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The VHPA Aviator (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA))

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The VHPA Aviator (Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA)) - Newsletter

The VHPA Aviator
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocication (VHPA)
Citrus Heights, California
United States
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2005- / Earlier Title: The VHPA Newsletter


  • Publication: September/October 2014

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LETTERS: From the VHPA staff at HQ! FROM Sherry Rodgers To the VHPA Reunion Committee, FROM George Van Riper To the VHPA Reunion Committee, FROM Ken Bartholomew To the VHPA Reunion Director, FROM Tom Wood To the Members of VHPA... Thank You! FROM Susan Clotfelter Jimison Gary Sterling Fowler, a member of the Fort Wolters Chapter of the VHPA, tends to hang on to things FROM Edward T. "Edd" Luttenberger A Member of the VHPA wrote us to say: To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM F.L. (Fritz) Gruetzmacher To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM Michael Lazares To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM Larry Smith To the Editor of the VHPA Aviator FROM John Brennan Looking For.... Members and Trainers of Task Force Sea Wolf Looking For.... The crew of Inagodadavita FROM Denise Hart Looking For.... Information concerning a 24 February 1967 Dustoff Mission FROM Jim Burns Looking For... Mister Wilson FROM Jan van den Noort Looking For... Lost COpies of the Charger, the Vietnam magazine of the 196th Brigade of the Americal Division FROM Les Hines Looking For.... more information concerning my father, John Leaf FROM Jennifer Ray Looking For... Members that can provide details about the loss of a medivac helicopter on 5 September 1969 FROM David R. Holdsworth Looking For - any information about the attached patch FROM Dana Merrill Looking For... anyone who knew my father Richard Pearcy FROM Sheryol Pearcy Miller What Can I Do With My Vietnam Stuff? FROM Mike Law

FEATURES: An afternoon Search and Rescue mission in the southern Gulf of Tonkin BY Tom Phillips Eyes with Teeth BY John Shafer Gentlemen, we're incredibly lucky to have Julie Kink working for us and our familes... A 15-year dream comes to completion BY John Hagleroad Cambodian Sunset BY Robert Graham Bringing Tony Home BY Tom Phillips So You Actually Considered a Career in the Helicopter Industry? BY Chuck Ramsdell So Few Vets... BY Danny Fisher Susan J. flies with the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation BY Jerry Mellick

REUNION: And the praise for our 2014 Reunion keeps rolling in... "HOT LZ" Honors Vietnam War Vets BY Jim Singleton, Mike Neu

TAPS: Ralph L. Allison - Kent W. Bennetts - Charles Wayne Dickerson - Jesse E. Felter - William E. Finney Jr. - Terrence Gese - Charles David Jochetz - Charles F. Johnson - Duane C. Ingram - Stanford N. Kaplan - John Patrick Leonard Jr. - Louis J. Martinez - David A. Measels - Robert N. Norona - Albert M. Orgain IV - Cecil W. Parker - Steven Paul Rhule - John Larry Rovetto - Ralph Edward Saylor Sr. - David Auther Ware - Patrick M. Wilson III - Randall Vern Wolfe

CHAPTER ACTIVITIES: Alamo chapter BY Chip Brown Georgia chapter BY Bill McRae Oklahoma chapter Southern California Upper Midwest chapter BY Bert Leach Washington State chapter BY J.C. Combs North Alabama chapter Michigan chapter BY Rich Deer Rocky Mountain chapter South Missouri chapter BY Bill Thompson Old Dominion chapter BY Tom Rountreer

REVIEWS: Duty, Honor and Betrayal BY John Penny Missile!Missile!Missile! BY John Penny We Gotta Get Out of this Place, Volume 2 BY John Penny Eleven Months and Nineteen Days: A Vietnam Illustrator's Memoir BY John Penny

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