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Van Tac Vu (Van Tac Vu ; Office of Cultural Mobilization)

Item Number: 1078Serial136641
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Office of Cultural Mobilization
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Van Tac Vu
Van Tac Vu ; Office of Cultural Mobilization


  • Existence: 1966

General Note / OCR

La thu Toa soan [Letter from the Editors]
La thu cua Trung Uong Van-Tac-Vu [Letter from the Central Office for Cultural Mobilization]
Nhat Chuong - Hung-Dao Vuong (tho) [King Hung-Dao (poem)]
Thanh-Tan - Quoc Hoi Lap Hien hay la y-nghia mot cuoc chien-thang [The Constitutional Assembly or a significant victory]
D. Cao Hoang - Le be-mac khoa huan luyen Can-bo Van-Tac-Vu toan quoc [Closing ceremony for the National Cultural Mobilization cadre training class]
Trung CanNoi long chien-sy (tho) [Boiling Blood of the Warrior (poem)]]
Thanh Phong - Benh thuong han [A Common Ailment]
Thanh Hung - Mot vo kich truoc khi dua len san khau [A Comedy before it Reaches the Stage]
Tin-tuc -- sinh-hoat noi-bo [Internal News and Activities]
Anh Phuong - Kinh-nghiem cong-tac lanh-dao cua nguoi Doan-Truong [A Group Leader's leadership experience]
Hoang Tung - Nhung ghi nhan xung quanh Khoa Huan-luyen [Notes on a Training Class]
Nguyen Phuong - Kinh-nghiem contaact deao-dien [Experience in Producing a Stage Play]
25 gio cua cac Doan Van-Tac-Vu [24 hours at the Office for Cultural Mobilization]
Tieu Muoi - Tam-su chiec ao ba ba den (tho) [Comments on a black ao ba ba (waist-length shirt for women)(poem)]
Hoai Tan - Phuong-phap tap don-ca [Method for practising a solo]
Hop thu Toa Soan [Editors' letter box]
Tieu-chuan huong-dan tai-lieu van nghe [Criterion for guidance on cultural materials]
Tran Hung Quan - Ngay tro ve (kich) [Homecoming Day (play)]
Khanh Son - Em van cho anh (Vong co). [I'm still waiting for you (nostalgic song)]
Thu Phuong - Ve day xay-dung tuong-lai (bai choi) [Come back here to build a future (inspirational)]
Sau Vui - Mot Chien Thang (work song/chantey)
Minh Vien Hao - Chan troi Dan Chu (tasn nhac) [Democracy on the horizon (new music)]
Tran Tuy - Van-Tac-Vu Ca [The Cultural Mobilization Office song

Pub Credit Line
1078Serial136641, Douglas Pike Collection (Personal Papers), The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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