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Tuan Bao Mo Oakland/San Francisco ()

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Tuan Bao Mo Oakland/San Francisco () - Serial

Tuan Bao Mo Oakland/San Francisco
Oakland, California
United States


  • Existence: 23 November 1996

General Note / OCR

Hoan Vu (British Broadcast Corporation) - Tinh Trang Suc Khoe cua Ong Le Duc Anh va Van De Phan Chia Quyen Luc Tai Viet Nam [The State of Le Duc Anh's Health and the Issue of Division of Power in Vietnam]
Nguyen Huynh Mai (from Hong Kong) - Anh Duoc Chan Ly Cho Nguoi Ti Nan Viet Nam [The Torch of Truth for Vietnamese Refugees]
Do Thong Minh - Nguoi Viet An Tet [Vietnamese Celebrate the Lunar New Year]
Tran Duc Quynh - luom lat khap noi [Miscellany from All Around]
Trum Bang Dang Viet Nam Tran Cuong bi Giet Tai San Francisco - Su Lien He Giua Tran Cuong, Luat Su Dennis Natali va gioi Chuc Trach Dieu Tra Lien Bang [Gang Leader Tran Cuong is killed in San Francisco - [Relationship between Tran Cuong, Lawyer Dennis Natali, and Interstate Investigative Authorities]
BA copn vung dong vinh de phong ke gioan phun hoi cay[People of the East Bay on Guard Against Spraying of Tear Gas]
Vuot Den Do tai San Francisco co the bi phat nang ne [Running red lights in San Francisco can earn stiff penalties]
Len Tieng Canh Cao Viec An Ca Cau TGai Vung Vinh [Raising the warning to people about eating fish caught in the Bay Area]
Bat Coc Lao Chu Hang thep Tong Tien Khong Xong Hai Can Pham Bi bat Nhot [Kidnappers of the aged steel mill owner are captured before they can collect the ransome.
Chay Lon Thieu Rui Cho Sun Saung Tai Oakland Thiet Hai Nua Trieu [Fire in Oakland's Sun Saung Supermarket causes half a million dollars damage]
Nguoi Me Dau Kho Dua Con Ra Phap Luat De Co The Bi An Tu Hinh [Mother Faces Pain of Turning Son overf to the Law Where He Could Face the Death Penalty]
Mot trieu Do Nu Trang Bi Cuop Ban Ngay Tai San Francisco [A Day-Light Robbery of a Million Dollars Worth of Jewelry in San Francisco]
Ong Nguyen Tai Dam dua de nghi giai tan cac co cau cua Hoi Dong Dai Bieu Cong Dong: Cac Dai Bieu Cong Dong Khong Ai Dong Y Vi Day LA mot Viec Lam Sai Nguyen Tac Du Voi Ly Do 'Ngai Cuoc Bau Cu Nhiem II Khong Thanh' [Mr. Nguyen Tai Dam suggested that the elements of the community council of representatives be disbanded: AMONGST THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE COMMUNITY, NO ONE AGREED BECAUSE THIS IS WRONG IN PRINCIPLE AND IS ONLY SUGGESTED BECAUSE 'HE IS CONCERNED THAT THE ELECTION FOR THE SECOND TERM WILL NOT SUCCEED']
A Very Short Stay in Heaven - Tragic Story of an H.O. Visa Recipient.
Nguyen Viet Khanh - Lac Hau Thoi Dai [Behind the Times]
Nguyen Viet Khanh - Con Tim va Quyen Luc [The Heart and Power]
Cac Than Nhan Muon Duoc Nghe Tieng La Het Trong Bang Value Jet 592 [Relatives Want to Hears the Sounds of Screaming and Shouting on the Valujet 592 Tape]
Giay Phut Hai Hung Truoc Khi Valujet 592 Di Vao Coi Chet [Freightful seconds before Valujet 592 passed into the realm of death]
