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2015 Calendar, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) - VERT-REP

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  • Publication: 2015

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Table of Contents Front Cover Photo - VHPA Member Don Joyce took this photo of one of four CH-54As that deployed to Vietnam with the 478th Heavy Helicopter Company, 1st Air Cavalry Division in 1965. Other sources indicate that Wooley Booger was #64-14204, the first CH-54A lost in Vietnam on 5 January 1966.

January Mark Locatelli's scrapbook phtots from his tour with B Troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division at Camp Evans 1969-1970 - Mark passed away in January 2012. His brother, Larry, who served in an Engineer unit in Vietnam from 1970-1973, mailed the VHPA these photos.

February SP-5 Jerry Hogan's scrapbook photos from his tour with B Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry, 1st Air Cavalry Division in 1970 - 1971 - Jeremy Hogan, Jerry's son, collects photos relating to his father's time in Vietnam. Jeremy sent all these photos to the VHPA. Jerry was the crew chief on UH-1H #68-16349 also known as Saber 38 or the Magic Bus. 349 served in B Troop from Nov 1969 until at least June 1971 and possibly until Jan 1972. In 1972 it returned to CONUS so it is possible we could see it in one of the Huey monuments.

March An Armament Specialist from C Troop, 7th Squadron, 1st Cavalry loads an XM134 Minigun on an AH-1G - 1968. VHPA Subscriber Mike Treinen took these photos at the "Short Strip" at Rach Gia during his tour with Advisory Team 55. The left photoshows the Armorer's "tools of the trade" - in the form of wooden rocket boxes containing extra parts and even an extra set of barrels. The other shows the man loading the minigun housed in the XM18 armament pod. Cranking in the ammo "delinked" the rounds. You can see the pile of links on the ground. Up to 1500 rounds were held by fingers in a "spool" magazine to the rear of the gun. Thus the XM18 pod did not have an ammo "chute" as did the UH-1C configured helicopters.

April FLIR (Forward-Looking Infrared) - September 1970 and August 1971. VHPA Member Steve Sabree provided these photos. Briefly, the FLIR Detachment formed and trained at Davison AAF, Fort Belvoir, VA in early 1970. The AN/AAS-29 infrared night vision system was complicated new technology and heavy - 570 lbs. It was mounted on the UH-1M gunship. They deployed to I Corps in September 1970 and served with C Troop, 2/17th Cav, 101st Abn Div until 1 Feb 1971. They served with the 7/1st Cav at Vinh Long for 2+ months. In Apr 1971 they returned to I Corps and served with the 282 AHC at Marble Mountain until they stood down in Aug 1971. The Detachment had 5 aircraft and their staffing level was three officers, nine warrants and 23 enlisted.

May Camp Holloway - September 1971. VHPA Member John Shafer provided this photo. It shows the famous Christmas Tree reevetment area on the left. This is a tribute to all those who flew out of Camp Holloway with special emphasis on the units who were based there about September, 1971. Left to right are the pocket patches for: B/7/17th Cav, 3rd Avn Co, 52nd CAB, 57th AHC, 179th ASHC, 219th Avn Co, 361st ACE and 611th Trans Co. VHPA Member Phil Lanphier provided the small photo of the Memorial Wall.

June The Gun Platoon of the 120th Assault Helicopter Company (AHC) UH-1Cs - February 1969. VHPA Member Lee Beavers provided these photos. Based at the famous Hotel-3 Heliport at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon, the 120th's weapons platoon was known as the Razorbacks. Naturally they called themselves Pigs. They saw lots of VIPs as shown in the small photo.

July CH-37B from the 339th Transportation Company at Nha Trang - 1964. VHPA subscriber RayWilhite provided this photo from the U.S. Army Aviation Museum collection. The 339th had four CH-37s. All had names. VHCMA Member Bob Elzer provided the small photo of a Mojave starting up.

August AH-1Gs from D Company, 229th Aviation Battalion, 1st Air Cavalry Division at Camp Evans in I Corps - February 1968. VHPA Member Rick Berry took this photo. The digital image came to the VHPA as part of the Richard Berry Collection at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. Rick says that when he first arrived in A Company in 1967 most everyone was wearing the Stacked Deck battalion patch but later company patches started appearing. D Company had worked with Walt Disney to develop the Smiling Tiger logo.

