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The VHPA Aviator (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA))

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The VHPA Aviator (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA)) - Newsletter

The VHPA Aviator
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA)
Citrus Heights, California
United States
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2005- / Earlier Title: The VHPA Newsletter (1984-2004)


  • Publication: July/August 2005

Table of Contents

TheVHPA Aviator Vietnam Helicopter Pilots AssociationJuly August 2005 Vol 23 No 41 Jack Swickard photo Eric Burdon Animals perform during first night reception at VHPA Reunion in San Francisco in July Burdon his group sang their 1960s-era hit We Gotta Get Out This Place which has become theme song VHPA Also entertaining at reunion were Las Vegas singer Susan McDonald as well as entertainment impersonators See articles about reunion Pages 13-19 Attendance at this year reunion was third largest in VHPA history trailing only Las Vegas Reunion in 2002 Washington DC Reunion in 20002005 Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association All rights reserved When joined VHPA in early 1992 attended my first reunion in Atlanta that same year had no idea 13 years later become president Association What large shoes fill ll attempt be worthy those who have served before me Thanks membership trust support San Francisco Reunion was OUTSTANDING Thanks Joe Dave all those who worked make it such great VHPA event Harbor Cruise was beyond excellent was seasick food was first class entertainment superb scenery was unbelievable fireworks were awesome It was worth every penny remember was seasick next year will find me focusing three main goals With indulgence like discuss them first these is VHPA Scholarship Fund managed us byAAAA Currently we have almost Mike Sheuerman 30 000 account with AAAA which produces enough interest at current rates fund annual 1 000 scholarship child grandchild VHPA member would like see amount deposit grow several times during next year produce several more scholarships our descendents One these days we ll all be great memory Fund keeps memory alive like idea my great granddaughter Cannon Ramey great-great-grandson receiving scholarship named after Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association years after we all gone It keeps us alive in way great side note VHPA Scholarship Fund is this Each year several our kids grandkids apply our VHPA scholarship Only one will be awarded it However several additional VHPA applicants will receive other scholarships from AAAA Here my request Donate 25 50 100 more annually VHPA Scholarship Fund Send it New member count Between June 1 July 21 2005 VHPA added 151 new members E-mail items Aviator at swickard vhpa org 2 HQ markedSCHOLARSHIP FUNDAfter all it could be great-great-great-grandchild receiving VHPA Scholarship 50 75 years from now My check will be at HQ by time read this column Newsletter now VHPA Aviator Next is VHPA Aviator our magazine Yes magazine As this reunion it no longer newsletter it magazine Jack Swickard said if he was going spend this much time as editor something he wanted be editor magazine not newsletter During next year will see more color pages better graphics extra features outstanding stories heroics unequaled daring That where members VHPA come in At Annual Business meeting asked how many pilots in attendance had written article story newsletter over last year Maybe 5 guys rose their feet was shocked We have more than 7 600 active members in this Association Each one us has at least one year average great tales tell About 958 stories each figure At least that my opinion from listening many tell epic sagas at reunions local get-togethers like Write down stories send Aviator These stories great daring funny moments friendship need be written down sent Jack at swickard vhpa org Aviator Email them please Now promise do my part ll write president column one other article each issue guys help me out write at least one article year Let give Jack so much choose from he ll get complaints not publishing article fast enough Randy Lash Gary Wayne Fearless Ritchie Madore Ziggy Carl Woodson all rest Jack counting Don let us down Remember start story withThis ain noBack in Cavlook forward reading articles finally membership We need grow VHPA we have plenty potential members grow it with almost 22 000 Through efforts Gary Roush Dana Young others we have addresses more than 48 000 pilots who were trained fly helicopters before Continued Page 3 VHPA AVIATOR ISSN 0896-3037 USPS 001- 497 is published six times yearly February April June August October December Annual dues 36 Life membership 450 Yearly subscription nonmembers is 36 Published by Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association 5530 Birdcage St Suite 200 Citrus Heights CA 95610-7698 Periodicals Publications postage paid at Citrus Heights CA additional mailing offices POSTMASTER Send address changes VHPA AVIATOR 5530 Birdcage St Suite 200 Citrus Heights CA 95610-7698 VHPA OFFICERS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN IFirrm 11Ib 1Prr rn11 STAFF 2004-2005 PRESIDENT Mike Sheuerman Continued from Page 2 VICE PRESIDENT Angelo SQelious during Vietnam War Approximately 8 000 PAST PRESIDENT Dan Ferguson these were National Guard foreign nationals did not MEMBERS AT LARGE serve in Southeast Asia during conflict Senior Member Mike Whitten If subtract nearly 2 200 us KIA Midterm Member JohnJackSalmalmost 13 000 us who have been members VHPA Junior Member Gary Roush almost 5 000 us DAT it leaves between 20 000 SECRETARY fREASURER Rich Buzen FOUNDER Larry Clark 22 000 That target Pull out directory find COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN flight school classmate stick buddy from unit in National Reunion Comm Joe Bil itzke Dave Rittman Vietnam guy flew with at Hood Campbell MembershiQ Dana Young Rucker somebody flew border with in Ge1many Records database Gary Roush Korea guy flew with in Guard Reserve Public relations Qublications Ken Fritz don care where sign him up Directory Gary Roush Editor Give him gift VHPA It 36 year less than Newsletter Jack Swickard Editor Assistant editors Ken Fritz Thomas Payne two beers month at home five beers at San FranVendor Coordinator Rich Buzen cisco Marriott those attending Reunion get this one Historical Mike Sloniker Give two three If enjoy what we have in VHPA Technology steering Charles Holley pass it Strategic Qlanning Robert Smith VHPA SUPPORT Friends give 64 memberships At San Francisco Reunion we had 64 guys who Legal advisor Wally Magathan Investment advisor Bob Potvin had never been in Association before receive memVHPA Headquarters 800 505-VHPA berships from friend in attendance Fax 916 966-87 43 sponsored Frank Shipton college classmate who flew with 7 17 in 1972 Warren Smith guy taught ELECTRONIC MAIL with at Rucker in 1973 Otis Key guy flew with VHPA Headguarters HQ vhQa org in Reserves in 1979 not asking do some- President Qresident vhQa org thing not willing do Historical chairman sloniker vhQa org In 1982 Larry Clark had idea get his flight Newsletter editor swickard vhQa org Directory editor roush vhQa org class together reunion That grew first Records Database chairman roush vhQa org VHPA reunion in 1984 Jack Jordan called me in 1992 MembershiQ chairman membershiQ VhQa org tell me about VHPA get me reunion in Atlanta Secretary treasurer richandevita earthlink net In 2000 found SSN Chuck Bagnal in set Webmaster webmaster vhQa org orders had Lt Gen Bagnal Col Bagnal me Reunion webmaster webmaster vhQareunion org had commanded 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion VHPA website www vhQa org during last half my tour in 1971-72 VHPA reunion website www vhQareunion org held him in such high esteem wanted him VHPA EC Forum www vhpa ifo involved in VHPA had someone run his SSN found out where he lived got his phone number called Aviator privacy statement told him how much appreciated his leadership almost 30 years ago told him about VHPA let him know VHPA Aviator contains member privacy infor- was giving him membership in Association This mation VHPA considers proprietary confidential year he attended Reunion with Miss Patsy his wife This information including but not limited had ball VHPA Chapter list shall not be used commercial Just like us he was 35-year-old battalion commansolicitation purposes any correspondence related der again surrounded by his 20- 25-year-old pilots thereto without prior written authorization from Next year after 14 years asking begging threatening VHPA president caring my friend Mike Harsh is coming his first Correspondence relating commercial purposes reunion in DC solicitations shall only be sent those officers commit- We make this Association grow tee chairmen staff listed above Continued Page 4 3 Writer asking help unit documents This message has do with late retired Col Howard Hostler recently deceased trust faith he placed in me It short story but need membership assist in getting me out very deep hole few years ago when was gathering information