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The VHPA Aviator (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA))

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The VHPA Aviator (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA)) - Newsletter

The VHPA Aviator
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA)
Citrus Heights, California
United States
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2005- / Earlier Title: The VHPA Newsletter


  • Publication: March/April 2012

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FEATURES: Membership in VHPA is Growing BY Mike Sheuerman AAAA Scholarship Applications Are Due 1 May BY Mike Sheuerman Restoring Helicopters and Memories BY Steve Davis The Night Hawk Story - "Night Fighter" Old Girlfriend or Hand Salute to a Vietnam Vet BY Mike Law, Bill Robie Old Dog Flies Real Mission BY Ray Murphy The Rub BY Doug Gandy Welcome to the VHPA! Another Day Might Never Come BY Ned Crimmin The Distant Beat of the Blades BY Anna Sabree Help Us Get Our Huey Gunship Flying Again BY Phil Marshall 92nd Assualt Helicopter Company Reunion BY Jim Koch Two Special Thanksgivings BY Bob Hesselbein The $430.00 Chocolate Cake BY David Adams

LETTERS: Looking For - Rescue Aircrew form battle of 9 March 1968 FROM Harley Mick Hawkins To the Membership of the VHPA FROM Ken Camp To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM John Grow To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM Joe D. Rasnick To the President of the VHPA and reprinted here for the membership FROM Steve Sabree Concerning your donation in honor of Gary Guerrero FROM Mike Law Looking For - Stories of being an Escort Officer in Vietnam FROM Jim Crigler Looking For - Flight Class Phot of Bill Whitright, Flight Class 68-16 FROM Sara Whitright Looking For - Vietnam Veterans who attended Bishop DuBourg High School in St. Louis, Missouri FROM Gary Myerscough Looking For - the family of Captain Neal M. Turner FROM Paul N. Williams Looking For - former members of D/229in Vietnam FROM Marc Grimm Looking FOr - Fire Fly Mission Vets from the early 70's FROM Thomas Morrissey

REUNION: New Orleans is Back From Katrina better than ever! BY Gary Roush The Big Easy Insider BY Victor Lent Do your part - Take a Leadership Role in the VHPA BY Clyde Romero Gold Star Family Breakfast: An Opportunity to Remember the Fallen Togeth BY Julie Kink From the Reunion Chairman BY Gary Roush Official Schedule of Events - The 29th Annual Reunion of the VHPA Upcoming Reunions

TAPS: Bruce L. Gillaspie Sr. - Charles "Skip" Champion - David Alan Roblyer - David M. Spurgeon - Donald Keith Beauvais - Earl Gilbert Reubel - Fransisco Basaldua - Gary D. Busch - Gary Henry Guerrero - Harold R. "Hal" Manns - Harry F. Reed - Harry T. Pellett Jr. - James David Rand - James H. "Jay" Dixon - Jerome (Jerry) Maitland Boyle - Joe B. Thurston - John W. Hammett Sr. - Kenneth E. Drake - Larry Richard Kolar - Larry Kent Kerbs - Lousi J. Oddone - Mark J. Locatelli - Michael V. Baker - Noel L. "Mike" Hammer - Oscar Nolan "Pete" Peterson - Peter Tuttle Smith - Randall "Randy" Lynn Lasater - Robert Gene Dawson - Robert R. "Bob" Taylor - Robert Paul Metcalf - Robert "Bobby" Cassem - Robert B. Runyan - Robert E. (Bob) McKelvey - Shelton R. Foles - Walter H. Huth - Walter H. "Mac" McLendon - Walter "Russ" Miller Jr. - Warran V. Wandel - Norman P. Jacobs - Eric Lee Holsinger

CHAPTER ACTIVITIES: Northern California chapter BY Ken Fritz Washington State chapter BY Mark Hansen Rocky Mountain chapter BY Phil Lanphier Fort Wolters chapter BY Mike Sheuerman Old Dominion (Virginia) chapter BY J.T. (Tom) Severin Georgia chapter BY Bill McRae Southern California chapter BY Sven Akesson Alamo chapter BY Bob Dillon VHPA of Florida chapter BY Tom Tomlinson Fort Rucker chapter BY Roscoe Souders North Alabama chapter BY Jim White South Missouri chapter BY Russ Emory Southern California chapter BY Sven Akesson

BOOK REVIEWS: Adventures in Nam BY John Penny Deadly Deception BY John Penny Honorable Intentions BY John Penny Returning Fire: In the Beginning BY John Penny

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