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Viet-Nam (Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris)

Item Number: 1078Serial143045
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Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris
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Viet-Nam (Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris) - Serial

Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris


  • Existence: 05 February 1960

General Note / OCR

-Thong Diep Cua Tong Thong Viet Nam Cong Hoa Gui Dong Bao Nhan Dip Tet Canh Ty [Letter from the President of the Republic of Vietnam to Countrymen on the Beginning of the Year of the Mouse]
-Ngo Tong Thong Sang Tham Dai Loan [President Diem Visits Taiwan]
-Nhan Dan Tinh Quang Ngai Hoi Hop Doi Viet Cong Mo Rong Che Do Trao Doi Buu Thiep [The People of Quang Ngai Mewet to Demand that the Vietnamese Communist Open Postal Channels]
-Su Nhan Xet Cua Mot Chanh Tri Gia Tunisie Ve Nuoc Viet Nam Cong Hoa [Observations of a Tunisian Politician on the Republic of Vietnam]
-Che Do Tien Te Moi Cua Viet Cong Khong Co Anh Huong Gi Den Doi Song Qua Thap Kem Cua Nhan Dan Viet Nam [The New Vietnamese Communist Monitary System Has No Effect on the Low Living Standard of the Vietnamese People]
-Phan Khang Viet Cong Lien Tuc Tang Cuong Tiem Luc Chien Tranh o Bac Viet [Protesting the Vietnamese Communists for Increasing the Potential for War in the North]
-Trao Doi Van Kien Thoa Uoc Boi Thuong Chien Tranh va Hop Tac Kinh Te Giua Nhat Ban va Viet Nam [Exchange of Notes on the Draft Agreement for War Reparations and Economic Cooperation Between Japan and Vietnam]
-Le Trao Doi Van Kien Phe Chuan Hiep Uoc Than Huu Viet-Phi [Ceremony for the Exchanging of Letters Ratifying the Vietnamese-Philippines Friendship Treaty]
-Phai Doan Dai Dien Bao Chi Viet Nam Vieng Tham Tan Gia Ba va Kuala-Lumpur [A Delegation of Vietnamese Press Representatives Visits Zanzibar and Kuala Lumpur]
Viet Nam Tham Du Cac Ho Nghi Quoc Te [Vietnam Participates in International Forums]
-Cac Chinh Khach Ngoai Quoc Toi Tham Viet Nam [Foreign Dignitaries Visit Vietnam]
-Mot Phai Doan Nghi Si Nhat Ban Toi Vieng Tham Viet Nam [A Delegation of Japanese Parliamentarians Visits Vietnam]
-Xuat Cang 318 Tan Tra Tri Gia Tren 12 Trieu Dong [Exports of 318 Tons of Tea Valued at Over 12 Million Piasters]
-Tu Thang Gieng Den Thang 11 Nam 1959 Viet Nam da Xuat Cang Tren 64.000 Tan Cao Su [From January to November 1959, Vietnam Exported Over 64,000 tons of Rubber]
-Lan Dau Tien Viet Nam Che Tao Nhung San Pham Bang Su Mau Trang Duc [The First Time Viet Nam Makes Products of White Porcelain]
-Trong Nam 1959, Thuong Cang Sai Gon da Tiep Nhan 1.723.818 Tan Hang Hoa va Xuat Khau 829.420 Tan [In 1959, Saigon Commercial Port Received 1,723,818 Tons of Cargo and Exported 829,420 Tons]
-Cac Kung Rung Ngap Nuoc o Nam Phan Moi Nam Co The Cung Cap 10.000 Tan Ca Mang [Jungle Swamplands in the South Can Produce 10,000 Tons of Pickerel Annually]
Vien Nghien Cuu Brookings Se Gui Sang Viet Nam Bon Chuyen Vien Ve Kinh Te Hoc [The Brookings Institute will Send Four Economic Specialists to Viet Nam]
-Can Bo Nghiep Doan Viet Nam Sang Tu Nghiep Tai Phi Luat Tan [Trade Union Cadres will Go for Professional Training in the Philippines]
-Dai Uy Phan Van Suong Duoc Cu Lam Hieu Truong Truong Nguoi Mu o Cho Lon [Captain Phan Huy Suong Has Been Assigned as Headmaster at the Cho Lon School for the Blind]
-Thanh Lap Hiep Hoi Chu Nhan Viet Nam [Establishment of a Management Association in Vietnam]
-902 Dong Bao Thuong Tai Pleiku Thoat Nan Mu Chu [902 Highland Minority members in Pleiku Escape the Plague of Illiteracy]
-Phai Doan Giao Duc Dai Han Ca Ngoi Truong Cong Dong Dan Dao Cua Viet Nam Cong Hoa [Korean Educational Delegation Praises the Republic of Vietnam's School of Community Guidance]
-52 Thanh Nien Duoc Phep Xuat Ngoai Du Hoc [52 Youngsters Receive Permission to Study Abroad]
-Dien Kien Nhap Hoc Vien Han Hoc Hue [Regulations for Admission to the Institute of Sinology in Hue]
-Ket Thuc Cong Tac Xay Cat va Mo Mang Van Dong Truong Cong Hoa [Concluding the Construction and Activation of the National Sports Center]
-Truong Suan Kulark o Vong Cac To Long Ham Mo Luc Si Viet Nam [The Suan Kulark School in Bangkok Expresses Admiration for Vietnamese Athletes]
-Tet Kieu Bao Tai Phap [Vietnamese Expats in France at Tet]
-Chuc tu Cua Cac Cong Nhan Viet Kieu o Phap Kinh De Ngo Tong Thong Nhan Dip Tet Nguyen Dan [Greetings to President Diem from Vietnamese Workers in France on the Occasion of the Lunar New Year]
-Tran Dong Da, Vo Cong Oanh Liet De Nhat cua Quang Trung Nguyen Hue [The Battle of Dong Da, the Most Glorious Feat of Arms of Quang Trung and Nguyen Hue]

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1078Serial143045, Douglas Pike Collection (Personal Papers), The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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