book about first year 1st Aviation Brigade formation operations in Vietnam requested any all documentation could get from friends strangers My close friendship with Howard went back many years He quickly responded by sending me two documents about units in Vietnam in which he had served with understanding that they would be returned when no longer needed tenderly placed them insecure placelater use eventual return did not read them at that time but certainly should have before placing themsomeplaceWhen time came review include their contents in script documents were nowhere be found No panic yet as vas preparing move from Vermont Arizona figured they would show up in many piles papers that would be screened weed out those no longer required still am having hard time grasping fact that they just were not there Howard pride in those unit histories was great He had planned leave them his son was very upset that had not returned them right up time his death feel terrible about whole matter What membership can do help me One units was 118th Assault Helicopter Company which Howard commanded in 1967 time frame designation other one cannot recall but believe it was gunship organization it could have been battalion squadron He certainly played significant part in their history publication he wouldn have been so proud them My plea is that anyone who has copy either Continued from Page 3 work would consider it personal favor if each would sign up one new member during my term as president Thanks in advance doing so 4 these documents contact me as soon as possible so that we can arrange reproduction them will cover all costs associated with this effort Thanks any assistance can render help me resolve this very unfortunate highly embarrassing situation Dwight Lorenz San Francisco Reunion events were all terrific CRUISE was in word Outstanding It fake paddle wheeler but he did keep pointy end first barnacle side down PERFECT weather fireworks SUPER food really really good great company every deck superb courteous no smart-asses staff VERY nicely done from bus drivers boat crew Totally professional in every respect boat driver dropped hook between Angel Island that funny-looking red bridge not so much as wisp fog Light breeze Bay only 63 knots God probably knew be aboard something If weren there missed Bobby dancing stage with band nightcaps with Ross me at 4 in my room Coca-Cola then Heather danced with me there was this one girl with glitter only never mind saw her boyfriend in lobby few hours ago told him he better wipe silly grin off his face glitter Everybody had great time My wife Linda had approved had great time with all guys gals Some guys as always preferred not attend cause theyprobably wouldn know many folks anyhowUuuuH that just plain LAME Yeah probably Let see Col Marty that guy he must have begged marry him Chris Miller Dick Sperling Marylin Bob Barbara Campos Dan Francis Bresnahan Jim Waddell Tom Caples Ron McCullough his two cousins SURE they were Ron Wink wink Continued Page 5 My personal thanks Dan Ferguson immediate past president who turned over our Association me in such excellent condition ll try not screw VHPA up promise shorter president column next time Guys contact me at president vhpa org with any comments concerns SIGNUPANEWGUY Mike Sheuerman President Continued from Page 4 uh yeah NICEcousinsRoss McCoy our own Special Forces Sgt Maj Jamie Heather Bo Davis Steve Nancy Sullivan Don Rominger MrsThunder from Down UnderAl Dottie Harinck my platoon commander from RVN Mike Young his lovely bride Bill Bodkin my New Hire Class at UA Joel Dozhier guy in Lodi who owns Hillers some FAA dudes who know even Jon Evans Wayne Nutsch sp hardworking Joe Bilitzke BobbyZKen Marcia Fritz more My sincere apolo- 4 gies any missedNab guys who stayed home wouldn KNOW anybody probably just be treated as outcast something Yep AM trying lay GUILT TRIP BUTTHEADS Like Patrick John McC Jon Evans Git OFF yer rears It later think We ll be there next year better be there Al Fink Life Member VHPA Class 67-17 67-19 195th AHC 1968-69 KIA family members thank VHPA officers behalf myself Family Contacts Committee Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network other KIA family members whom met shared meal conversation memory room with wish thank VHPA its hardworking reunion committee Executive Council providing another outstanding reunion all-volunteer Family Contacts Committee FCC chaired by VHPA Member Gary Thewlis 213th ASHCBlack Catshas been in existence since 1997 currently has 10 committee members Friends family Vietnam helicopter casualties become aware our efforts through our website www VirtualWall org contacts through VHPA VHCMA unit organizations through word mouth FCC is grateful have been provided space in vendors room collect information from number helicopter veterans who expressed willingness offer greatest gift that family member one our fallen can ever receive gift information treasured memories their loved one Ten veterans filled outCasualty Point Contactform indicating that they would be resource would like help finding family their deceased stick buddies flight school classmates number instant connections also were made during reunion when veterans who came our table 5 Veterans meet in Mexico years after Tet experience This has been long time coming It usually startsThere was in Mekong inverted in my AH-lG Air Medals hanging in my faceWell not so was in quiet little fishing village in Mexico drove my RV campground late at night In morning there was rickety Winnebago parked next me went fish market buy shrimp barbecue That night met my neighbors man his wife He spoke with very hoarse gravelly voice Over several cervesas we got know each other He was river rat PBRs around Can Tho where was stationed We recounted our war stories it seemed me there were some similarities Lo behold we were in same firefight in time Tet offensive 1968 He said meI will never forget that gunship that drove off enemy fire it was Satan 19That was my call sign remember night it was night had vertigo so bad will never forget All our friends not always VHPA members CWS Greg Smith Retired Class 67-11 Fort Worth TXexpressing interest in finding family members KIA were able learn immediately that family had already been in touch with our committee In some special moments that no one could plan if they tried other connections were made One sister KIA attending her first reunion expressed desire meet VHPA member who would have known her brother whose name she saw Morning Report only have that veteran come up introduce himself small group she was talking with in lobby simply because he saw some them wearing Cav Another VHPA member came up our FCC table while was standing there asked our FCC chair Gary Thewlis what had ever happened sister one his classmates who had been killed someone named Julie Kink who had been seeking info her brother some years back With great pleasure smiled saidChris right hereIn my experience more reunions come this was my ninth more these miraclescoincidenceoccur believe our brothers who watching over all us from above must be at least partly responsible OurKIA Family BreakfastJuly 4 was attended by Continued Page 6 Continued from Page 5 three KIA sisters one KIA wife our FCC chair three veterans two wives who just wanted be there support us As we went around table introduced ourselves similarities our losses became apparent Each us KIA family members bore pain our losses with certain kind lonely stoicism brought by fact that in those days no one often not even our other family members really wanted talk about Vietnam have told many mynew brothersthat if veterans came home from war put Vietnam shelf so did we family members We usually lacked complete information about circumstances our loved one ser l- 5 vice hjs death knew no way find answers should we be ready face them With help VHPA other organizations that have so warmly welcomed us think after some 35 years which is beginning change Finally veterans able talk about Vietnam good not so good parts there so many us who want hear memories stories through miracle connections we all starting find each other One things that me drove home love that veterans have families fallen brothers was fund that was collected quite spur moment cover cost KIA Family Breakfast had arranged breakfast not as official VHPA-scheduled event but as informal pay-as-you-go get together Veterans pay KIA Family Breakfast Through spontaneous effort three four veterans who passedhatduring July 3 cabaret gathering those who gave very generously our second annual KIA Family Breakfast was paid we have sufficient funds similar breakfast perhaps with brief KIA family gathering at Vietnam Veterans Memorial other informal commemoration be held next year during 2006 VHPA reunion in Washington DC will be drafting proposal submitting it Executive Council suggest we work together determine how these funds can be administered held in trust next year breakfast feel it important maintain KIA Family Breakfast small informal flavor as simply chance us KIA families veterans who support us meet share experiences while perhaps being event roster It