Salinger van bao ve quan diem TWA-800 Rot Vi Trung Hoa Tien Hai Quan [Salinger holds to his view that TWA-800 was downed by a navy missile]
Phi Cong Hoi Quoc Thay Vet Sang Gan Vi Tri TWA 800 Rot [Pakistani Pilot Sees a Flash of Light Near the Place TWA 800 Went Down]
Phut giay sau cung truoc khi may bay kazak va saudi tong nhau tai an do [The last moments before the Kazak and Saudi Aircraft Collided in India.
Nhan Vien Giu So Sach Bien Thu 18 Trieu Tai Santa Clara [Bookeeper embezzles $18 Million in Santa Clara]
Tong Thong Nam Trieu Tien Vieng Tham Viet Nam Dat Ha Noi Vao The Kho Xu Doi Voi Binh Nhuong [The South Korean President's visit to Viet Nam Places Hanoi in a Difficult Position with Pyongyang]
Thiet Hai Do Tran Hoa Hoan Gay Ra Trong Duong Ham Euro Tunnel [Damage Caused by Blaze in the Euro Tunnel]
Ha Noi Bac Don Khang An Cua Le Hong Ha. Cong An Da Lat Tham Van Tieu Dao Dao Cu vew Nhung Bai Viet Duoc Dang O Hai Ngoai [Hanoi Refuses Le Hong Ha's Appeal. Dalat Security Officers Question Writer About Articles Published Abroad]
Thu Tuong CSVN Canh Cao Nhung Chinh Quyen Dia Phuong Chong Doi Viec Phan Chia Lai Nhieu Tinh [Vietnamese Communist Prime Minister Warns Local Authorities Against Opposing Subdivision of Many Provinces (Mandated by the Government)]
Tong Thong Nam Trieu Tien Ve Van Chinh Quyen Cong San Viet Nam [South Korean President Flirts with the Vietnameswe Communists in Hanoi]
Ket Qua Giai Vo Dich Nhu Dao Chau A 96 Duoc To Chuc Tai Viet Nam [Results of the 1996 Asian Judo Championships Held in Vietnam]
Viet Nam Lap Cau Truyen Hinh Voi Malaysia Nhung Khong Dam Phat Song Truc Tiep Cho Dan Chung Xem [Vietnam Establishes a Television Link with Malaysia, but Doesn't Dare to Allow Direct Transmission to the People]
Gia Gao Viet Nam Xuat Cang Thap Hon Gia Gao Thai Lan [The Price of Vietnamese Export Rice is Lower Than Thai Rice]
Giai Toa 518 Can Nha De Xay Cau Nguyen Tri Phuong [518 Houses to Be Cleared Out for Construction of the Nguyen Tri Phuong Bridge]
Mua To Lut Lon o Mien Trung Viet Nam [Heavy Rains and Major Flooding in Central Vietnam]
FBi Tai Xac Dinh May Bay TWA Bi No Khong Phai Vi Bom hay Phi Dan [The FBI Again Declared that the TWA Aircraft Explosion was Not Caused by a Bomb or an Anti-Aircraft Weapon]
Hoa Ky Thuc Giuc Trung Quoc Hay Lam Viec Voi Hao Ky De Thuc Hien Mot Ky Nguyen Hop Tac Moi [The United States Urges China to Work Wtih the US to Achieve a New Era of Cooperation]
Mot Bo Suu Tap Da Hoa Tinh Duoc Dat Mua 1,1 Trieu Dol;a ma Chu Nhan Van Khong Chiu Ban [An Offer of 1.1 Million Dollars is Made for A Collection of Mars Rocks but the Owner Refuses to Sell]
Dan Bieu Hoa Ky Bau Cac Nhan Vat Lanh Dao trong Ha Vien Moi [U.S. Congressmen Elect the Leadership for the New House of Representatives]
Hai May Bay Co Nho Dung Nhau tren Phi Dao Khien Cho 13 Nguoi Tu Nan o Gan Thanh Pho Quincy, Illinois [Two Small Aircraft Collide On the Runway Causing 13 Deaths near Quincy, Illinois]
Tong Thong Hoa Ky Xac Dinh Quan He Voi Trung Quoc la Mot Khau Then Chot Trong Chinh Sac Doi Ngoai [ U.S. President Affirms that a Relationship with China is a Crucial Step in U.S. Foreign Policy]
