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2000 Calendar, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association - Seawolf 306

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  • 2000

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Table of Contents Front Cover Photo – U.S. Navy UH-1B, Seawolf 306, HAL-3 coming aboard USS Huntington County, November 1968. Photo by Norman E. Schrader, Seawolf 67.

January Sabre 10 U.S. Army UH-1C at Playboy airstrip, SW of Pleiku, January 1967. Photo by Don Joyce.

February Almost Touchdown U.S. Navy UH-1B, Seawolf 305, HAL-3 ready for take off from USS Huntingdon County in the Delta region of RVN, November 1968. Photo by Norman E. Schrader.

March Skiing on the Clouds USAF UH-1E team in camouflage refuels at Dak To prior to SOG mission, August 1967. Photo by Don Joyce.

April Now Where To? U.S. Army UH-1 s/n 17130 cruising high in cool air above small arms fire, May 1967. Note stallion on left pilot door. Photo by Don Joyce.

May Wooley U.S. Army OH-23 in a sandbag revetment at Dak To. Note the antennae on the tail boom and the M-60 machine guns just above the skid cross tubes, October 1967. Photo by Don Joyce.

June I Eat This Up! VNAF H 34 “King Bee,” s/n 136460, preparing for a SOG-type mission west of Dak To, July 1967. Photo by Don Joyce.

July Hooking Up U.S. Army CH-47A s/n 65976 179th ASHC Shrimpboats, at Oasis forward airstrip, west of Pleiku, hovers in close to pick up a load of ammo from the bed of a “deuce and half” (2 ½ ton truck), March 1967. Photo by Don Joyve.

August King Bee 460 U.S. Army OH-6A Cayuse scout ship from F/9th Cav hovers at FSB Mace, October 1971. Note the smiles on both the pilot and on the gunner/observer. Photo by Ron Timberlake.

September AH-23 U.S. Army CH-54A s/n 414204, Flying Crane from 1st CAV Div at An Khe, October 1965. Note the “people pod” that the Crane carried in beneath the fuselage. Photo by Don Joyce.

October Nose Bleed U.S. Army CH-21C s/n 562050 slings another CH-21 aft fuselage section at Vung Tau, January 1963. Note the tail wind as indicated by the windsock at lower left in the photo by Don Joyce.

November SOG UH-1H CAV slicks haul the Blues, late 1971. Photo by Ron Timberlake.

December Good to Go U.S. Navy UH-1B Seawolf gunship on short snort final over the deck of USS Huntington County, June 1968. Note the crew member looking aft to clear the tail as the pilot sets her down on the deck. Note also the machine gun on the deck has been covered to keep it clean from the dirt and dust blown up by the helo. A gunner is sitting just behind the gun on the left in the photo by Norman E. Schrader.

Loaded for Bear U.S. Army OH-6A, Sabre 10 of a CAV hunter-killer team. Note the smoke grenade box in the back with the gunner/observer and ship’s nickname, MAX WELL, on the pylon below the main rotor, October 1971. Photo by Ron Timberlake.

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20080206001, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) Collection, The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive, Texas Tech University

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