mjght become additional incentive individual members unit organizations invite those KIA family members who might benefit from knowledge that there others walking same path In hjs last letter home my brother wroteYou re never 6 alone missionhave taken his words heart over past nine years Even at age 19 as FNG with just month in country he knew what he was talking aboutnew brotherswho have so readily shared their memories story our common bonds with me with other family members keep driving that point home There really no words thank those who support us welcome us with words deeds such tight hugs That said feel very strongly that organizations like VHPA YOURS not ours am still as concerned as was nine years ago about not wanting make anyone uncomfortable by presence Gold family member Please know that we will nevertake overreunion We will always be just handful always grateful be welcomed observe what is will always remain camaraderie remain extremely grateful support shown us extremely proud my fellow family members who brave decades same fears had come reunion look forward next year when we will again find our own small niche in large lifelong brotherhood We love all Julie Kink Sister WO David Kink Troop 1 9th CAV KIA 8 3 1969 VHPA Honorary Member No 3 Member VHFCN Family Contacts Committee Reunion camaraderie not limited pilots During reunion at about 3 Sunday morning my wife Susan got violently ill spent most next four hours in bathroom By 7 it was very clear she needed medical help My first thought was take her hospital emergency room but decided going downtown San Francisco emergency room during weekend was not going be pretty sight She would fall way below gunshot wounds rapes bloody accidents called Marriott front desk asked about doctor They had one call connected me with him in less than five minutes He said bring her my office at 9 30 Remember this is Sunday morning Now had dilemma VHPA business meeting was at 10 was running office so really needed be there Based phone conversation with doctor it appeared there was good possibility that Susan had food poisoning which is not life threatening providing she did not get critically dehydrated picked up phone called Dianna Law Mike Law wife asked her if she would take Susan her doctor appointment Dianna immediate response wasabsolutelyWhat angel Continued Page 7 Continued from Page 6 she is but Mike already knows that With Dianna help Susan made it doctor made it business meeting Camaraderie is not just us pilots our families share it Food poisoning was diagnosis probably from food she ate at open-air market Saturday UnfortunatelySusan spent next three days in bed missed neady all reunion Thanks Dianna friendship help Gary Roush Junior member at large roush vhpa org Vietnam pilots support unit in IraqI would like continue thankIntruderstheir outstanding support Pegasus those that It no secret that there uncertainty in today economy That why now-more than ever-the advice Financial Advisor can be important part wealth management strategy That why want us team Employing total wealth management approach our Financial Advisors provide customized investment strategies that designed help investors accumulate preserve transfer heir wea lth We view it as all-encompassing approach investment financial lifetaking account asset liability needs With wealth management services built consultative process our Financial Advisors work with understand specific needs provide customized solutions complimentary consultation ca ll Robert Potvin Account Vice PresidentStingray White 2523 1-995-7000 517-332-2878 800-235-9031 robert potvin ubs com 202 East State Street Suite 300 Traverse City Ml 49684 www ubs com fa robertpotvin UBS Financial Services Inc C2005 UBS Financial Services Inc All Rights Reserved Member SIPC UBS 7 missed my last letter Intruders group fine combat aviation veterans who served bravely in Vietnam with 28lst Assault Helicopter Company They continue correspond reunite with one another this day have volunteered support our troop throughout deployment date they have arranged through various caring communities churches schools their own ranks donate packages have them sent usprogram that first sergeant coinedOperation Pega Support These packages normally distributed soldiers who normally do not get much mail They have also started send birthday care packages It takes most guys by surprise get birthday package from someone they don know but can assure that they always excited at generosity one occasion some our fellow aviators from Nomad Troop were forced stay overnight here due aircraft maintenance problem Due our stock toiletries other necessities we were able help them get com- Continued Page 8 igs th igSPrecious Metal Men MettleFINE JEWELRY battle tested HELICOPTER PILOTS www ringswithwings com blueghost22 sbcglobal net Continued from Page 7 fortable night This would not have been possible without these gifts Intruders thanks againCapt Michael Rush Commander Troop 4 3 ACR FOB Sykes EDITOR NOTE Capt Michael Rush is son Jay Joyce Rush Jay served as pilot with 281st AHC in Vietnam Combat aviators live in very small worldPINK PANTHERShave Suite at VHPA Reunion every year We ve done so since 1998 in Fort Worth This year something amazing came 4 light Bill Capehart Panther 45 11 67-4 69 is regular He his wifeCindy NEVER miss Reunion Jack Sova Panther 4 4 70-12 70 his wife Lynda attended Reunion first time in San Francisco Now here where it gets good two couples don know each other Bill Cindy have son Scott who is captain in Army He like his old man is combat helicopter pilot He commanded OH-58D company from 82nd in Iraq first met him at Nashville Reunion Good young soldier As was talking with Sovas found out they also have son Matt who also is captain in Army He like his old man is combat aviator He was S-3 OH- 58D battalion in Iraq Sounds like outstanding young Do have DFC 1s FLYING CROSS SOCIETY 4442 Vandever Ave SAN DIEGO CA 92120-3322 Tel 866 332-6332 Fax 619 269-6378 Visit our Website www dfcsociety org 8 man It turns out Scott Matt close friends Neither ever mentioned other that his dad was helicopter pilot in Vietnam much less that he flew in 361stPINK PANTHERSfathers flew in same unit in combat sons flew in same unit in combat It stuff like this that makes VHPA reunions so great goal is have both fathers sons in Stickitt Inn at DC Reunion Mike Sheuerman Panther 15 5 71-4172 Stickitt Inn Officer Reunion episodes show how world has changed Things have changed lot since we came home from Vietnam Being from Southwest was always treated with respect as veteran Vietnam War but heard stories fellow veterans being abused when they returned home San Francisco figured prominently in many these stories When told friends VHPA was holding its annual reunion in San Francisco several them asked meWhyNow know During this year reunion my wife our friends Kimzeys were walking through downtown San Francisco wearing our VHPA name tags Two young men had been walking behind us about block When we stopped at traffic light young men came abreast usWhat does VHPA stand forone them asked Reed Kimzey answeredVietnam Helicopter Pilots AssociationBoth men walked over us stuck out their hands saidThanks what didRichard Yood CAS Gladiator 21 Continued Page 9A Rare Medium Well DonePh 850-222-7755 Fax 820-222-2266 Tallahassee Florida info thepromodeli com www thepromodeli com Unit insignia Company Logo anything We have Caps Shirts Pens Pencils Ring Binders Coffee Mugs Gifts Golf Items Clocks Flags Bmmers Decals License Plates Coins Medallions Plaques Knives Trophies Key Tags Glassware Ribbons Badges Food Electronics many other items from more than 15 000 types products available Continued from Page 8 also heard story two San Francisco police officers who came California Northern Chapter MOC Mobile Officers Club that was parked in alley behind Marriott Hotel reunion headquarters While visiting with VHPA members at MOC policemen volunteered that during their police briefing they were toldThese guys heroes Take good care themJack Swickard Turnout low at Branson welcome home event welcome home Vietnam veterans in Branson just finished last week number vets in town was really low They originally projected more than 100 000 but they were lucky get 15 000 one thing that seemed turn Vietnam veterans away was cost finale It was originally 100 but was lowered 79 95 termwhy should we pay be Pilot in Iraq 35 years after tour in Vietnam just got firmerget out Dodge datefrom Iraq was reading May June issue VHPA Newsletter Scheduled depart Kuwait in mid-October realized that arrived in Vietnam about mid-October 1970 Thirty-five years between bookend tours obviously isn first but it is noteworthy wonder how many others there may be Mike StevensBanshee 40B 2117 1971 117 AHC 1970Moonshine 3TN TRP 4 278 2004-05 TNARNG recognized we got spit freewas predominant when event first started but that changed as week went It did become week healing camaraderie enjoyed it one way dreaded it another way names Wall kept it solemn but there was one interesting happening all us in 361 st headquarters event was at Grand Palace there were vendors ets everywhere was wearing