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Nguoi Viet San Diego (Co quan tranh dau thoi su van nghe giao duc)

Item Number: 735Serial121518
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Co quan tranh dau thoi su van nghe giao duc
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Nguoi Viet San Diego (Co quan tranh dau thoi su van nghe giao duc) - Serial

Nguoi Viet San Diego
Co quan tranh dau thoi su van nghe giao duc
Westminster, CA
United States


  • Existence: 01 January 2001

General Note / OCR

1. Thu chu nhiem-TONG HOANG (Letter from the editor -TONG HOANG)
- 2. So Tao quan-BO BA TAO (Kitchen Gods' report-BO BA TAO)
- 3. Nam ran noi mot ti ve ran-KY GIA HANG BET (In year of snake, let's talk a little bit about snakes -KY GIA HANG BET)
- 4. Viet Nam trong di nghiep doi ngoai cua Clinton-LAM LE TRINH (Vietnam with heritage from Clinton's foreign relations -LAM LE TRINH)
- 5. Biet kich cam but-CONG TU HA DONG (Rangers' writings -CONG TU HA DONG)
- 6. Buc co hoa-LE DAT (Ancient painting-LE DAT)
- 7. Cam de tranh thu tet-DO THI KENH G. (Feelings about animal paintings on Lunar New Year -DO THI KENH G.)
- 8. Tao Sai Gon Rap-po tu Hoa Thinh Don-TIEU DAO (LHBS) (Saigon Kitchen God reports from Washington-TIEU DAO (LHBS))
- 9. Gia dinh Phat tu Viet Nam tai Hoa Ky-TAM HOA (Family of Vietnamese Buddhist followers in the U.S.-TAM HOA)
- 10. Hoa co may-VAN QUANG (Co may flowers-VAN QUANG)
- 11. Huyen thoai 'Long Dien Huong'-NGUYEN THUY LONG ('Long Dien Huong' myth-NGUYEN THUY LONG)
- 12. Khuc tam kinh-NGUYEN THI HOANG (Tam kinh piece-NGUYEN THI HOANG)
- 13. La tho xuan-NGO MINH HANG (Letter of spring-NGO MINH HANG)
- 14. Ban hop xuong ngan khoi-NGUYEN NGOC ('Ngan Khoi' Chorus group-NGUYEN NGOC)
- 15. Thuong chum hoa khe-NHA CA (Love for carambella-NHA CA)
- 16. Tray nhanh suong mu-tho PHAM NGOC, nhac PHAM ANH DUNG (Foggy twig floats away -poetry by PHAM NGOC, music by PHAM ANH DUNG)
- 17. Hoang Trong-PHAM ANH DUNG (Hoang Trong-PHAM ANH DUNG)
- 18. Hoi ky viet som-NGUYEN XUAN HOANG (Early written memoirs -NGUYEN XUAN HOANG)
- 19. Xa hoi cong dan la nen tang cua xa hoi dan chu-VUONG HUU BOT (Citizenship is the foundation of a democratic society -VUONG HUU BOT)
- 20. Qui hoa tam -CAO TIEU (Qui hoa tam-CAO TIEU)
- 21. Khung troi cu-Tho NG. PH. NHAT NAM, Nhac NAM HUNG (Old sky-Poetry by NG. PH. NHAT NAM, Music by NAM HUNG)
- 22. Tro ve-Tho TRAN MONG TU (Return-Poetry by TRAN MONG TU)
- 23. Tuong niem ve nha tho Bui Giang-VU KY (Commemorating poet Bui Giang-VU KY)
- 24. Mua xuan uoc mong -NGOC LINH (Spring of hope-NGOC LINH)
- 25. May van tho trong tu-DOAN THANH LIEM (Some poetry in prison-DOAN THANH LIEM)
- 26. Am Ti Tran-Tho VO DINH NAM (Ti Tran Temple-Poetry by VO DINH NAM)
- 27. Nam phut-TRAN XUAN THANH (Five minutes-TRAN XUAN THANH)
