranh Bay and later with the 560th Military Police Company at Pleiku.

Added: 11 Dec 2009[Updated: 15 May 2012]
Eily P. Gorman Collection (2109) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21090000000   (Click To View)

Less than one linear foot of slides, photographs, military orders, and artwork document Eily P. Gorman's service as a nurse in the United States Army with the 91st Evacuation Hospital in Vietnam, 1967-1968.

Added: 11 Dec 2009[Updated: 15 Sep 2010]
Edgar R. McCoin Collection (2229) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22290000000   (Click To View)

Approximately one half of a linear foot of artifacts, photographs, field manuals, and military administrative documents illustrate Edgar R. McCoin's life and in particular, his service in Vietnam in 1971 with the 45th Military Intelligence Company, 519th Military Intelligence Battalion, 525th Military intelligence Group while assigned to Combined Intelligence Center, Vietnam.

Added: 14 Dec 2009[Updated: 15 May 2012]
Don Unrau Collection (2272) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22720000000   (Click To View)

Book titled Spring Visits: Photographs from Viet Nam consists of photographs taken by Don Unrau during his trips to Vietnam, 1992-2005.

Collection: Don Unrau Collection

Added: 17 Dec 2009[Updated: 21 Dec 2009]
121st Aviation Company Association Collection (2273) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22730000000   (Click To View)

The collection consists of electronic media containing the 121st Aviation Company archive with annual supplements. The archive includes images, written stories, and official documentation for the 93rd Transportation Company (Light Helicopter), the 121st Aviation Company, 121st Assault Helicopter Company, the 80th Transportation Detachment and other attached units from 1962 through 1970.

The collection also includes photographs, negatives, and slides accumulated by Robert P. Greene. The photographs depict soldiers from the 121st Aviation Company from 1964-1965.

Added: 17 Dec 2009[Updated: 19 Jun 2018]
Harold Eggers Collection (2155) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21550000000   (Click To View)

Two scrapbooks kept by Harold Eggers contain letters, photographs, postcards, and articles that document his service in Vietnam.

Added: 21 Dec 2009[Updated: 03 Feb 2010]
Charles B. Prewitt Collection (2274) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22740000000   (Click To View)

Approximately half a linear foot of books, clippings, military documents, and a photograph document Charles B. Prewitt's service during the Vietnam War as a chaplain in the United States Air Force.

Added: 21 Dec 2009[Updated: 02 Aug 2012]
Robert B. Wilcox Collection (2180) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21800000000   (Click To View)

Approximately one linear foot of slides and two pair of combat boots document Robert B. Wilcox's service in the United States Navy as a surgeon, 1967-1970.

Added: 21 Dec 2009[Updated: 05 Apr 2012]
James W. Nelson Collection (2247) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22470000000   (Click To View)

Three reels of Super 8 film and a copy of a newspaper article document James W. Nelson's service in the United States Air Force in Vietnam with the 22nd Tactical Air Support Squadron at Binh Thuy Air Force Base, 1968-1970, where he was a forward air controller, tactical air liaison officer, and operations staff officer and flew 603 combat missions totaling 652 hours in an O-1.

Added: 22 Dec 2009[Updated: 29 Jun 2010]
Jim B. Green Collection (2244) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22440000000   (Click To View)

Less than one linear foot of slides, photographs, correspondence, maps, booklets, and malaria pills document Jim B. Green's service in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division and later as a liaison officer with the 1st ARVN Division, 1971-1972.

Added: 22 Dec 2009[Updated: 12 Jun 2012]
Charles H. Weed Collection (2131) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21310000000   (Click To View)

The collection consists of documents, periodicals, newspapers, and artifacts (Montagnard arrows and a musical instrument) accumulated by Charles Weed during his service in Vietnam with the CIA. The materials are dated 1954, 1963, 1966, and 1971-1975.

Added: 22 Dec 2009[Updated: 02 Apr 2018]
Robert L. Gray Collection (2136) Finding Aid
Item Number: 21360000000   (Click To View)

Two hundred slides document Robert L. Gray's service in the United States Navy with River Section 523/River Division 572 and River Division 594, July 1968 - July 1969.

Added: 22 Dec 2009[Updated: 04 Jun 2012]
Adrian Cronauer Collection (2232) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22320000000   (Click To View)

Approximately two and a half linear feet of artifacts, articles, books, photographs, periodicals, and newsletters document Adrian Cronauer's service in the United States Air Force in Vietnam as a disc jockey for Armed Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) from 1965-1966 and his subsequent work after the war working with the Defense Prisoner of War and Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) and various Veterans' groups.

