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The VHPA Aviator (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA))

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The VHPA Aviator (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA)) - Newsletter

The VHPA Aviator
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA)
Citrus Heights, California
United States
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2005- / Earlier Title: The VHPA Newsletter (1984-2004)


  • Publication: January/February 2017

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LETTERS: From the VHPA staff at hq FROM Sherry Rodgers From the President FROM John Shafer Looking for surviving pilot FROM Jack Taber I'm looking for information FROM David Dunlap Long story short FROM Orrin M. Israel Ketucky Aviation Museum seeks information on AH-1 FROM Carl Hallen Looking for input from 161 AHC pilots (14th Aviation Battalion, 17th Combat Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade FROM Tim Gallant Hi I hope one or more of your members can help me regarding UH-1 #65-96281 FROM Frank Dear Tom FROM Mike Perrot Looking for: insignia signage FROM Jim Godfrey Tom Kirk FROM John Dexheimer Hitchhiking on hueys FROM Jack Johnstone Rotor heads can paddle too! FROM Jim Crigler Dear Mr. Kirk FROM James "Sneaky" White Jr. Special flight FROM Wayne Trucke Aviator content FROM Tom Kirk Donations FROM Gary Roush

FEATURES: Have you considered running for the executive counsil of the VHPA? BY Art Price Peace garden approved for historic Khe Sanh Vietnam Combat Base BY Colby Williamson Combat Sar Reflections on a Christmas that was long ago in a land that was far away BY Ed McKee

REUNION: Welcome to the 34th Reunion of the VHPA BY Mike Law Getting there and other details BY Mike Law Quilter's show and tell BY Kathleen Sherfey VHPA memorial service BY Art Price Reunion info Official schedule of events

VHPA CHAPTER ACTIVITIES: Alamo Chapter BY Chuck Oualline Georgia Chapter BY Bob Lanzotti Washington Chapter BY David Saunders Alaska Chapter BY Lynn Kile California Chapter North BY Dave Anderson Florida Chapter BY Dr. Joe Ponds Michigan Chapter BY Richard Deer North Alabama Chapter BY Ralph Weber Old Dominion Chapter BY Don Agren The Rocky Mountain Chapter and the Helicopter War Museum (HWM) BY Dale House South Missouri Chapter BY John Wilkinson So Cal Chapter BY Sven Akesson Upper Midwest Chapter BY Richard Anderson Utah Chapter BY Doug Drury

TAPS: Eldon K. Ball - John A. Carrigan - Hilbert H. Chole - Floyd M. Clifton - Harold R. Fisher - John W. Fust Jr. - Orlando E. Gonzales - Roy L. Henley - John A. Hrubik - John E. Hurley - Leroy E. Jones Jr. - Jack J. King - William C. Kruckemeyer - Steven T. Leask - Francis J Lebda - George C. Martin - Warren H. Mercer - William T. Owen - Robert A. Price - John D. Redmon - Wayne G. Resemius - Patrick Roths - Donald B. Skipper - Richard D. Stone - James H. Chappell - Gary K. Dowler - Gerald Fraioli - Edward L. Horton - John N. Komich - Joseph Pinard - James L. Shanahan - Leigh R. Sprowls - Quincy D. Sittingdown - Rex A. Zachary

BOOK REVIEWS: Tears Across the Mekonng BY John Penny They Called it Naked fanny: Helicopter Rescue Missions During the Early Years of the Vietnam War BY John Penny Vietnam War U.S. Army Helicopter Names Volume 2, Second Edition BY John Penny

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