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1996 Calendar, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) - Riders on the Storm

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  • 1996

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Table of Contents Front Cover Photo – Riders on the Storm by Joe Kline circa 1994. Joe has captured and controlled, choreographed bedlam that was typical during many combat assaults. Many look at the print and say they can hear the radios and smell the smoke.

January A Seawolf Returns A UH-1B from HA(L)-3 (Seawolf) Spring 1971. VHPA member Roger Ek flew for the US Navy Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron Three in 1970 and 1971. The photo silhouettes a typical Seawolf UH-1B coming in to land after a mission. It has the usual seven shot rocket pod on each pylon, an M-60 machine gun for the left side gunner, the left side pylon mounted a minigun fired by the co-pilot, and a right side door mounted minigun.

February Lam Son 719 An Army CH-47 and an Infantry unit at Quang Tri February 1971. VHPA member Dick Crawley flew with F/8th Cav in support of operations in Dewey Canyon II which reopened Route 9 to the Laotian border and LAM SON 719, the ARVN incursion into Laos. The image created by the Chinook and the Infantry awaiting transport silhouetted by the early morning skies captures their individual and collective uncertain futures perfectly.

March Recon Team Vermont An emergency extraction courtesy of the 57th AHC May 1971. VHPA member Richard Madore flew for the Gladiators out of Camp Holloway and often supported Command and Control Central (CCC) on its classified operations throughout the triborder region. While monitoring traffic on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos, Recon Team Vermont required an emergency extraction using ladders from their jungle position.

April A Shawnee Formation Three CH-21C Shawnees from the 120th Aviation Company April 1964. This photo was taken by Akihiko Okamura and appeared in the 12 June 1964 issue of LIFE Magazine. VHPA member Ken Gehler is the pilot clearly visible in the left seat of the closest aircraft. Note that Ken and the doorgunners are wearing short sleeved uniforms! Akihiko took this photo from a Shawnee flown by VHPA member Bob Crissman.

May Supersnake A UH-1B from the 114th Aviation Company Mid-1966. This photo belongs to VHPA member Frank Mayer who in 1966 flew the only known 20 mm armed Huey in Vietnam. This UH-1B, equipped with the XM31 armament subsystem which featured one 20mm M24A1 automatic gun installed in a pod on each side, used the radio call sign Supersnake. The muzzle blast and noise were so strong, they fired with the doors closed.

June Missile! Missile! Missile! An Army AH-1G struck by a SA-7 missile 21 June 1972. This copyrighted Joe Kline painting is based in part on a tape recorded description by the pilot made shortly after the incident occurred. The pilot, CPT Mike Brown, and the co-pilot, CPT Marco A. Cordon, were the first Cobra crew to survive an SA-7 missile strike. Their F Battery, 78th Aerial Rocket Artillery (Blue Max) gunship was hit at an altitude of 4,000 feet near An Loc.

July Scarface A HML-367 AH-1G Late 1970. This photo belongs to VHPA member Doug Orahood who flew with HML-367 from Marble Mountain in 1970. In Apr 1969 the first Marine AH-1G Cobras arrived and on 16 Dec 1969 all Marine Cobras in Vietnam were assigned to HML-367 whose radio call sign was Scarface. With “Scarface” and “Cobra” the Marines had wonderful material for aircraft nose art.

August Another 1st Cav Picnic A 1st Cav CH-47A retrieves a UH-1B April 1966. This photo belongs to VHPA member Gary Lozier who flew for A Company, 228th Aviation (Assault Support Helicopter) Battalion which was the Chinook unit for the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). The UH-1B belongs to C Troop, 1/9th Cav. In the Spring of 1966, the 1st Cav had Infantry Battalions operating all over II Corps. These helicopters were bivouaced near Kontum.

September Boys will be Boys Special M200A1 rocket pods in the 92nd AHC 1968. This photo belongs to VHPA member Bill Robie who flew for the 92d Aviation (Assault Helicopter) Company during 1968 and 1969. VHCMA member Tom Tucker and Bob Johnson (current location unknown) painted the Coors can at Dong Ba Thin in early 1968 Tom’s father mailed him the paint and a 15 oz “tall can”. The 92d also had a set of Budweiser pods.

October LZ English A CH-54A Skycrane leaving the refuel point Early 1967. This photo is owned by VHPA member Felix “Rex” Bessler who flew cranes for the 478th Aviation (Heavy Helicopter) Company, 1st Air Cavalry Division (Airmobile) in 1966 and 1967. The crane’s unique role included lifting 155mm howitzers and bulldozers, recovering CH-47s, and transporting the pods configured as a mobile hospital operating room or a forward DTOC>

November The First Scout An OH-13 from C/1/9 Cav. About 1965. This photo is owned by VHPA member Mike Sloniker. VHPA member Frank Moser flew OH-13s for C Troop during this period. He said they had several configurations – one had machine guns on the skids, another had rocket pods mounted on the fuselage. Each troop had distinctive aircraft markings. C Troop wore the large yellow circle with the toes of the skids also painted yellow.

December A Marine Gunship An Armed UH-1E leaving Da Nang Circa 1966. This photo was obtained by VHPA member John Konek. The UH-1E was a UH-1B with a rotor brake plus Navy and Marine electrical systems and avionics and was made out of aluminum. The slicks were used for medical evacuation, general transportation, observation and target acquisition, reconnaissance and command control. The gunship version flew in the VMO squadrons.

Been There, Done That … now join the VHCMA Been There, Done That … now join the VHPA

Rear Cover Photo – How Blueghosts Kept Score – A Blueghost UH-1C from F/8th Cav. May 1968. This photo is owned by VHCMA member Blair Noel, the crew chief on mini-gun ship #66-15041 from Nov 67 until July 68. On his side he painted a little yellow hat figure for each of his kills. His gunner painted red figures on his side.

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