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2016 Calendar, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) - VERT-REP

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  • Publication: 2016

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Table of Contents Front Cover Photo - VHPA Member Frank Jensen provided this photo showing US Navy H-46 Bureau # 154036 from Helicopter Combat Support Squadron THREE Detachment 104 (HC-3 Det 104) conducting a vertical replenishment (VERTREP) operation from the USS San Jose (AFS-7), a combat stores ship. The photo was taken in late 1972 in the Gulf of Tonkin while te USS San Jose was supporting the US Navy's 7th Fleet based off North Vietnam.

January HC-3 Det 103 - A Load Every 49 Seconds CH-46s from Det 103 and Det 104 HC-3 - 1972 - VHPA Member Frank Jensen provided these photos from his cruise aboard the USS San Jose. Most of these photos were taken when the San Jose was stationed off Da Nang. The San Jose was a combat stored ship desired for underway replenishment of a carrier task force group. Each detachment had two aircraft plus five pilots, one maintenance officer, and 20 to 25 enlisted. Their primary mission was vertical replenishment (VERT REP).

February First Team Going to Work 1st Cav Infantry and Hueys - VHPA Subscriber Barry McAlpine, who served as a Sergeant in the Aero-Rifle Platoon of B Troop, 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry of the 1st Cavalry Division in 1967, sent this photo to the VHPA. By way of details, all we know is what we see! It was published in the famous Life Magazine and many of the soldiers are wearing 1st Cav shoulder patches. The small photo was also published in Life Magazine.

March The Elephant Nuts You Ordered C Company 159th Assault Support Helicopter Company 101st Airborne Division CH-47C - 1969 - VHPA Subscriber Dan Stroeing took this photo while elements from his unit, the 2/327th No Slack Infantry 101st Airborne, provided security as a base in the A Shau Valley. Notice severalRome Plow land clearing tractors waiting, we assume, for the fuel in the two blivets. CH-47C #67-18514 joined the Army in May 1968. By Jan 1969 was serving with C/159 ASHB in Vietnam. On 3/30/70 with 902 hours on the airframe, it was damaged by an exploding round and evacuated to CONUS. VHPA Member Grant Bobbitt provided this copy of their pocket patch.

April Checkride's Over! Rearm This Ship and Get to Work! C Troop, 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry AH-1G - 1969-1970 - VHPA Subscriber James Speed Hensinger took this photo during his tour with the 173rd Airborne Brigade based at LZ English in Binh Dinh Province. C/7/17th Cav was based at Lane Army Airfield also known as An Son. Why these guys are sleeping in this Cobra is anyone's guess! VHPA Member Steve Shepard provided the small photo of another C Troop Cobra flying near An Khe.

May 604th Transportation Corps Detachment, 189th Assault Helicopter Company - 1969. VHPA Member Terry Opdahl took these photos during his 1968-69 tour with the 189th AHC based at Camp Holloway, Pleiku. This presentation is a tribute to all the helicopters they lost while serving in Vietnam from May, 1967 to March, 1971. Each white cross represents a destroyed Huey. The two inserts show all the remains of some of them. The 604th TC Det, the company's maintenance platoon used the radio call sign CARETAKER and patch shown on the sign. The small photo shows their hangar area.

June 478th Heavy Helicopter Company (HHC) CH-54A #67-18430 at Qui Nhon - 1969-1970. VHPA Subscriber James Speed Hensinger took this photo during his tour with the 173rd Airborne Brigade based at LZ English in Binh Dinh Province. This helicopter joined the Army in Dec 1967, did a tour at Fort Sill, came to Vietnam in Nov 1968 abd was assigned to the 478th HHC. After the 478th departed Vietnam, 430 served with the 62nd Corps Aviation Comapany and left Vietnam in Dec 1972. In 1975 it was still flying at Fort Benning. The small photo shows another 478th Crane refueling.

July "Helicopter Valley" Survivor CH-46A #151917 EP-9 from the HMM-265. VHPA member Richard 'Clutch' Hendrie provided these photos taken in 1967. They are presented here as a tribute to this USMC Squadron. On 15 July 1966, HMM-164 and HMM-265 each lost two aircraft in LZ Crow in the Ngan River Valley near the DMZ. From that day forward the Marines referred to this part of the Ngan River Valley as 'Helicopter Valley.' Sadly #151917 and its entire crew were lost on 11 Oct 1968. They are part of the twenty-seven HMM-265 Marines who perished in the war.

