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Viet-Nam (Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris)

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The Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris
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Viet-Nam (Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris) - Serial

Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris


  • Existence: 05 April 1960

General Note / OCR

-Tong Thong Viet Nam Di Kinh Ly Cac Tinh [The President of Vietnam Goes on an Inspection Tour of the Provinces]
-Ve Vu Viet Cong Cuop Pha Trai Cui Ben San [Concerning the Viet Cong Raids on the Ben San Leper Colony]
-Dong Bao Cac Tinh Hoi Hop To Cao Hanh Dong Khat Mau Cua Viet Cong [Countrymen of the Provinces Meet to Condemn the Blood-Thirsty Actions of the Viet Cong]
-Khoi Lien Minh Xa Hoi Tai Quoc Hoi Cong Bo Mot Ban Tuyen Mon Phan Doi Viet Cong [The Social Alliance Faction in Parliament Publishes a Manifesto Protesting the Viet Cong]
-Cac Duc Giam Muc Tai Viet Nam Cong Hoa Cong Bo Mot Buc Thu Chung Len An Cong San [The Bishops of the Republic of Vietnam Publish a joint Letter Condemning the Viet Cong]
-So Phan Nhung Viet Kieu O Thai Lan Hoi Huong Ve Bac Viet [The Fate of Vietnamese Expatriates Who Repatriate to North Vietnam]
-So Sanh Phong Trao Hop Tac Xa Va Nong Tin Tai Mien Nam Tu Do Voi Chinh Sach Hop Tac Xa Cua Viet Cong O Mien Bac [Comparing the Agricultural Cooperative and Agricultural Credit Program in the Free South to the Cooperative Policy of the North Vietnamese Communists]
-Quoc Vuong Maroc Goi Dien Van Cam On Ngo Tong Thong [The King of Morocco Sends a Letter of Thanks to President Diem]
-Viet Nam Tham Du Hoi Nghi Quoc Te Ve Luat Bien [Vietnam participates in a Law of the Sea Conference]
-Chinh Phu Viet Nam Cong Hoa Va Chinh Phu Lien Bang Tay Duc Nang Toa Dai Dien Ngoai Giao Len Hang Dai Su Quan [The Republic of Vietnam and the Federal Republic of Germany Raise Their Diplomatic Relations to the Ambassadorial Level]
-Viet Nam Tham Du Hoi Nghi Cua Vien Dong Kinh Uy Hoi [Vietnam Participates in the Conference of the Far East Economic Commission]
-Hoc Hoi Dia Phuong Ve Van De Nghien Cuu Xa Hoi Va Doi Song Huong Thon Nhom Hop Tai Saigon [Local Study Groups on the Social Problems and Village Life Convene in Saigon]
-Phai Doan Viet Nam Tham Du Khoa Hop Thu Hai Cua Uy Ban Chap Hanh Quy Cuu Tro Nhi Dong Quoc Te [Vietnamese Delegation Participates in the Second Session of the International Children's Fund (sic, i.e. United Nations Childrens Fund)]
-Cac Chinh Khach Va Chuyen Vien Ngoai Quoc Toi Tham Viet Nam [Foreign Dignitaries and Specialists Visit Vietnam]
-Su Nhan Xet Cua To Bao Duc 'Deutsche Tagespost' Ve Nen Kinh Te Cua Viet Cong [Observations of the German Newspaper 'Deutsche Tagespost' on the Economy of the Viet Cong]
-Trong Thang Gieng, Quoc Gia Nong Tin Cuoc Da Cho Vay 34.683.237$20 Va Thau Hoi Duoc 24,780,010$79 [During January the National Agricultural Trust Lent 34,683,237.20 Piasters and Recovered 24, 780,010.79 Piasters]
-Mot Chuyen Vien Hai Hoc Viet Nam Nghien Cuu Ve Hai Duong Hoc Tren Tau Thi Nghiem 'Stranger' [A Vietnamese Oceanographic Specialist Studies Oceanography on Board the Research Ship Stranger]
-Khanh Thanh Nha Bao Che Roussel Viet Nam [Inaugurating the Roussel-Vietnam Pharmacy]
-Viet Nam Sap Co Mot Nha May Keo Soi Va Xet Bao Bo Soi Keenaf [Vietnam Will Have A KEENAF Jute Thread Spinning and Bag Weaving Plant]
-Tinh Hinh Ngoai Thuong Viet Nam Trong Nam 1959 Tien Trien Rat Kha Quan [In 1959 Vietnamese Foreign Trade Developed Quite Satisfactorily]
-Boi Thuong 406.994.957 Dong Cho Cac Chu Dien Co Ruong Bi Truat Huu [406,994,957 Piasters Were Paid in Compensation to Landowners Whose Land Was Confiscated]
-Tren Nua Trieu Dong Ba Di Cu Duoc Dinh Cu Vinh Vien [Over a Half-Million Refugees Received Resettlement Assistance]
-Da Co 123,444 Nong Dan Duoc Cap Ban Ruong Truat Huu Theo Du So 57 [Already 123,444 Farmers Have Received Redistributed Lands Under Provision 57]
-Dieu Tra Dac Biet Bo Lao Dong Ve Tinh Trang Cong Nhan Tai Cac Don Dien [Special Ministry of Labor Investigation of the Conditions of Laborers on the Plantations]
-Viet Dai Hoc Hue Phat Dong 2 Ngay Cong Tac 'Xay Dung Dai Hoc' [The University of Hue Starts a 2-Day Mission 'Building the University']
-Sau Nha Giao Duc Viet Nam Di Quan Sat Tai Trung Hoa Dan Quoc [Six Vietnamese Educators Observe in Nationalist China]

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1078Serial143047, Douglas Pike Collection (Personal Papers), The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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