Continued Page 10 By John Simpson Ten Months in Iran God Wants Me Kill is account developments that took ptace in Iran prior 1978 collapse government book provides detailed descriptions civil political conditions that led fall Shah government subsequent period anarchy Through his first-hand experience author provides accurate description radical Shiite Muslim customs practices in Iran author opinions descriptions religious political events that took place insightful He worked Bell Helicopter in Isfahan Iran as cobra testpilot story begins with viv id account his final trip through city Isfahan amidst gunfights between soldiers rioters his return home author was stunned learn that many people he knew had been executed by cleric dictator Ayatollah Khomeini ISBN 0-9755099-0-X author was cobra pilot in Vietnam is member Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assoc Fl01ida 9 Ten Months in Iran is available from BamesandNoble com 5 95 signed copy still only 5 95 order directly from publisher at http www rubricpublications com Continued from Page 9 my 361st shirt was walking across parking lot main entrance when this guy yelled outPink Panthers were with 361stHe got closer jumped up hugged me cried few minutes without saying anythingIf it wasn guys me my whole platoon would be dead Thank thank thank youdidn even get his name unit but it happened in April 1970 Wow makes feel like 361st made difference in lot lives with this guy unit was dumbstruck say much other than re welcome Thought would pass that one John Simpers Panther 35 1970 361stACE Pink Panthers Learning friend death only downside 2005 VHPA Reunion in San Francisco was excellent only downside can think was learning from Jim DeWitt that Dick Marshall had passed away was really having good time during 7 17th Cav Mini-Reunion when someone mentioned Dick name Jim looked at me saidYou do know that Dick passed awayOuch didn know that Richard Marshall died Wednesday Aug 20 2003 at his home in Pawleys Island SC He was 71 He is survived by sons David San Francisco Richard Pawleys Island daughter Virginia Later Jim sent me email quoting details from longer article that appeared in Sun News August 24 2003 edition Dick wife had passed year two prior this Dick went through flight school in classes 61-3 62-10 During his first tour he flew with 1 9th Cav in 1st Cav Division in 1965 Maj Dick Marshall then S-3 7 17th Cav right with Maj WilliamBruceWilder S-1 7 17 center Maj Jerry Ledford commanding officer cn111 Cav about December 1968 at Camp Enari near Pleiku 10 1966 He finished that tour as staff officer in USARV in 1966 When first met Dick about September 1968 his second tour recall hiswar storiesfrom those days as USARV staff officer He was still new in job was assigned be liaison officer some other unit that needed moreash trashhelicopter support Dick was put spot in meeting made some sort soft commitment effectWell we have lots helicopters see that this has high priority so we will have look itDick would go about how his name his endorsement assigning additional resources this task wastalk command meetingsdays after that He finally went his boss asked what should be done bring closure thisspotlightsituation If remember story correctly Dick boss told him tell begging unit he had denied their request punch line was Dick comment that he thought it was more dangerous being staff officer in Long Binh than flying combat Bullwhip Squadron When Dick told me this war story was his Assistant S-3 was primary liaison officerbetween 7 17th Cav 4thInfantry Division Anyway Dick taught me well Whenever 4th staff came up with some brilliant idea make certain understood what they wanted would ALWAYS sayI ll bring this command group get back youworked Dick about 4 5 months He was easy respect he taught this young trooper ton After Dick first six months as S-3 in 7 17th Cav in 1968 early 1969 he commanded Troop rest that tour can honestly say ve talked dozens dozens Troopers have yet meet anyone who didn like respect working Dick As can see in this photo Dick may have been small in stature but almost everyone that knew him he was GIANT man Dick joined VHPA in 1992 attended several reunions remember this older gentleman was really upset with me during 2002 Las Vegas Reunion This was his first reunion he hadn met anyone he knew in Vietnam Dick were chatting when this older gentleman came up lit me again third time this subject saidDick want meet whatever his name was He went flight school little before did Dick but bet two guys have lots talk aboutDick shook hands with man saidLet go have beerTwo days later older gentleman came up with big smile his face thanked me VHPA because Dick was now his newest best friend Thanks Dick all taught us God be with til we meet again Mike Law Michael Torrance Antonelli Michael Torrance Antonelli 56 died May 14 in Modesto CA He was born May 17 1948 in Tampa FL had been resident Modesto past 15 years device Bronze Medal OLC Army Commendation Medal OLC Meritorious Service Medal OLC Barfield joined VHPA in 2000 attended several reunions was registered San Francisco He was good guy solid commander Those who served with John remembered him at San Francisco Reunion will do so at all future gatherings Mike Sheuerman Antonelli was member Flight School classes 68 361st ACE AWCPink Panthers 48 68-523 He served as Army Cobra gunship pilot with 7 1 CAV at Vinh Long Vietnam in 1969-70 His Earl WayneAndyCapps Jr call sign wasDutchmaster 34Earl WayneAndyCapps Jr 54 died Aug 1 in his After completing his military service Lewisburg KY home heart attack Antonelli completed BS degree at San Jose He was member Flight School classes 69-27 State University 69-31 served in Vietnam from April 1970-71 with He worked as EMS helicopter pilot Company 158th Assault Helicopter Battalion lOlst Airfor Medi-Flight Northern California 15 iiiiili11 borne Division at Camp Evans years most recently PHI Air Medical Capps took part in extraction Firebase Ripcord Columbia CA Lam Son 719 son Air Force Lt David Miklas Antonel- He was recipient Bronze Medal li his mother Helen Marsh Vacaville CA Distinguished Flying Cross two Distinguished brother Tony Antonelli Davis CA sur- Service Crosses vive him Capps was president Kipp Transportation John Richard Barfield Retired Lt Col John Richard Barfield Tacoma WA died June 11 after hard-fought battle with lung cancer He was born Dec 26 1938 in Atlanta GA graduated from Georgia State University Boston University During college he completed ROTC was commissioned in Army He graduated in Flight School class 67-6 completed two tours as helicopter pilot in Vietnam commanding 361st Aerial Weapons CompanyPink Panthersfrom December 1971 May 1972 his second tour Subsequent Vietnam he was stationed in Germany as finance officer There he met married his wife Sheena Upon retirement from service He was Kentucky Colonel member VFW American Legion Ghostriders Association Vietnam Helicopter Pilots sociation He is survived by his wife Eva Capps two sons EarlAndyWayne Capps III Versailles Dwight Capps both Florence SC grandson Eli Wayne Capps Versailles KYPaluel Flagg Paluel Flagg 60 East Granby CT died Dec 14 as result accident He was born March 23 1944 in East Granby Flagg was member Flight School classes 68-505 68-3 He served as Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam with 282nd Assault Helicopter Company in 1968- 69 His call sign wasAlleycat 9Flagg retired in 1996 as colonel in Connecticut National Guard During Operation Desert Storm he commanded 1009th AVCRAD in Kuwait Barfield went work Boeing in Tacoma He He was recipient Bronze Medal retired again in 2001 spend more time with Sheena his second love fishing Qi -1 Connecticut Medal Valor His wife his son Andrew sister Faye two brothers Barry Paul Barfield survive him John was good soldier outstanding commander who let his people do their jobs fine combat aviator who took his turn flying missions but let others more qualified experienced lead them He was fun-loving guy who enjoyed camaraderie those he served with kept success his unit those under his command his utmost concern His awards decorations include Air Medal 11 Grover Flowers Grover Flowers 62 Englewood CA died at his home June 21 cancer He was member Blue Hat Class 66-23 at Fort Wolters graduated with Class 67-1 at Fort Rucker Flowers flew helicopters with 227th Aviation Battalion 1st Cavalry Division in 1967-1968 He his son Jim attended VHPA reunion in Orlando had super time with his classmates unit Continued Page 12 in Kansas City last two years in Washington DC at USDA Headquarters He was very proud his service his country be Vietnam veteran helicopter pilot He loved gar- Continued from Page 11 dening playing pool riding his Heritage Springer comrades Shortly thereafter he was diagnosed with Harley-Davidson motorcycle fought valiantly against cancer Besides being member VHPA 7117 Flowers was recipient Bronze Medal Ruthless Riders he was member First United Air Medal with 17 OLCs Methodist Church Independence MO Harley He was born Aug 3 1942 in Punta Gorda FL Owner Group Air Capital Carnival Glass Assoand was lifelong resident Englewood ciation area His wife Julie 36 years son