August Another Bong Song Day UH-1H from A Company, 229th Aviation Battalion, 1st Air Cavalry Division over the Bong Son Plain in II Corps - December 1967. VHPA Member Rick Berry took this photo of the flight lead while flying #2 in a trail formation. They are descending to an LZ obscured by the Huey. The small photo shows another company Huey landing troops.

September Phan Thiet ~ Early Days A Tribute to all those who served at Phan Thiet - Nov 1966. VHPA Member Dave Rittman took this photo during his time at Phan Thiet with C/229th AHB 1st Cav. Other than MACV Advisory Teams, we believe the 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry (Airmobile Infantry) was the center of a small 1st Cavalry Division task force sent to Phan Thiet in 1966 to fight against two Viet Cong battalions controlling most of Binh Thaun province. They were there for 16 months! Dave believes the Huey in the photo crashed at the refuel point due to a hydraulic system failure. Luckily the fire was extinguished before it could reach any of the fuel blivets. The small photo shows the airfield from the ocean.

October Pleiku PEDROs HH-43s from Detachment 9, 38th Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron at Pleiku Air Base - 1969. VHPA Member Terry Opdahl took this photo of the two HH-43 Kaman Huskies in 1969 serving with Det 9, 38th ARRS at Pleiku Air Base. Besides the Headquarters at Tan Son Nhut there were 14 detachments in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. The small photo is labeled Vung Tau Pedro even though there was no formal detachment based at Vung Tau. This photo is dedicated to the five-member crew of Pedro 44 from Deetachment 1 at Phan Rang who died on 10 October 1968.

November One Lucky LOH OH-6A #67-16326 from H Troop, 10th Cavaley - February 1972. VHPA Member Steve Shepard took this photo at An Khe. This OH-6A joined the Army in Sep 1968 and by Nov was in Vietnam serving with the 1st Cav. After logging 2,353 hours it was returned to CONUS for ten months of repairs starting in Nov 1970. The VHPA's databases give us no clues as to the causes or extent of the damage. In Oct 1971, 326 was back in Vietnam serving with C/7/17th Cav and the H/10th Cav. In Feb 1973, after logging 2,986 hours during its 42 months in Vietnam, it returned to CONUS in flyable condition. One Lucky LOH (Light Observation Helicopter) for sure!!!

December Left Bank Radio Research Project Left Bank UH-1D - circa 1968. VHPA Members Bruce Breisch and A. H. 'Tim' Wilson provided these photos. Project Left Bank was a unique airborne SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) collection method used by two Radio Research (RR) Direct Support Units (DSUs), the 371st RR Co (supporting the 1st Cavalry Division) and the 374th RR Co (supporting the 4th Infantry Division). The supporting unit (11th General Support Company for the 1st Cav) provided air crews and maintained the helicopters. The RR DSUs provided the radio operators. In the top left photo you can see the two external components of the AN/ARQ-27 DF system ~ the direction finding array under the nose and the black cable antenna extending beneath the Huey. Their job was to monitor (including locating the antennas) and record North Vietnamese Army radio traffic.

Thousands of Stories in this Boneyard VHPA Subscriber James Speed Hensinger took this photo during his tour with the 173rd Airborne Brigade based at LZ English in Binh Dinh Province. It was taken somewhere in the Qui Nhon area. To date we have not been able to identify the name of the unit that owned this property disposal area. Near the center of the photo, just behind the sand bagged bunker notice the wrecked CH-53A sky crane pod. It is the sad remains of a tragic accident at An Khe on 27 September 1968.

Sniper Response VHPA Subscriber James Speed Hensinger took this photo during his tour with the 173rd Airborne Brigade based at LZ English in Binh Dinh Province. This photo has the informal title of "sniper response." According to Jim, this sniper kept shooting at their camp night after night. Jim set up his camera and took a time exposer of M60 7.62 cal. machine guns, M2 .50 cal Browning Machine Gun, and twin 40 mm anti-aircraft Bofor (Pom-Pom) guns mounted on a M42 Duster (tank) firing long bursts of tracers at night.

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