Added: 04 Jan 2010[Updated: 20 Jul 2018]
Hugh Manes Collection (2270) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22700000000   (Click To View)

Over five linear feet of journals, legal documents, newspaper clippings, anti-war petitions, audio interviews, periodicals, books, photographs, and negatives document Hugh Manes career as a lawyer representing men who were seeking draft deferments and conscientious objector status during the Vietnam War. The material also discusses Manes' 1967 trip to North Vietnam with a delegation from the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation where he visited with North Vietnamese dignitaries including Ho Chi Minh and visited sites bombed by the United States.

Collection: Hugh Manes Collection

Added: 14 Jan 2010[Updated: 05 Oct 2017]
Mr. John H. Lamb Collection (2276) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22760000000   (Click To View)

VHS tape contains a presentation made by Major John H. Lamb, USAF (Ret.) at the Pima Air and Space Museum on 27 May 2006 titled 'A-37s in Vietnam.'

Added: 27 Jan 2010[Updated: 27 Jan 2010]
Nguyen Huy Anh Collection (2278) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22780000000   (Click To View)

CD-ROM contains photographs from South Vietnamese General Nguyen Huy Anh from 1954 to 1972. Nguyen Cao Ky and John F. Kennedy are among the dignitaries whose photographs are present on the CD.

Added: 27 Jan 2010[Updated: 27 Jan 2010]
Richard K. Macauley Collection (2279) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22790000000   (Click To View)

Two copies of a CD contain Charley Horse, which is Richard K. Macauley's memoirs of his tour of duty in Vietnam from his unique perspective as a Journalism college graduate. Paper copy excerpts from his memoirs are also included in the donation.

Added: 27 Jan 2010[Updated: 28 Jan 2010]
Roger Moseley Collection (2277) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22770000000   (Click To View)

16mm film and caption sheet for A-37 operations at the 6th Special Operations Squadron (SOS) Redeployment Command Post, Bien Hoa, 1971-1972. Also included in the collection is a description of 6th SOS operations and a short history of the 8th Tactical Bomber Squadron (Yellowbirds).

Added: 27 Jan 2010[Updated: 05 Apr 2010]
Clifford Miller Collection (2281) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22810000000   (Click To View)

Book written by Clifford Miller titled Out the Wire documents his service as an infantryman in the United States Army in Vietnam, 1969-1970.

Added: 03 Feb 2010[Updated: 11 Feb 2010]
James E. Markham Collection (2275) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22750000000   (Click To View)

DVD titled War: Republic of Vietnam, 1968-1971 contains photography by James E. Markham while he was serving as an advisor to the Vietnamese Navy and was in the United States Navy Pacific Fleet's combat Camera Group, Detachment Alfa.

Added: 03 Feb 2010[Updated: 03 Feb 2010]
Gerald Hickey Collection (2086) Finding Aid
Item Number: 20860000000   (Click To View)

Approximately 20 linear feet of books, periodicals, maps, clippings, carvings, swords, pipes, and textiles donated to the Vietnam Archive by the famous anthropologist Gerald Hickey from his personal collection. The books are primarily written in French, but also include some Vietnamese and English publications. The dates of the material range throughout the 20th century and even some into the late 19th century. The majority of the books concern the study of the Montagnard tribes of Vietnam. The artifacts were collected during Hickey's anthropological fieldwork in the Vietnamese Highlands from the 1950s through the 1970s and include Montagnard hand-carved wooden statues of a peahen and an androgynous human figure which was placed on a grave from the Katu tribe. Also included are five swords and multiple examples of Jarai, Rhade, Bahnar, and Maa woven textiles to include shirts, blankets, and loincloths. There are also multiple examples of ornamented bamboo pipes of Bahanar, Cua, Stieng, and Halang origin.

Added: 03 Feb 2010[Updated: 23 Sep 2016]
Charles McGinnis Collection (2260) Finding Aid
Item Number: 22600000000   (Click To View)

Slides; photographs; military orders; prints; and yearbooks from the U.S. Army Training Center, Infanty, Fort Ord, California and the 11th Combat Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade, Vietnam, 1971 document Charles McGinnis' service in the United States Army in Vietnam in 1971.

Added: 04 Feb 2010[Updated: 10 Aug 2011]