wife Flowers is survived by his wife Linda Smithville MO daughter husband Rolla MO Englewood son Jim Flowers Scotts- iili four granddaughters survive him boro AL two daughters Erin Barks Rock 11iilll Hill SC Kristi Alexander Englewood IE Frank Miller seven grandchildren -1L Oli Gary Hilding Gary Hilding 56 Lansing KS died cancer May 20 in Fairfax VA He was born July 24 1948 at Fort Leavenworth KS He graduated from Leavenworth High School in 1966 Hilding enlisted in Army in 1969 was commissioned officer in June 1970 at Fort Sill OK He graduated from Army flight training at Fort Rucker as member class 71-8 After graduation Hilding was assigned Troop 7 17 Cav in Vietnam flying combat assault medevac missions He spent next three years in West Germany serving as 41st Field Artillery Group airfield commander commander 2 5 Field Artillery Hilding earned BS in economics from Washburn University at Topeka KS in 1976 Master Degree from University Missouri in 1984 He worked in civil service next 30 years spending two years at Social Security Administration 28 years at Department Agriculture Farm Service Agency He was highly respected ll throughout nation as expert in human resources Hilding worked majority his civil service career Retired CW3 Frank Miller 68 Clinton AR 1 died May 5 lung cancer He was member Flight School class 69 34 133 Miller served two tours in Vietnam first in 1966-67 with 2 32 ARTY second in 1970-71 with 159 ASHB 101 ABN near DMZ He served as travel director Special Military Active Retired Travel Club past 5 years He planned led caravans across United States Miller was past president Lodge 104 W He is survived by his mother Ruby Miller Clinton Ark daughters Deborah Corbett Enterprise AL Katherine Dutton Austin TX son Frank Miller Gainesville MO 5 grandchildren Harry Norton Harry Norton 64 died at his Haines City FL home Oct 26 heart failure He had suffered from lung cancer since October 2001 Norton was member Flight School Classes WOFWAC 66-5 RWQC67-4 He served two tours in Vietnam first in 1967-68 with 3 5 CAY 9th Infantry Division 1 10 CAY 4th Infantry Division at Bearcat Pleiku His second tour in 1969-70 was with 156th Aviation Company at Can Tho He retired from Army in 1979 as CW3 Norton is survived by his wife Glenda Haines City three sons Ryan Scott Mark Norton all Florida Plan attend Reunion 2006 in Washington DC 12 Officers report state VHPA ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING JULY 3 2005 MARIOTT HOTEL SAN FRANCISCO CA Dana Young called meeting order at 10 10 Executive Council members present Dana Young past president Dan Ferguson president Mike Sheuerman vice president Angelo Spelios senior member at large Mike Whitten mid term member at large Jack Salm junior member at large Rich Buzen secretary treasurer Dave Rittman reunion co-chairman gave invocation led members in Pledge Allegiance Randy Baumgartner from Turner Publications gave members information regarding personalized history books available through Turner He also presented VHPA with check 878 24 representing VHPA share from calendar sales President Dan Ferguson gaveState VHPAmembers He reported organization is healthy Full Color 2028limited edition print CH-47 specify model 89 standard 100 customized with unit markings choice Joe Kline Aviation Art 6420 Hastings Place Gilroy CA 95020 408-842-6979 klinejd569 aol com 13 Rich Buzen secretary treasurer called vote approve minutes from Dallas Reunion motion passed Marcia Fritz whose firm provides VHPA with management services discussed work done at head quarters how head- 2 2 quarters was functioning She also commented that 2004 2005 headquarters staff operations were excellent better smoother than ever Dave Ljung from Gilbert Associates VHPA auditors gave positive report about Association finances Ljung com ments indicated our ratios with respect life members funding veryhealthyBuzen followed Ljung presentation with review Financial Statement Statement Activities organization vote accept financial statement as presented was called seconded approved Continued Page 14Wings HonorPilots Awards Plaque beautiful 166 band carved set pilot wings Mounted 2012Cherry plaque with cork backing ready bang in one den office Complete as shown including engraving pilot name rank dates service tours duty beautiful addition one den office great retirement gift PRICE 375 00 Shipping Included Greenboard Enterprises 172 Malone NY 12953 518 483-6272 ss572dbfllt aol com www greenboardsir com Members OK amendments Continued from Page 13 idea changing newsletter magazine calling Wally Magathan VHPA legal advisor gave review it VHPA Aviator membership by voice vote legal issues organization has been dealing with gave their overwhelming approval change There big issue regarding lawsuit out Kansas is done was also discussion ways membership can help VHPA is clear improve content VHPA Aviator 2 2 0 any wrongdoing This case Jack Salm junior member at large then called is done candidates junior member at large vice president Information discuss their qualifications office proposed amendment Ballots were passed out both offices separate balregarding membership was lots members elected Gary Roush junior member passed out along with vot- at large Angelo Spelios vice president ing slips This change Rittman gave San Francisco reunion budget which addressed line cur- overview summarized by describing budget as rently missing in our target He also discussed some aspects Washington bylaws that is required DC Reunion be approved by Depart-Forrest Snyder reported VHPA scholarship ment Defense receive fund number types scholarships that have aircraft by VHPA This sentence spells out require- been presented He indicated that each 30 000 we have ment that all members be honorably discharged retired generates annual 1 000 scholarship VHPA child currently serving in military qualify as members descendant VHPA member vote was called seconded approved by writ- Gary Roush discussed status Membership ten ballot vote Directory Photo Website need additional second amendment that addresses some changes in photographs Gary discussed how reach him election officers requirements candidates format needed pictures He was particularly interested office was dis- in class photos from cussed Ballots were our days in training passed out vote Gary also discussed was called seconded Database Committee by written ballot progress passed FoxPro upgrade Dana Young past Buzen discussed president member- Vendor Room ship chairman gave highlighted pres- Membership Commit- ence VA Vet tee report net Center booth in growth organiza- 1 vendor area tion in 2004 He also Ferguson introdiscussed some direct duced Mike Sheuerman1Dave Rittman photo mai initiatives under- President Mike Sheuerman left receives plaque listing previous as next pr side taken in 2005 that were VHPA presidents from Dan Ferguson outgoing president at Final VHPA Mike d1sdesigned help Banquet cussed goals increase membership priorities VHPA Bob th dB1 in 2005 They included focus growing memberffil vm presen ana ysis investments currently held by VHPA accounts ip mcreased tention scholarship fund were profitable growing with majority improved operational system he dquarters investments fixed income instruments There is small There was call any old busmess any new busiportion total portfolio that is growth equity orient- ness then ny ques t10ns coi iunents There were ed which has performed well during past 12 months few non-specific ques 10ns regardmg some We have not lost any money in 2004 2005 changes all questions ere ans ered investment Buzen called motion adjourn which was Editor Jack Swickard discussed status VHPA Newsletter He suggested with EC approval 14 made seconded approved by voice vote meeting was adjourned at 12 17 Continued Page 15 Jun 8 2005 9 22 am Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assn Statements Activities 12 Months 12 Months Ended Dec 04 Ended Dec 03 Vmiance Fav Unf Var Revenues Gains Membership-Renewal Membership-New Membership-Life Membership-Subscriber Directory Income Calendar Income Historical Ref Vol II Inc VHPA History Vol Income Newsletter Advertising Income Vietnam Helicopter History CD Reunion Income Decal Income Donation Income Donation Income Scholarship Donation Paid-Scholarship AAAA Donation Membership Fund Donation General Fund Donation Vietnam War Museum Donation Paid Vietnam War Muse Product Order Postage Handling Miscellaneous Income Reunion Refunds Reunion Ticket Refund Interest Income Change in FMV Investments TOT AL Revenues Gains Program Service Expenses Calendar Expense Helicopter History CD Expense Reunion Expense Reunion Meeting Planner Decal Expense Product Order Postage Handling TOT AL Program Service Expenses Net After Program Service Expenses Supporting Services Bank Charges Service Charges Paine Webber Copying Printing Expense Software Directory Expense HAI EAA 4NS Expense Insurance Expense Legal Professional Services Life Member Gift Shirt Expense 169 150 39 10 200 00 63 469 00 360 00 1 364 00 1 044 58 230 00 0 00 3 155 00 2 525 00 413 973 99 883 00 214 00 2 598 00 121 00 894 00 957 28 3 200 00 4 115 00 240 00 197 00 21 539 00 635 00 25 312 47 2 607 64 