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Tâp San Nghiên Cu’u Van Su’ Dia [Tap San Nghien Cuu Van Su Dia] (Ban nghiên cu’u van su’ dia Viet Nam)

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Literature, History, Geography Research Committee
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Tâp San Nghiên Cu’u Van Su’ Dia [Tap San Nghien Cuu Van Su Dia] (Ban nghiên cu’u van su’ dia Viet Nam) - Serial

Tâp San Nghiên Cu’u Van Su’ Dia [Tap San Nghien Cuu Van Su Dia]
Ban nghiên cu’u van su’ dia Viet Nam
General Note
1954-1959 / Review of studies in literature, historique and geography


  • Existence: 01 November 1955

General Note / OCR

1. Cach mang thang Muoi voi cach mang Viet-nam--BAN NGHIEN CUU VAN SU DIA (October revolution and Vietnam's August revolution--LITERATURE, HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY RESEARCH COMMITTEE) 2. Su phat trien cua che do phong kien nuoc ta va vai tro cua Ho Quy Ly trong cuoi the ky XIV va dau the ky XV--MINH TRANH (Development of feudalism in our country and Ho Quy Ly's roles in late 14th century and early 15th century)--MINH TRANH) 3. Thu tim y nghia va gia tri 'Nhi do mai'--VAN TAN (Trying seeking the meanings and values of 'Nhi do mai'--VAN TAN) 4. Lai mot van de neu ra! -- Nhung cuoc van dong Dong du, Dong kinh nghia thuc, duy tan . . . la phong tra tu san hay tien tu san? --TRAN HUY LIEU (A brought up issue-- Are campaigns for Dong du, Dong kinh nghia thuc, duy tan... bourgeois or pre-bougeois?-- TRAN HUY LIEU) 5. Nhung van de khoa hoc cua van hoc -- V.N.P dich thuat (--Scientific issues of literature-- translation by V.N.P) 6. Cong cuoc khai thac thuoc dia cua thuc dan Phap o Viet-nam va su phat trien cua giai cap cong nhan Viet-nam--VAN TAO (French colonialist's colonial exploitation in Vietnam --VAN TAO) 7. Mot vai van de van hoc su--NGUYEN DONG CHI (Some issues about literary history --NGUYEN DONG CHI) 8. Ban gop vao van de: ' Co the liet nhung bai van yeu nuoc do nguoi VN truoc kia viet bang chu Han vao van hoc dan toc cua ta khong?--TRUONG CHINH (Discuss the issue: 'Can patriotic proses which were written in Chinese by the Vietnamese people be listed in our national literature? --TRUONG CHINH) 9. Nuoc ta co qua che do no le khong?-- NGHIEM XUAN HOE (Did our country undergo the slave owning system?-- NGHIEM XUAN HOE) 10. Hoat dong Van Su Dia (Activities of Literature. History, and Geography)

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999Serial62107, Vietnam Center Collection, The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive, Texas Tech University

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