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2014 Calendar, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) - A 177TH AHC LRRP INSERTION

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  • 2014

General Note / OCR

Table of Contents Front Cover Photo – A 117th AHC LRRP Insertion – VHPA Member Ray Johnson took this photo of two 117th AHC UH-1Hs in 1969 while escorting them in a Huey gunship someplace in western III Corps. #68-15582 is nearest the camera. In April 1969 #582 joined the 117th straight from the factory and in September 1970 it was removed from US Army inventory for unknown reasons. On this day they were inserting a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP).

January Iroquois Night Fighter And Night Tracker (INFANT) UH-1M INFANT NETT – March 1971 – VHPA Subscriber Doug Elgin took this photo during a maintenance check at Phu Loi. Doug was a civilian engineer with Hughes Aircraft Company who built the AN/ASQ-132 image intensification system that worked at night sometimes augmented with infrared searchlights. The INFANT detachment deployed to Vietnam in Nov 1969 and inititally served with D/229th AHB 1st Cav Div at Lai Khe before being assigned to the 1st Avn Bde and based at Phu Loi. A total of about eight INFANT systems served in Vietnam from Nov 1969 through the end of 1971. This photo is dedicated to the crew (LTC Kvernes, 1LT Carmichael, WO1 Debner, and SFC Spivey) of #66-0726 who died on 2 Jan 1970 while on an early INFANT mission.

February H Troop 10th Cavalry OH-6A and AH-1G from H/10th Cav – May 1972 – VHPA Member Steve Shepard took these photos at Camp Holloway not long after C/7/17th Cav was reflagged H/10th Cav on 30 April 1972. Though C Troop had been based at Lane Army Heliport at An Son near Qui Nhon since April 1969, H Troop frequently conducted ‘dual operations’ around Pleiku or Phan Rang and the Bong Son for weeks at a time in 1972. The small photos were taken in the Cobra maintenance area at Phan Rang.

March A PipeSmoke Recovery A 357th Transportation Company team recovers a downed UH-1 – November 1968. VHPA Member Joel Nicoll provided these photos taken near Lai Khe. Starting at the top left – the Infantry secures the area, the rigging crew checks for booby traps, then in a little more than 60 seconds (if no one is shooting at them) the main blade is secured low to the toes of the front skids and to the tail boom. The rotor head adapter plus a second strap are secured to receive the Chinook’s hook. The rigging crew then depart for home to their Huey.

April A Tribute to UH-34 Equipped HMM-361 HMM-361 – December 1967 and April 1968. VHPA Member Seppo Hurme took these photos. The main photo shows HMM-361’s aircraft leaving the USS Iwo Jima. The aircraft in the top photo is fresh out of PAR and has been retrofitted with a powerful AM/FM/SSB 2-30 MHz radio, whose antenna you can see on the port side. (See the small photos.) Squadron mechanics are working on the rotor head in the center photo. The ’34 has a relatively complex rotor head including lead and lag hinges with dampers and flapping hinges. Additionally there are bearing stacks that keep the rotor blades from detaching from the rotor head and that allow for pitch changes. All of these had to be lubricated periodically requiring lots of maintenance hours. HMM-361 arrived in Da Nang in June 1963 and served in or off Vietnam until late May 1968 when it returned to CONUS. There it was redesignated HMH-361 with CH-53s. HMH-361 arrived in Vietnam in August 1969.

May DUSTOFF UH-1H Air Ambulance – 1969. VHPA Member Ray Johnson took this photo someplace in III Corps during 1969. We’ll just use it as a tribute to all who crewed or flew DUSTOFF.

June Gun Platoon 240th AHC 240th Assault Helicopter Company (AHC) UH-1Cs - 1968 and 1969. VHPA Members Glenn Hoffman and Ray Johnson provided these photos from their tours. We’ll use them as a tribute to all the MAD DOGs that served in the gun platoon.

July 1st Brigade 101st Airborne Division OH-6As and UH-1Hs from the Aviation Platoon of HHC 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division in I Corps – 1968-1969. VHPA member Pete Rzeminski took these photos. Collectively they are a tribute to WO1 TS Michael (pilot), 1LT DM Noonaw (observer), and SP5 DE McGee (CE) who perished in a 1st Bde OH-6A on 4 July 1969. When Pete joined in Aug 1968 their Hueys used the Griffin radio callsign and the LOHs LITTLE GRIFFIN – as per the nose art in the B and W photo. The patch changed to the round ‘bullseye’ design and the nose art to the large red, blue square with the white ‘1’. The small photo shows part of the Camp Eagle Flight Line.

August 271st Assault Support Helicopter Company CH-47 from 271st ASHC at Rach Soi in IV Corps – 1968. VHPA Subscriber Mike Treinen took this photo at the “Long Strip”, Rach Soi in Kien Giang Province of IV Corps while serving there with MACV Team 55. The 271st, based out of Binh Thuy Air Base at Can Tho, were known as the “Innkeepers.” The 164th CAG’s patch is shown on the calendar grid.