678 435 35 1 659 80 1 960 00 234 457 52 12 614 40 1 201 54 1 415 00 253 308 26 425 127 09 10 698 69 1 759 48 693 41 360 95 67 307 68 932 63 15 558 20 14 263 23 1 041 02 15 190 675 50 11 064 00 54 742 00 462 00 1 802 00 1 198 97 185 00 5 00 6 206 00 1 960 00 338 950 12 755 00 0 00 5 204 00 5 104 00 909 00 1 096 00 1 195 00 0 00 1 546 00 28 00 20 773 00 0 00 26 132 76 22 886 01 641 125 36 581 74 2 000 00 294 488 47 11 714 00 1 152 60 1 003 00 310 939 81 330 185 55 10 599 33 3 098 41 1 603 50 2 204 99 63 533 80 285 54 4 370 85 33 565 29 2 243 25 21 525 11 -11 3 864 00 -7 8 8 727 00 15 9 102 00 -22 1 43 8 00 -24 3 154 39 -12 9 45 00 24 3 5 00 -100 0 3 051 00 -49 2 565 00 28 8 75 023 87 22 1 128 00 17 0 214 00 2 606 00 -50 1 4 983 00 97 6 15 00 -1 7 138 72 -12 7 2 005 00 167 8 4 115 00 306 00 -19 8 169 00 603 6 766 00 -3 7 635 00 820 29 -3 1 20 278 37 -88 6 37 309 99 5 8 078 06 -185 3 40 00 2 0 60 030 95 20 4 900 40 -7 7 48 94 -4 2 412 00 -41 1 57 631 55 18 5 94 941 54 28 8 99 36 -0 9 1 338 93 43 2 910 09 56 8 1 844 04 83 6 3 773 88 -5 9 647 09 -226 6 1 187 35 -256 0 19 302 06 57 5 1 202 23 53 6 Continued Page 16 Management Fee Expense 137 860 00 136 462 00 1 398 00 -1 0 Miscellaneous Expense 0 00 4 00 4 00 100 0 Newsletter Postage Handling 13 886 17 11 464 03 2 422 14 -21 1 Newsletter Printing Expense 1 855 39 1 360 94 494 45 -36 3 Office Expense 7 316 70 5 012 59 2 304 11 -46 0 Outside Services 740 00 67 60 672 40 -994 7 Postage Expense-General 8 022 80 9 607 04 1 584 24 16 5 Promotion Expense-Membership 6 994 06 20 468 48 13 474 42 65 8 Storage 2 019 50 576 00 1 443 50 -250 6 Telephone Expense 3 819 33 4 584 34 765 01 16 7 Filing Fees 73 00 40 00 33 00 -82 5 Cash Over Short 1 36 0 00 1 36 TOTAL Supporting Services 295 203 60 311 151 98 15 948 38 5 1 Net After Program Support Services 129 923 49 19 033 57 110 889 92 582 6 INCREASE DECREASE IN NET ASSETS 129 923 49 19 033 57 110 889 92 582 6 Includes 1500 moving expense ofVHPA productsupplies Dallas Reunion Thanks helping save money Hey guys do read Aviator comply with requests Somewhere between 300 500 VHPA lanyards from past reunions were returned during San Francisco Reunion At 2 25 each that potential savings Association between 600 1 100 Not bad not bad at all Personally saw quite few members headed pick up their registration packets with lanyard from past reunion around their necks several extras in their hands Reunion Committee Executive Council would like thank all those who remembered bring in their extra lanyards re-use at future reunions Mike Sheuerman President Invest 61 in VHPA Just 61 year two years that all ask 61 year 2005 2006 Sign up new guy 36 contribute 25 VHPA Scholarship Fund each year next two years Just think if every current member did this where VHPA would be If done today based 7 509 current members we have as end June we have more than 15 000 dues-cmTent members close 210 000 deposit with AAAA that would generate seven 1 000 scholarships VHPA descendents If all those current next year at end June contributed 61 all eligible Vietnam helicopter pilots about 30 000 guys would be current VHPA would have more than 400 000 deposit with AAAA gener- 16 ating 14 scholarships annually our descendants After second year no need contribute any more unless want keep giving VHPA Scholarship Fund that is Mike Sheuerman President Membership Directory deadline Aug 15 is deadline changes corrections additions 2005 Membership Directory Please send information Gary Roush at roush vhpa org HQ vhpa org use form at www vhpa orglinfolvhpaform html theme this year directory is non-Army helicopter units history information pertaining USMC Air Force Navy Air America South Vietnamese etc If have information pictures from any these topics please send them Mike Law at law vhpa org Gary Roush Directory Editor Congratulations Bill Ringer Marriott Hotel Corp has donated complimentary four-night room at each our reunions next five years Similar last year upon arrival in San Francisco we provided each reunion member attendee sheet paper provide his name along with few survey questions return it registration prior final night banquet This year drawing done stage in front membership just prior dinner at banquet was pulled by Kaycee Cowan part two-piece band that provided our dinner music that night winner was Bill Ringer Santa Barbara CA who let us know later that evening he will be in Washington DC next year Ringer is second president VHPA serving from February-October 1985 Success San Francisco Reunion memorable event JOE BILITZKE DAVE RITTMAN NATIONAL REUNION COMMITTEE Whew Now THAT was reunion All whoattended 22nd Reunion in San Francisco will have agree it was very memorable National Reunion Committee is still sorting through survey sheets submitted At first glance it appears everyone had very good time Needless say music was loud in ballroom dancers spilled over from dance floor carpet Sunday all cun-ent members were invited participate in annual business meeting Master ceremonies Dana Young presided over meeting His abilitykeep things movingkept things moving All committees including financial committee briefed membership will see complete financial report elsewhere in this issue Aviator Needless say we remain in great financial shape despite downturns many financial sectors Cabaret Night was provided at no charge all who attended reunion Ente1tainment impersonators included Charles Aretha Franklin Blues Brothers These Bay cruise took top spot favorite activities We were blessed with most extraordinary weather 4th July Although weather Bay was cool little windy fog stayed away That allowed spectacular view San Francisco skyline barges containing firing points multiple synchronized colorful fireworks display were all quality acts brought in Dave Rittman photo from Las Vegas their talent Las Vegas entertainer Susan McDonald leads singing new VHPA theme song she wrote rrumicked real thrng AllWe were treated seemingly unlimited food buffet every deck San Francisco Belle From roast beef baked salmon grand dessert assortment no one went away hungry burn off all those calories we had great dance band two decks disc jockey spinningoldiesN bottom deck views were great as we sailed San Francisco Bay drank 2 50 beers danced away evening first was added reunion this year First-timers were given orientation reunion agenda introduced entire Executive Council reunion staff special greeting from founder Larry Clark They had opportunity meet othernewbiesask questions during brief get-together Following this quick trip across hall they were in first event reunion Welcome Reception Our first evening reception featured originals Eric Burdon Animals Their opening number also was original they presented our first theme song We ve Gotta Get Out This Place Eric did non-stop set with encore 17 three acts teamed up asRay Charlessang America Closing eyes swear it really was Ray Charles highlight evening was presentation new VHPA theme song Susan McDonald our talented entertainer from previous reunions wrote lyrics sang song dedicated VHPA using music made popular by Village People singing YMCA Each pilot was presented CD song at final banquet Maybe future edition Aviator can can-y lyrics Continued Page 18 Dave Rittman photo San Francisco Belle is lit up after returning from dinner cruise San Francisco Bay night July 4th Tourney Alcatraz big hits Continued from Page 17 new VHPA THEME SONG beat all attendance records reunion committee is already deep planning another outstanding reunion Make plans attend See next year Monday 4th allowed various daytime activities before sold-out Bay cruise Mike Whitten did great job organizing annual golf tournament All had great time playing in glorious Marin County weather As grand prize member BobBobby ZZajonc arranged helicopter flight from golf course over flying San Wow can believe great time we had Francisco landing near our hotel Fourth July While some played golf others had opportunity First we played golf at great course where we all visit home somehad our share personal America most notorious criminals VHPA was able purchase block tickets exclusive use our members so boat trip former federal penitentiary at Alcatraz was offered two separate days accommodate all those who wished see island fireworks then we went out Bay see really great fire -works display that only San Francisco can do But first golf We met in lobby at 6 looking coffee wondering why we in keep doing this every year so early after great show night before Cause we love abuse ourselves that why After 45-minute ride we arrived at our Jack Swickard photo destination Stone Tree Final Banquet was offered Tuesday evening opened with traditional posting colors tribute Missing Man This has always been very moving event small covered table set James DeWitt Jackson AL tries out cell at former federal lf Af peni en 1 ary Al catraz 1s 1a nd Franci co Bay DeWi was ourse ter getone many VHPA members who toured island during tmg some chow VHPA reunion more coffee some one was subject many photographs all evening Former President Dan Ferguson recognized outgoing incoming members Executive Council He welcomed newly elected Junior Member at Large Gary