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Viet-Nam (Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris)

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Viet-Nam (Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris) - Serial

Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris


  • Existence: 06 May 1960

General Note / OCR

-Ngo Tong Thong Di Kinh Ly Cac Tinh [President Diem Make Inspection Tour of the Provinces]
-Thanh Lap Uy Ban Van Dong Chong Van Hoa No Dich Cua Viet Cong [Establisment of an Action Committee to Resist the Viet Cong Culture of Enslavement]
-Dong Bao Vuot Tuyen Noi Chuyen Ve Tinh Hinh Bac Viet [Countrymen Who Have (Esacaped) Across the Border Talk About the Situation in North Vietnam]
-Viet Cong Bau Lai Quoc Hoi Bu Nhin Mien Bac [The Viet Cong Re-Elect the Puppet Parliament of the North]
-Phan Ung cua The Gioi Va Cua Dong Bao Quoc Noi Ve Viec Viet Cong Cuop Pha Trai Cui Ben San [World Reaction and Reaction Within the Country to the Viet Cong Raids on the Ben San Leper Colony]
-Doi Song Lao Dong Mien Bac [The Life of Northern Laborers]
-Chanh Phu Viet Nam Cong Hoa Phan 'Khang Viec Quan Doi Cambodge Chiem Dong Cac Hai Dao [The Government of the Republic of Vietnam Protests Seizure and Occupation of the Islands]
-Viet Nam Tham Du Hoi Nghi Lien Hiep Nghi Si Quoc Te [Vietnam Participates in the Congress of the International Parliamentarians Union]
-Viet Nam Tham Du Dai Hoi Y Te Quoc Te Lan Thu XIII Tai Geneve [Vietnam Participates in the 13th Session of the International Health Organization in Geneva]
-Le Ky Niem Ngay Y Te Quoc Te Da Duoc Cu Hanh Tai Do Chanh Saigon [Celebration of International Health Day Was Held at Saigon City Hall]
-Hai Dai Bieu Viet Nam Duoc Bau Vao Ban Chap Hanh Hoi Dong A Phi Ve Tay Tang [Two Vietnamese Representatives Elected to the Executive Committee of the Afro-Asian Association on Tibet]
-Mot Chuyen Vien Ve Bai Lao Cua To Chuc Y Te Quoc Te Toi Tham Viet Nam [A Specialist on Prevention of Tuberculosis from the World Health Organization Visits Vietnam]
-Thuong Thuyet Viet Phap Tai Paris [Viet-French Negotiations in France]
-Le Khai Mac Cac Uy Ban Tu Van Canh Nong [Inaugural Ceremony for the Agricultural Advisory Committees]
-Nam Duong Nhan Thay Mua Gao Viet Nam Co Loi Hon Mua Gao Cua Cac Nuoc Khac [Indonesia Recognizes that Buying Vietnamese Rice is More Profitable than Buying Rice from Other Countries]
-Xuc Tien Giao Dich Thuong Mai Giua Viet Nam Cong Hoa Va Cong Hoa A Rap Thong Nhat [Pressing forward with the Commercial Exchange between The Republic of Vietnam and The United Arab Republic]
-Thiet Lap Tai Dong Kinh Mot Phai Doan Viet Nam Phu Trach Boi Thuong Chien Tranh Nhat Ban [Establishment in Tokyo of a Vietnamese Delegation Responsible for Japanese War Reparations]
-Hien Nay, Muc San Xuat Cua Nhieu Loai Hang Noi Hoa Vuot Qua Muc Nhu Cau Trong Nuoc [At Present the Level of Production of Many Types of Home-Made Goods Has Surpassed Requirements for Internal Consumption]
-Nho Cai Cach Dien Dia Da Co Tat Ca 123.615 Ta Dien Tro Thanh Tieu Dien Chu [Thanks to Land Reforms Altogether 123,615 Tenenat Farmers Have Become Small Land Holders]
-Cac Cong Nhan Hoa Giao Goc Cham Tham Du Dai Hoi Tong Lien Doan Lao Cong [Cham Ethnic Muslim Workers Participate in the Conference of the Vietnamese General Labor Union]
-Hoat Dong Cua Vien Ung Thu Trong De Nhat Ca Tam Ca Nguyet 1960 [Activity of the Cancer Institute in the First Quarter of 1960]
-Trien Lam Ve Nguyen Tu Nang Tai Da Lat [Nuclear Power Exhibition in Dalat] -Tuyen Chon Cac My Pham Tham Du Cuoc Trien Lam Van Hoa Viet Nam Tai Hoa Ky [Chosing Art Work to be Exhibited in the Vietnamese Cultural Exhibition in the United States]
-Sinh Vien Viet Nam Tham Du Hoi Nghi Sinh Vien Quoc Te Va Chung Vien A Chau Tai Kuala Lumpur [Vietnamese College Students Participate in the International Student Conference and the Asian Seminary (sic) in Kuala Lumpur]
-Doan 'Vieux Colombier' Cong Dien Tuong 'Le Misanthrope' Cua Moliere Tai Saigon [The 'Vieux Colombier' Groups Performs Moliere's 'Le Misanthrope' in Saigon]
-Te Le Lap Ho So Xin Gia Han The Thong Hanh [Procedures for Completing an Application to Extend a Passport]
-Hoi Hop Tai Cau Lac Bo Sinh Vien [Meeting a the Student's Club]
-Hoi Phap Viet Than Huu To Chuc Tham Cac Xuong May Renault [The French-Vietnamese Friendship Society organizes a Tour of the Renault Factories]
-Nghanh Son Mai [Lacquer ware]

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1078Serial143049, Douglas Pike Collection (Personal Papers), The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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