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In Their Own Words: Vietnam

Item Number: 1350AU2323
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  • Existence: 2002

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From the packaging of In Their Own Words: Vietnam:
It was a conflict as controversial as it was calamitous, with the dubious distinction of being the first war ever fought on television. But beyond the images of battle-ravaged Vietnam lie exploits of some of the war's elite Allied mavericks, recounted here In Their Own Words. With you-are-there narration by the men who actually were, this 8-CD suite reveals the precise and riveting preparation for, and aftermath of, clandestine missions. Relive the exploits of the Tunnel Rats, those American solders, armed with nothing but a pistol and a flashlight, responsible for disarming underground booby-traps, and the Wild Weasels, an outrageous cowboy corps of pilots, initially with a 100% casualty rate, whose job was to invite enemy fire. With over six hours of personal and poignant recollection by Allied troops ranging from the horrifyingly overwhelmed combat medic, to the protagonists of the Bat 21 Rescue, the In Their Own Words: Vietnam collection is an audio treasury which brings to life a time of unprecedented valor.
CD 1: Forward Observers
CD 2: Forward Air Controllers
CD 3: The Bat 21 Rescue
CD 4: Wild Weasels
CD 5: Studies and Observations
CD 6: Snipers
CD 7: Tunnel Rats
CD 8: Medics

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1350AU2323, Richard Burks Verrone Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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