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The VHPA Aviator (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA))

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The VHPA Aviator
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA)
Citrus Heights, California
United States
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2005- / Earlier Title: The VHPA Newsletter


  • Publication: January/February 2014

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FEATURES: Meet Cecelia Cancellare..... The VHPA Welcomes Member #16000 BY Mike Sheuerman Moon's One-Dime-A-Day Idea Paying Off BY Mike Sheuerman America's tradition of service: Mike King BY Terry Garlock How I Spent My Christmas Of 1968 BY Doug E. Moore VHPA Member Floyd Littlefield sent us scans of five postcards that he bought at Fort Rucker while he was in flight training and he has saved all these years.. BY Floyd Littlefield View From Above Master Modeler BY Jim Kurtz Voice of America News Press Release BY Ann Mills-Griffiths The Rescue of Lt Ron Ball from North Vietnam BY Bill Terry, George Aitcheson In My Mind, A Great War Story BY Mike Sheuerman Welcome to the VHPA! Former Members of the 15th Medical Battalion have a Reunion with one of their old friends BY Larry Hatch Class Blast - WORWAC Flight School Class 66-23 and 67-1 meet again BY Tom Pearcy Vietnam from the eyes of a child..... BY Margo Phipps Meyers

REUNIONS: Welcome to the 31st Reunion of the VHPA! BY Mike Law Official Schedule of Events Getting There and Getting Around Inside the Hotel Scheduled Reunion Activities Outside the Hotel Scheduled Reunion Activities Shuttle Bus Service Plans and Details Soliciting Candidates BY Mike Sheuerman Upcoming Reunions

LETTERS: Looking For anyone knowing story of 1st Lt. William H. Hanson, KIA, 12 Sep 1968 FROM Mitch Surman Looking for anyone who might have known my father Author Machado FROM Robin Friday Looking For anyone familiar with the late Army Aviator CW2 Don J. Finn FROM Dorcey A. Wingo Looking For Chad S. Haig FROM Sharon Kressin Looking for anyone who might have information on my brother Harry Bruce Appleby FROM Paul Mark Appleby Looking For... Spiderman FROM Clyde Lewandowski Looking For anyone who might have known Walter C. Wilson FROM Jan van den Noort Looking For.... FROM Chuck Ramsdell Looking For Someone? To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM David Kime To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM Bobby Horowitz

TAPS: Franklin Earl "Frank" Addison - Bruce Kenneth Babish - Roger R. Buck - Richard Clifford Bullard - Byron Eugene "Mick" Byerley - Keith E. Cedras - Leiland M. Duke Jr. - Ronald Stanley Donakowski - Stephen Paul Garrett - Roy Charles Gentry - Douglas Leroy Hopkins - Alain M. Jeffery - Albert August Johnson - Pat W. Jones - Clifford P. Kendall - Charles Joseph Kosko - Russell S. Kyler - Richard Eugene Lamar - Daniel James Lowther - Joseph H. Masterson - Myles H. Mierswa Sr. - Kenneth W. Otto - James M. Payne - Paul S. Pelland - William P. Zucchelli - James Robert Elliott

CHAPTER ACTIVITIES: Alamo chapter BY Adam Steczko Alaska chapter BY Lynn Kile Upper Midwest chapter BY Ray Wilson Fort Wolters chapter BY Adam Steczko Georgia chapter BY Bill McRae VHPA of Florida BY Tom Rountree Southern California chapter BY Sven Akesson North Alabama chapter BY Les Haas North Carolina chapter BY Brock Nicholson Washington State chapter BY Don LeMaster California chapter north BY Ken Fritz South Missouri chapter BY Bill Thompson Rocky Mountain chapter: The Rocky Mountain chapter and the Helicopter War Museum (HWM) BY John P. Hargleroad

BOOK REVIEWS: Assault from The Sky BY John Penny Merry Christmas and a Happy PTSD BY John Penny Shadows from Can Tho BY John Penny The Caves BY John Penny

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2841Newsletter611045, John Shafer Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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