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Viet-Nam (Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris)

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Viet-Nam (Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris) - Serial

Vietnamese Expatriate Information and Liaison Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam, Paris


  • Existence: August 1960

General Note / OCR

-Phai Doan Viet-Nam Yeu Cau Uy Hoi Quoc Te Cho Biet Nhung Bien Phap Da Tru De Cham Dut Nhung Vu Khung Bo Do Viet Cong Gay Ra [The Vietnamese Delegation Requests that the International Commission Advise Its Planned Measures to Stop Acts of Terrorism by the Viet Cong]
-Sinh Vien Vuot Tuyen To Cao Viet Cong Voi Uy Hoi Quoc Te Kiem Soat Dinh Chien [Students Who Escaped over the Border Denounce the Viet Cong before the International Control Commission]
-Cuoc Tranh Gianh Anh Huong Tai Bac Viet Giua Hai De Quoc Trung Cong Va Nga So [The Competition for Influence in Hanoi Between the Two Imperialist Powers - Communist China and the Soviet Union]
-Dong Bao Cac Tinh Hoi Hop To Cao Cac Toi Ac Cua Viet Cong [People of the Provinces Assemble to Condemn the Criminal Acts of Cruelty of the Viet Cong]
-Loi Hua Hen Cua Cua Hang Mau Dich [The Promise of the State-Owned Store]
-Cuoc Vieng Tham Cua Phai Doan Than Huu Viet-Nam Tai Maroc [The Visit of the Vietnamese Friendship Delegation to Morocco]
-Phai Bo Than Huu Viet-Nam Duoc Bao Chi Maroc Hoan Nghenh Nhiet Liet [Moroccan Journalists Warmly Praise the Vietnamese Friendship Mission]
-Mot Phai Doan Thien Chi Viet-Nam Di Vieng Tham Cong Hoa A Rap Thong Nhat, Soudan, Ethiolie Va Libye [A Vietnamese Goodwill Delegation Visits the United Arab Republic, the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Libya]
-Mot Nguoi Viet Nam Duoc Bau Lam Thong Doc Khu Vuc 330 Cua Phu Luan Hoi Quoc Te [A Vietnamese is Elected President of Region 330 of the International Rotary Club]
-Ket Qua Cuoc Khao Cuu Cua Phong Tien Che Ve Cac Loai Vat Lieu Kien Truc [Results of an Investigation by the Office of Prefabrication into Various Construction Materials]
-Tan Son Nhut Sap Co Them Mot San Bay Toi Tan Danh Cho Cac Phan Luc Co [Tan Son Nhut Due to Have an Additional Modern Airfield Reserved Specifically for Jet Aircraft]
-Trong Nam 1959 Vua Qua, Tong Chi So Gia Ban Si Tai Saigon Da Giam Bot [In 1959, The General Price Index in Saigon Decreased]
-Trong Nam 1959 So Thuong Vu Cua Nganh Lam Binh Dien Len toi 9.600.000 Dong [In 1959, the Gross Profit of Battery Manufacturers Increased to 9,000,000 Piasters]
-Tu Dau Nam Den Nay Tren 400.000 Ki Ca Goc Da Duoc xuat Cang Qua Tan Gia Ba [Since The Beginning Of This Year Over 400,000 Kilograms Of Fish Have Been Exported Via Singapore]
- So Xi Nghiep Ky Nghe Hien Nay Tai Viet Nam Da Tang Len Rat Nhieu So Voi Nam Ngoai [The Number Of Industrial Enterprises In Vietnam Today Is A Great Increase Compared With Last Year]
-trong thang 7 nha cong ky nghe da cap 737 giay phep nhap cang nguyen lieu va dung cu trang bi truc dung [In July The Public Industry Authority Has Issued 737 Permits For The Import Of Fuel And Equipment For Direct Use]
-Trong Thang 8 Nha Vien Tro Thuong Mai Da Cap Tren 17 Trieu My Kim [During August The Commerce Assistance Authority Has Issued Over U.S. $17 Million]
-Nhung Cong Tac Xa Hoi Da Thuc Hien Tai Cac Dia Diem Dinh Dien [Social Projects Completed In The Resettlement Areas]
-Be Mac Hoi Thao Hiep Hoi Nong Dan [Conclusion Of The Workshop[ Of The Agricultural Association]
-Cho Ngu Phu Ca Mau Vay 4.500.000$ Mua Luoi Soi Hoa Hoc [Letting The Fishermen Of Ca Mau Borrow 4,500,000 Piasters To Buy Nylon Nets]
-De Nhat Tham Vu Su Quan Viet Nam Tai Paris [First Counselor Of The Vietnamese Embassy In Paris Dies] -Hoa Si Vinh Tu Chime Giai Nhat Quoc Te Ve Mon Hoi Hoa Tinh Vat Trong Hai Nam Lien Tiep [Artist Vinh Tu Takes The International Prize For Still Life Painting For The Second Consecutive Year]

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1078Serial143051, Douglas Pike Collection (Personal Papers), The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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