Roush Vice President Angelo Spelios our new presi- No ANN AL dent Mike Sheuerman Following presentations banquet Dave Martin House Party entertained us 12-piece band played songs fromour eraothers as well With three hours non-stop music those who were able hang closed reunion with another All in all this reunion ranked as third largest in attendance behind Las Vegas 2002 Washington 2000 plus this year VHPA registered 130 firsttime pilot attendees We re returning Washington next year hope 18 spicy tomato drink we took course try bring it its knees After long 5-plus hours we all crawled in with skinned knees Final score Stone Tree 10 us 3 From what golfers told me it was one best courses they have ever played turf conditions were excellent conditions were perfect this was first tournament that was not over 90 degrees 90 percent relative humidity What made this great day were sponsors who donated their time money make tournament success great big thank Bob Zajonc who got in touch with Mike Phillips Southbay Helicopter Services Inc who donated helicopter that was flown by Mike Ray Murphy all three VHPA members helicopter picked up Jim Barger Al Flory Roy Lamb Tun Gist at golf course gave them ride they will not forget Another big thank goes Bill Mathews Ellis Brooks Chevrolet Cadillac Pontiac Buick GMC Continued Page 19 key Increasing VHPA membership everybody business DANAM YOUNG MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN During past few years we VHPA have done everything we can identify locate all eligible members results that effort evident by increased size Membership Directory accuracy contact information When we identified located potential members we sent letters about VHPA who what we encouraged them check out website join Some responded some already had moved since our latestgoodaddress others must have put letter in round file VHPA part membership equation will continue Address updates will be made member status changes will be noted membership information will be sent those that request it VHPA takes multiple approaches There several other parts membership equation that continue annual basis try encourage more potential members join We maintain presence at AAAA HAI conventions we support our members when they want man booth at local events we try various membership drives results When compared other organizations acceptable when compared our expectations underwhelming We not just another organization we expect more We select group that can never be replicated We VHPA What next Those who attended San Francisco Reunion saw one approach Members encouraged other members sponsor someone who had not joined Successful Yes More than 60 new members Another success is increase in units that hold mini-reunions encourage those who were unit members join attend Members join various reasons Those us who members do it our own individual reasons Some satisfied with magazine Membership Directory others ability attend reunions reconnect with those with whom they served more than 20 years ago No membership drive will ever be able target every potential member individual expectation from VHPA that would make him join once member remain member only way we can connect individuals is through individuals most impo1iant part membership equation is Somewhere in latest VHPA Membership Directory is name someone have wanted contactbut just have not got around it can make difference between someone who thinks about joining someone who joins person who joins might be next one who taps shoulder at Washington Reunion saysDon know youMake time take time help us grow Supporters generous with tourney prizes Continued from Page 18 donating Chevy Silverado hole-in-one prize three other prizes hole-in-one other par three Bell Agusta came through again with some great prizes help make our blind drawings success Earl Thompson Windsor Vineyards donated case premium red wines sure has been consumed by now Elaine Bell Caters allowed permission Moylan Brewery Restaurant donate three kegs two cases award-winning micro-brew beer our pleasure at lunch Also StoneTree Golf Club gave all who played wanted buy anything in golf shop 15 percent discount 19 Mairiott Hotels also sponsored hole would be remiss if didn also give big thank our regular member sponsors Mecca Club West Sacramento Western Truck School George Larson Associates Hunter Associates Panthers Bob Potvin California Chapter North also donated great prizes We could not have golf tournament we have without our sponsors but we can always use more If anyone in organization owns his own company knows anyone in position write check support our tournament it is tax-deductible will be put good use supporting VHPA golf tournaments at our annual reunion Please contact me Mike Whitten Golf chairman Sign up Members pay VHPA dues their buddies GARY ROUSH JUNIOR MEMBER AT LARGE Mike Sheuerman implemented great idea at San Francisco Reunion signing up buddy It was our first major effort get members buy memberships their buddies It was very successful with 64 buddies signed up Larry Clark founder VHPA blew everyone away by signing up 21 his classmates from Class 65- 3W Larry signed up Ronald Wilkerson Willis Stuckey Bert Steele Harold Spatz Jr Stephen Sink Richard Sciolto William Schulmerich John Schmidt III Hebern Roller James Plante James Nunn John Mullins Kenneth Jacobsen Duke Holdcroft William Haynes Ronnie Griggs John Ferguson Chester Duncan John Dill Floyd Clifton George Burden Sheuerman who is VHPA president also is setting example by recruiting members his unit in Vietnam 361 ACE WC Thanks his efforts every member his unit is current member past member VHPA many those were at reunion in San Francisco Not stopping there Mike signed up three more at this reunion Warren Smith Frank Shipton Otis Key Continuing set example Angelo Spelios our new vice president future president signed up Stan Rieck Seb Gagliardo Wade Huddleston Lund Marshall McFarlin 20 Garrison Hansen Ronald Radcliffe signed up Rick Ferguson John Fosdick III signed up Larry Fasthouse David Saunders signed up Rodney Schmidt Patrice Cooper signed up Joseph Maurer William Willing Steven Lund signed up Benjamin Lawrence Williams Stanley Wiley signed up James Wilkerson Woodson Mcfarlin Jr signed lip Michael McCourt Robert Scurzi Sylvanous Robertson signed up Robertson III Charles Stauft signed up Wayne Potts Peter Karczewski David Hansen signed up Kenneth George Jeffrey Anderson signed up Christopher Maggio Joseph Pape Patrick Staeheli signed up Samuel Feola Ralph Mullens signed up Leroy Gould David Kime signed up Rodney Moon Forrest Snyder Jr signed up Gary Shaw Robert Schoen signed up Kenneth Polak James Spiers signed up John Losure Jr Joseph Mongogna Ronald Marshall signed up George Zuvela David Avey Thomas Johnson signed up George Giles Steve Farrier Paul Redhead signed up Robert Paul Blumm Paul Williams Ronald Garrison signed up Clarence Powell Wayne Lavender Roger Lange signed up Paul Tache Horacio Sanchez Richard Muirhead signed up Raymond Evans Charles Michael Fiedler signed up John Schweizer Continued Page 21 Early days Pilot training began with basic at Fort Dix NJ JACK SALM Flight School most assuming were warrant officers meant boot camp flight training at Fort Wolters TX later at Fort Rucker AL Last year at Dallas Reunion our trip Fort Wolters found was one few in group who had never been there Way back in 1952 was classified lA with Draft Board Rather than be drafted opted enlist My first choice was Air Force wanted fly So filled out all paperwork mountain it took all aptitudetests was prepared depart Lackland Air Force Base TX Upon review my application it was discovered was married had been two weeks fact had not concealed but it disqualified me from becoming air cadet Well bid adieu Air Force walked across street enlisted in Army had illusions being assigned Signal Corps Sign up since had background in radio television No such luck slick-sleeved private wearingCoke bottleglasses saidInfantry UnassignedthoughtOh crap going get my ass shot off in KoreaMy first stop was Fort Dix NJ Infantry basic Very charming experience in heat humidity Jersey summer Sand sweat absolute misery Halfway through basic guy comes up me asksYoung man would like go OCSsaidSure what thatOfficer Candidate Schoolhe replied figured if go OCS become second lieutenant would probably increase my longevity in combat in Korea by couple hours Young lieutenants were not known being around long Anything would be better than going Korea asgruntwould it Fort Benning GA irreverently referred asBenning School Boysis home InfantryQueen BattleFollow Meall that hype Continued Page 22 Members pay VHPA dues their buddies Miller Redhead Saunders Continued from Page 20 Robert Hilgerson JJus tinMiller signed up John Webb Jr signed up John Dailey It was really great watching excitement several guys as they returned my table after talking some these new guys phone This is what VHPA is all about rekindling old friendships Pick up our Membership Directory select one two guys would like reestablish contact with sign them up will not regret it Spiers Staeheli 21 Early days Air Force pilots trained new Army flight officers