Chuyen Vien Go Minh Nguoi Anh Dao Thoat Khoi Tay Du Kich Khmer Do Sau 8 Thang Bi Bat Coc [British De-mining Expert Escapes from Khmer Rouge Guerillas After Being Kidnapped and Held for 8 Months]
Lan Dau Tien Nhat Ban Dong Cua Mot Ngan Hang Tin Dung [The First Time Japan has Closed a Savings Bank]
Nu Sinh Vien Nam Trieu Tien Kien Canh Sat Ve Toi Sach Nhieu Tinh Duc [South Korean Women Students Sue the Police for Sexual Harassment]
Cuop Giet Chet Mot Gia Dinh Tham Phan tai Dai Bac Dai Loan [Thieves Kill a Judge's Family in Taipei, Formosa]
Indonesia Van Khong Muon Ky Gia Ngoai Quoc Den Dong Timor [Indonesia Still Doesn't Want Foreign Journalists in East Timor]
Gioi Truyen Hinh Philippines Du Tinh Chieu Canh Hanh Quyet Tu Toi [Philippeanes Television Broadcast Circles Plan to Televise Executions Live]
Nhat Ban Tiep Tuc Vu Xu Soko Asahara trong luc Ong Nay Gia Dien Gia Khung de Lam Gian Doan Cac Phien Toa[Japan Continues with the Soko Asahara Trial While He Attempts to Fake Insanity in Order to interrupt the Court Sessions]
Mot Nha Tu Thieu Nhi Noi Loan o Phi Bac Dai Loan [Rioting in a northern Taiwan Juvenile Prison]
Doi Song Khap Noi: Ca Si Jackson Cuoi Vo Lan Thu Nhi; Phu Nu Nhat Co Thoat Khoi Thanh Tri Cua Truyen Thong Van Hoa [Life Everywhere: Singer Jackson Marries for the Second Tiem; Japanese Women Attempt to Escape the Bonds of Traditional Culture]
Phai Chang Ha Noi Muon 'Dot Chay' Duong Van Minh? [Does Hanoi Want to 'Burn' Duong Van Minh?]
Bao Maco Dang Tien Ve Dao Jamaica trong Vung Bien Caribbean [Tropical Storm Marco is Advancing toward Jamaica in the Caribbean]
Thu Goi Ban Ta: Chung No Nhay Ra Het, Toi O Lai Lam Gi? Ann Landers Ngay Cang Lam Cam. That La Dang Tiec [Letters from Our Friends: They Are Jumping Off (the ship), Why Should I Stay? Ann Landers is More Forgetfull Each Day. Truly Regrettable. ]
Doc Gium Ban: (1) Cai Can Xe Nong Bong; (2) Chang ai tin, nhung co the dung [Please Read: (1) Bumpers on sports cars; (2) No one believes, but it may be true]
Tran Ngan Tieu - Thang Mat Day [The Jerk (short story)]
Mo 16 thi Tham [Mo 16 Confidential]
FBI Truy Tam Nhieu Nu Tac Giet Nguoi Cuop Cua [The FBI is pursuing many female killers and thieves]
Trang Football [Football PAge]
So Mang Trong Tuan Tu Vi Tay Phuong [Your weekly fortune - western horoscope]
Dang Van Nham - Nhung Kham Pha Vo Cung Khung Khiep Trong Vu 'Con Quy Rau Xanh' Marc Dutroux o Bi Quoc [Disturbing Discoveries in the Case of 'Bluebeard' Marc Dutroux in Belgium]
Ban Co Biet: Dan Ong Hoa Ky va...Nu Tong Thong; Dan Chung Hoa Ky va Viec Lam [ Did You Know: American Men and...a Female President; American People and Jobs]
Phan Lac Thiep - Que Nha 40 Nam Tro Lai [Homeland - Going Back 40 Years]
Truong Son, Le Xuan Nhi - Xep Al Capone [Boss Al Capone]

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1078Serial138017, Douglas Pike Collection (Personal Papers), The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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