- 29. Huong buoi toi -NGO TINH YEN (Fragrence at night-NGO TINH YEN)
- 30. Mot nam dien anh -NGUYEN NGOC CHAN-CNN (A year of films-NGUYEN NGOC CHAN-CNN)
- 31. Am vang mot hoi chuong-PHAN LAC TIEP (Echoes of a bell tone-PHAN LAC TIEP)
- 32. Toi bi cuop mat tuoi tho-TUE DANG (My youth taken away-TUE DANG)
- 33. Doi net dep xu Hue tranh lua-NGUYEN THI (Some beautiful traits of Hue silk paintings-NGUYEN THI)
- 34. Cuoi cung mot con pho-NGUYEN DAT (End of a street-NGUYEN DAT)
- 35. Nguoi dang o xa the kia-Tho LE THI KIM (You are so far away-Poetry by LE THI KIM)
- 36. Phan lang-NGUYEN DINH-Ban dich cua PHAM XUAN HY (Phan Lang-NGUYEN DINH-Translation by PHAM XUAN HY)
- 37. Tho Vuong Duc Le-VUONG DUC LE (Poetry by VUONG DUC LE)
- 38. Thoang gio dau day-Tho NG. THI MINH THUY (A slight sweep of breeze around here-Poetry by NG. THI MINH THUY)
- 39. Vai hinh anh tieu bieu nam 2000-HA TUONG CAT CHON (Some typical photos in 2000-HA TUONG CAT CHON)
- 40. Noc Ran -HOANG NGOC LIEN (Snake venom-HOANG NGOC LIEN)
- 41. Mau Xuan-TRAN PHONG VU (Color of Spring-TRAN PHONG VU)
- 42. Phuc sinh-Tho ETCETERA (Thanksgiving-Poetry by ETCETERA)
- 43. The van hoi Sydney nam 2000-LE THUY (Olympics in Sydney 2000-LE THUY)
- 44. Tam thap luc ke-NGO THIEN (Thirty six plots-NGO THIEN)
- 45. Mua xuan thuong-Tho HOAI PHUONG (Loving Spring-HOAI PHUONG)
- 46. Tinh ban giua hai Cu Thuong-NGUYEN LY TUONG (Friendship between two minority seniors -NGUYEN LY TUONG)
- 47. Con bup be cua me-NGO MINH HANG (Your doll-NGO MINH HANG)
- 48. Muoi ngay Ha Noi Sai Gon-DO TANG BI (Ten days trip between Hanoi and Saigon -DO TANG BI)
- 49. Ba Hoang hau cuoi cung-TON THAT AN CUU (The last queen -TON THAT AN CUU)
- 50. Tam ve so-HOANG DUONG (Lottery ticket-HOANG DUONG)
- 51. Mua xuan xin dung den -XUAN KHANH (Spring please do not come-XUAN KHANH)
- 52. Me oi con se ve-ANH VU (Mother, I will return-ANH VU)
- 53. Tho me dan vao xuan-PHAM QUOC BAO (Mother's poetry leads Spring in -PHAM QUOC BAO)
- 54. Bau cu Tong thong 2000-ETCETERA (Presidential election 2000 -ETCETTERA)
- 55. Mua xuan voi bi quyet giu hanh phuc-KATHY TRAN (Spring with secret of maintaining happiness-KATHY TRAN)
- 56. Huong xuan cu-Tho DA NHIEN (Old fragrance of Spring -Poetry by DA NHIEN)
- 57. Cac yeu nhan va tam linh huyen bi-DOAN VAN THONG (Important figures and systerious spiritual -DOAN VAN THONG)
- 58. Vai loai lich co-PHAM VAN TUAN (Some types of ancient calendars-PHAM VAN TUAN)
- 59. Mua xuan: Cam on nhung noi buon-KIEU MY DUYEN (Spring: Thanks to sadness-KIEU MY DUYEN)
- 60. Tu vi ly so-TU VI NHAN QUANG (Horoscope-TU VI NHAN QUANG)

Pub Credit Line
735Serial121518, Sanford B. Hunt IV Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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