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Van Dan (Van Dan)

Item Number: 1078Serial137147
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Van Dan
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Van Dan (Van Dan) - Serial

Van Dan
Van Dan


  • Existence: 23 January 1962

General Note / OCR

La Thu Dau Xuan [New Year's Letter]
Pham Dinh Tan - Editorial: Fighting Spring
H. Duy Viet - Nam Dan noi truyen ho [Talking of tigers in the year of the 3rd Earth Branch (Tiger)]
Thai Bang - Nhan ngay tet noi truyen lich [Discussing the calendar on New Year's Day]
Bui Tuan - Loi chuc dem giao thua [Greeting for New Year's Eve]
A Nam, Dong Ho, Dong Xuyen, Phan Tieu, Mac La Dinh, Tran Cong Trinh - Trang tho ngay xuan [A Page of Poems for New Year's Day]
Minh Dao - Hoi mua xuan cua Tran Son Nam cu [The Spring Fair for Old Son Nam Administrative District]
Pham Truong Thien - Nhan Vat Manh Ho trong truyen Tong Chan Cuc Hoa [The Ferocious Tiger in the story of Tong Chan Cuc Hoa]
Vi Quyen - Than Thoai: Tu Dau Cop Dam San Nguoi [Mythology: Where Did the Tiger Get the Courage to Hunt Man?]
Nguyen Xuan Tho - Xuan dang y song [Spring Raises the Meaning of Life]
Hoai Diep - Kich tho: Di lam lich su [Dramatic Poetry: Go Make History]
Phan Dinh Khiem - Ke Hoach Xam Chiem Viet Nam 360 nam truoc cua nguoi Y-Pha-Nho [Spain's Plan to Invade Vietnam 360 Years Ago]
Co Thuy Duong - Phu nu va xuan nham dan [Women and the year of the 9th Heavenly stem and 3rd Earthly branch (year of the tiger)]
Cu Ta - So tau dac biet ve tinh-tinh nam Suu cua Tao Quan Viet Nam [An Imperial Message on the Spirit of the 2nd Earthly Branch (Buffalo) from the Vietnamese Kitchen God (exact text copied from the Heavenly Broadcasting Station)]
Nam Xuan Tho - Tinh hinh sinh hoat va van minh Viet Nam vao cuoi the ky thu X [The state of life and culture in Vietnam at the end of the 10th century]
Nguyen Huu Trong - Nen co hoc o Viet Nam [Foundations of the study of antiquities in Vietnam]
Son Dien, Nguyen Viet Khanh - Tet Duoi Bong Anh Dao [Tet in the Shadow of the Cherry Tree]
Nguyen Dinh Diem - Cung Vinh Bac Binh Vuong [The Palace of Bac Binh Vuong (son of Le Thai To)]
Huynh Boi Hoang - Mot ngon but long xua van quan Thanh [A Quil Pen that Drove Away Tens of Thousands of Tang dynasty soldiers]
Thai Van Kiem - Con cop Nha Be [The Tiger of Nha Be]
Le Ngoc Tru - Chu Tet do chu Tiet chuyen ra [The word 'tet' was derived from the word 'Tiet.']
Khai Son - Phat giac bai tho ' Nguc trung ca' cua cu Phan Boi Chau [ Discovering the poem 'Singing in Prison' by Phan Boi Chau]
My Tin - Kich vui: Cop doi hoi lo [The tiger demands a bribe]
Thu Van - Truyen Ngan: Thu Tet gui em [Short Story: A Tet letter for you]
Te Xuyen - Y xuan qua tho van Tan-Da, Nguyen Binh, va ba Thuy-An [New Year's thoughts through the poems of Tan Da, Nguyen Binh, and Mrs. Thuy-an]

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1078Serial137147, Douglas Pike Collection (Personal Papers), The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

Added: 28 Jul 2003 [Updated: 29 Jul 2003]