Continued from Page 21 reported in 21st OC Company class was No 53 it was 1953 so we were 53-53 Initially there were about 250 us We were housed in refurbished World War II barracks about 80 each barracks Our numbers began dwindle immediately People would just disappear One day they would be there next day they were gone It was long haul there were times didn think make it but good fortune shone upon me 21 weeks later 130 original 250 graduated brand newbutter barsecond lieutenants opted take Airborne qualification course after additional eight weeks misery was assigned 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg NC was further assigned 505th Regiment as ATM AntiTank Mines platoon leader Talk about not clue What was supposed do Mysteriously things fell place but not without constant attention platoon NCOs With their able assistance was able get it together even excel Well that might be stretch After three years several assignments later opportunity opened go Flight School absolutely jumped at chance Students train at Gary AF Base next stop was Gary Air Force Base at San Marcos TX We were designated Class 56-4 there were approximately 120 us mostly first second lieutenants few captains two Japanese majors We were split two sections those under 6 feet those over 6 feet Those under 6 feet were assigned Piper Cub those over 6 feet L-19 OV-1 fling-wing jocks L-19 is great little airplane It is fun fly after learn how do it Flying is flying but flying fixed-wing aircraft is different from flying helicopter Actually helicopter is more difficult fly Most helicopter pilots have not flown fixed-wing aircraft many fixed-wing pilots have not flown helicopters just found that me helicopter is more challenging Anyway we would spend half day flying half in ground school This schedule would alternate weekly basis Ground school consisted same subjects taught in all aviation schools fixed- rotary-wing aerodynamics navigation map reading radio procedures weather etc We had Air Force pilots as instructors this day 22 haven been able figure out how jet jock could be assigned such duty Whose mess kit did he in When sit in back seat L-19 Piper Cub IP has no forward vision He can only see out sides He has big mass in front him student pilot that he can see through IPs took lives in hands daily felt they took their lives in their hands everyday flying with us However must say we didn kill anyone so someone was doing something right surely not students at least not this student day came when my instructor reached end his patience He gave me challengeIf can land this thing ll let solowas so determined succeed couldn have pried my hands off stick with crowbar It was whiteknuckle time thoughtI going land this suckerDown we came kept aircraft lined up centerline within pylons perfect landing Three bounces later with aircraft in completely different direction instructor yelledI VE GOT ITwas devastated felt this was end my fledgling flying career He consoled me by saying it was not disaster felt it was He gave me additional five hours instruction during those five hours light came Somehow these few hours made difference between making it not making it day reckoning had arrived He was putting me up solo He had more confidence in me than had in myself was told take off do basic maneuvers coordinated turns climbs descents end it with spin do spin without IP in backseat would be real ballbuster Salm had mental block about spinsMy instructor had taught me all there was it was assume nose-high attitude kick in pedal aircraft would fall off spin would fly itself out without me doing anything was supposed fly it out spin but if did nothing aircraft would recover some reason there was mental block here was not at all sure that could do this Sounds simple but it is not took off first thing noticed was that empty seat in back was truly my own Man it sure was quiet muddled through flight even did spin after Continued Page 23 Early days Rucker had just been designated fort in 1956 Continued from Page 22 several attempts came around actually managed land aircraft without crashing reported my instructor He asked meWhat were all those nose-up nosedown gyrationsHe knew full well that was yours truly attempting muster up courage do spin So had managed solo GREAT DAY rest my time at San Marcos went off without any major glitches Graduation was March 8 1956 this time around there were 86 original 125 who graduated Fort Rucker Advanced Training Fort Rucker AL Army Aviation Center in 1956 had just recently removed from Camp Rucker status It was former infantry post left over from World War II there were no aviation facilities there other than fixed-wing airport that wasn even base Base housing There was NONE There was not much in surrounding area Daleville Enterprise Ozark Salm wife lived in converted garage After reporting training my wife found converted garage in Enterprise live in Advance Flight Training was actually more same what we had done at San Marcos but it got gradually more difficult Depending mood IP who by way were all older civilian pilots with beau coup flying hours we would leave base airfield Ozark Army Airfield later Cairns Army Airfield go out stage field shoot couple touch-and-goes If all went well we might then move some confined area landings takeoffs Initially these were not difficult had had utmost respect Air Force IPs at San Marcos but as confined areas got smaller smaller my respect guy in back seat soared astronomical proportions could not imagine how he could tell whether we were going make in out qf some those postage stamp areas with high trees all around when didn feel at all confident could see what was going As said they were all older had been around long time so they were not about let some butt hole in front seat crash their airplane days when all was humming smoothly we might go cross country Dothan Montgomery stop have lunch breakfast come back base field Flying was fun As became more familiar with 23 airplane my flying ability improved looked forward flight part schedule We still had requisite ground classes after all was said done we graduated This time around we graduated all 86 who had come from San Marcos was now real Army Aviator New pilot in field constantly After Fort Rucker lOlst at Fort Campbell was almost replay 82nd Fort Bragg biggest difference was that was flying not leading troops through rain mud lOlst was being tested under new Pentomic Division concept We were in field all time weather was terrible Rain rain more rain After almost year this received orders go back Mother Rucker attend helicopterQcourse There were many different kinds combinationsQcourses Mine was H-13 H-34 thoughtHow hard can this bealready had several hundred hours fixed-wing time This will be snap first day reported flight line at old Southport Heliport where Aviation Museum is located today My initial assignment was just try hold aircraft steady didn even start it IP started it all had do was keep it over pad This can be that hard thought but it was kept aircraft over about five acres over spot forget it Gradually developed feel aircraft before long it became fun fly Once H-13 was mastered it was H-34 This was lot more aircraft think most difficult maneuver was autorotation In H-13 when flared out at bottom autorotation had full range vision In H-34 when flare out in nose-high attitude all can see is sky have pay particular attention fact aircraft descends in level attitude after tail wheel touches ground it doesn fall off either side Very hairy Pilot finally assigned Korea After graduation it was back lOlst Then 1958 dawned received orders Korea My worst fears being assigned Korea as ground-pounder were unfounded Korean War was long over was fixed- rotary-wing rated aviator There is more than one way skin cat My last flight was in UH-1Hueywhile assigned Arizona National Guard as aviation advisor As any aviator will attest REALLY MISS IT VIETNAM HELICOPTER PILOTS ASSOCIATION 5530 Birdcage St Suite 200 Citrus Heights CA 95610-7698 800 505-VHPA voice 916 966-8743 fax HQ vhpa org e-mail www vhpa org website Membership application change address New application Membership dues Address change Directory correction Annual 36 Three years 90 Life 450 Aviator subscription only Annual 36 Three years 90 Add as my contribution Membership Fund Scholarship Fund NAME DATE BIRTH ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP HOME PHONE WORK PHONE E-MAIL ADDRESS OCCUPATION Please charge my MasterCardNisa credit card Enclosed is check money order payable VHPA Add 15 current Membership Directory plus 5 postage handling Credit card No Expiration date SIGNATURE FLIGHT SCHOOL CLASS SERVICE BRANCH COMBAT FLIGHT HOURS SOCIAL SECURITY NO Information about each Vietnam tour Date tour Unit Location Call sign From 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Information about Helicopters flown medals awards talents hobbies anything else How did learn about Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Referred by Was membership gift From whom NOTE Life mem Jersl7i os may be ourcl7ased 17 tl7ree Ji-mofl 17 oaymeflts 150 eac

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