September US Navy Helicopter Combat Support Squadron (HC-7) Detachment 113 RH-3As - 1969-1970. VHPA Subscriber and HC-7 Historian Ron Milam provided these photos. HC-7 were also known as 'The Orphans of the 7th Fleet' and Sea Devils. Commissioned 1 Sep 1967 and decommissioned 30 June 1975, the Squadron had 15 dets (detachments) that flew H-2s, H-3s, RH-3s, H-46s and H-34s. This collage is a tribute to Det 113. Det 113's mission was unique - US Navy Air Mine Defense in the Pacific. They had three RH-3As ~ CH-3As modified to deploy and recover mine sweeping gear. Det 113 was based on the USS Catskill (MSC-1) and at NSA Atsugi, Japan. After training, they departed CONUS on 8 Jan 1969 for Japan. They conducted four mine sweeping exercises off Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Okinawa, and South Korea. The Det was disestablished in Aug 1970. Their normal manning level was seven officers and eighteen enlisted men.

October Photos from the 25th Anniversary Album of the 25th Infantry Division - October 1966. VHPA Subscriber Les Hines provided high resolution digital images of all 400 + pages of this special Silver Anniversary (25 years) commemorative pictorial. The division was established on 1 Oct 1941 in Hawaii and this album was presented on 1 Oct 1966 at Cu Chi, Vietnam. This collage is dedicated to al those who served in the Tropic Lightning but especially to those in the helicopter units.

November An HMH-462 CH-53A Sea Stallion somewhere in I Corps - 1968. HMH-462 deployed to Phu Bai, Vietnam in August 1968 as part of MAG-36. The photo credits for this National Archive photo #NN33300514 state it was taken 1 June 1968 at a new mountain-top base in I Corps. All Marine and Navy Squadrons have two character Tail Codes. HMH-462's Tail Code is YF; so this is their aircraft number 5. The Heavy Haulers stayed in Vietnam until March 1971 when they relocated to Okinawa. In 1972 HMH-462 based on the USS Tripoli supported ARVN operations in northern I Corps. In 1975 HMH-462 participated in Operation Eagle Pull (the evacuation of Phnom Penh), Operation Frequent Wind (the evacuation of Siagon), and was sailing to help with the SS Mayaguez rescue. The small photo shows two refueling at Vandergrift.

December VNAF UH-34Ds - 1968. VHPA Subscriber Mike Treinen took this photo at the "Short Strip", Rach Gia in Kien Giang Province of IV Corps while serving there with MACV Team 55. The Infantry are most likely from the Vietnamese 9th Division based at Rach Gia. The helicopters are most likely from the 84th VNAF Tactical Wing based at Binh Thuy. The 84th had at least three helicopter squadrons, the 211th, the 225th, and the 227th. We are unable to find copies of patches from any of those squadrons. Most of the VNAF helicopter squadrons had patches similar to the 223rd presented here. The small photo shows a 211th Squadron Huey inserting troops on an 18 July 1970 mission.

Attention All Aircraft West of Khe Sanh: Heavy Artillary Warning VHPA Subscriber Ed Lacobacci provided this photo of a B-52 strike going into Laos during Lam Son 719 ~ February 1971. Ed was a Medic with the 237th Med Det also known as DMZ Dustoff. Ed took this picture while they were flying out to pick up some wounded. One of the most exciting messages you will ever hear over the radio is "Attention all aircraft flying (YOUR LOCATION) ~ Heavy Artillery Warning commencing at (RIGHT NOW!)." Heavy Artillery was the code word for a B-52 strike.

Air America This famous Keith Wododcock illustration is a tribute to the Air America Bell 205 crew who attacked two North Vietnamese AN-2's after they had attacked the US Air Force radar site at Phou Pha Thi known as Lima Site 85 on 12 January 1968. VHPA Member Ted Moore was the pilot and flight mechanic Glenn Woods did the shooting. Gless was killed in a helicopter crash about a year later.

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