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The VHPA Aviator (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA))

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The VHPA Aviator (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA)) - Newsletter

The VHPA Aviator
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA)
Citrus Heights, California
United States
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2005- / Earlier Title: The VHPA Newsletter


  • Publication: January/February 2010

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REUNION: Tis is the reunion you've been waiting for!

LETTERS: Neither Rain~nor snow~nor bullets FROM Thomas H. Nadeau To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM Paul Hart Paul FROM David Adams To the members of the VHPA FROM Chuck Carlock Hello David FROM Leo (Doc) Flory I think I can add a small postscript FROM Lionel Shrago Seeking the owner of a lost Class ring FROM Linda Tuck Dear Editor FROM Ron Garrison Sir: FROM Reg Harris Attention: pilots who flew the Central Highlands FROM John Everhart We learn more about last issue's found on post huey FROM John Harris More on the unidentified Cav Guidon at Fort Irwin FROM William T. (Tom) Clary Seeking photos for book and video FROM Jim Fulbrook General Brady needs help FROM General Brady The Kobb-Etchells effect Looking for... Photos and videos BY Jim Fulbrook Chief WOPA BY Dan Grigsby

FEATURES: Story of a Warrior BY Tara Dixon Engel Doing the right thing pays your Heart Dividends BY Paul E. Bartlett Soldiers missing in actoin from Vietnam War are identified Liz's story BY Liz Rick Downed pilots endure 30 minutes of intensity before rescue BY Thomas Mills Dinner at the Cattleman's BY Howard D. Horton Where eagles dared: Focke and Flettner's WWII German helicopters BY Ken McElroy We return to the Battle of An Loc BY R.D. Toms, Jr.

REPORTS: Museum donation to VHPA Scholarship fund BY Edward T. Luttenberger The VHPA needs a few good men BY Moon Mullins Heads up members BY Jim Fulbrook UH-1 retirement ceremony at Ft. Meyers Army Aviation Assiociation of America hosts ceremony BY Michael J. Wheeler I should have never let Dusty go on that crappy little mission by himselfBY David Adams VHPA members Veteran's Day 2009 BY Gary Roush Remarks at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library BY Gary Roush Attention VHPA members ~ now is the time BY Mike Sheuerman Scholarship awarded

CHAPTER ACTIVITIES: Fort Wolters Chapter BY Pat Richardson VHPA of Florida Chapter BY Jim Basta Rocky Mountain Chapter BY Gary Hurrelle Souther California Chapter BY Tom Crosby North Carolina CHapter BY JD Lawson South Missouri BY John Sorensen Georgia Chapter BY "Skip" Bell Montana Chapter BY Todd Brandoff San Antonio Chapter BY Jon Osborn Washington State Chapter BY Frank Jones

TAPS: Alfredo Coy - Billy J. Slusher - Byron Ernest Penny - David (Dusty) Rhodes - Gary Eugene Pidock - George Wilson Derrick - Howard M. Moore - James H. Brahney - James Howard (Lucky) Edwards - John Hodnett - Larry Carmichael - Lee Kohl - Lloyd Dennis Lessor - Michael A. Martin - Michael Wayne Haley - Orville Elmer Bilhofner - Ray L. Chase - Vincent Joseph LeDuc - Willard M. Will Bennett, Jr. - William "Bill" Robert Menucci - William Harold "Bill" Miller - William Gregg Stegemann- Michael J. Novosel, Jr. - Dennis R. Freeman - Richard Eugene Warren

BOOK REVIEWS: Distant War BY John Penny Centaurs in Vietnam BY John Penny

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