September A Tribute to the H-3 Detachments of HC-7 US Navy Helicopter Combat Support Squadron (HC-7) H-3As Yankee Station – 1967-1975. VHPA Member Tom Phillips and HC-7 Historian Ron Milam provided these photos. HC-7 were also known as ‘The Orphans of the 7th Fleet’ and Sea Devils. Commissioned 1 Sep 1967 and decommissioned 30 June 1975 the Squadron had 15 dets (detachments) that flew H-2s, H-3s, RH-3s, H-46s and H-34s. This collage is a tribute to Big Mother (slang for the large H-3 helicopter) Dets 110 and 111. The following attempts to describe what we see in the main photo. H-3A sitting on the makeshift flight deck of a Farragut class DLG (guided missile destroyer leader). Tail wheel is about six feet from the deck edge coaming. Blade tips are about six feet from the missile launcher. Another H-3 folded and stuffed tail first up along the portside of the missile house. Left engine cowling door/maintenance platform is open with a red engine host rigged to change #1 engine.

October Doug Jackson’s Tour OH-23s from D Troop, 1st Squadron 10th Cavalry, 4th Infantry Division – 1967-1968. VHPA Member Doug Jackson provided these photos of the first half of his tour with D/1/10th Cav at Camp Enari. He states: “I joined Delta Troop as a WO1 in Oct 1967. I flew 23s as a Shamrock scout for about six months until we got Oh-6As. On 28 Oct 1967 SP4 LP Lepage and I crashed in #64-15168 after the engine failed. We were hovering over some trees when the engine blew a jug. That’s why I wrote that message on the photo. That was the only one I crashed. I flew OH-6As for about two months then the rest of my tour I flew in the Troop Commander’s Command and Control Huey. I have fond memories of my friends and times in that Air Cavalry Troop.”

November 307th CAB Supports Operation Sealords OH-6A #67-16013 from the 307th Combat Aviation Battalion at Rach Soi, IV Corps – December 1969. VHPA Subscriber Mike Treinen took this photo at Rach Soi in Kien Giang Province of IV Corps while serving there with MACV Team 55. Army Aviation Battalions had UH-1Hs and OH-6As in the Aviation Platoon of their Headquarters and Headquarters Company. The 307th CAB, based at Can Tho, was known as the “Phantoms.” This LOH is landing on a US Navy Armored Troop Carrier (ATC (H)) boat also known as a “Tango” Boat.

December He Ain’t Heavy … He’s My Brother! HMH-463 CH-53A recovers a UH-34D – 1967. VHPA Member Richard ‘Clutch’ Hendrie took this photo from a USMC gunship while covering this recovery mission somewhere southwest of Da Nang. A four-plane detachment from HMH-463 arrived in Vietnam in December 1966. The remainder of the squadron deployed during May 1967 to Marble Mountain where they participated in combat operations the next four years.

Above – Thank You 25th Aviation Battalion VHPA Member Mitch Wilhelm received this memento after flying the 25th Infantry Division’s Commanding General’s Huey for three months ending in July 1969. The original artist is not known. The illustration tries to capture some of the 25th Aviation Battalion’s interesting missions. The little note tags are difficult to read. Starting near the tail rotor Leaflet Drop System, Aerial Observer, Frequency Monitor, Smoke Generator, Litter, C and C, Search Light, Radar, Camera, People Sniffer, supporting Rome plows, rockets, 750 lb bomb, dropping mortar rounds, dropping Phougas, sling load, flares, CS canisters, loud speaker, star light on door gun. Below – 15 April 1968 HC-7 Rescues #30 and #32 Two F-4 from VF-114 apparently collided over North Vietnam near Vinh. All four ejected and landed in the water ¼ to ½ mile off shore. USS Halsey (DLG-23) on South SAR station had Clementine and Big Mother on deck. Both launched. Big Mother 72 was on scene first, locating two survivors and picked them up. Clementine 2 made two passes and put their swimmer in the water. Clementine made passes and picked up each survivor and the swimmer. Both helos received fire from shore batteries. During the rescue, Strike A-4s bombed shore batteries. Both helos returned to USS Halsey with survivors. LTJG Nicholson (pilot), ENS Wiant (co-pilot), AX3 Peters, ADJ3 English of Det 110 in H-3 BIG MOTHER 72 rescued LCDR Farnsworth and LTJG Sarnecky. LTJC Jansen (pilot), LTJC Armstrong (co-pilot), ADJ3 Leagon, AN Grubbs of Det 109 in H-2 CLEMENTINE 2 rescued LTJG Baer and LTJG McCrealy.

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