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2019 Calendar, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA)

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  • Publication: 2019

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Table of Contents: Front Cover Photo – VHPA Member Jim Hadley took this photo on 25 Feb 1967 while waiting his turn to refuel at Tay Ninh during Operation JUNCTION CITY. The 336th AHC, based at Soc Trang, spent about a week at Tay Ninh – part of a force of 249 helicopter that moved eight battalions from the 1st and 25th Infantry Divisions to build the “anvil” while their mechanized units plus the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment formed the “hammer.” The 173rd Airborne and the 196th Light Infantry Brigades also parcipated ub this II Field Force operation. The 500-gal fuel blivets are easy to spot between the helicopters. Notice the infantry lined up on the right.

January John Foley’s Collection CWO John Foley served with the 57th Transporttation (Trans) Company as a CH-21C pilot and the unit’s PIO (Public Information Officer) in 1962-63. This collage is dedicated to the 57th and 93rd Trans Companies crews killed on 11 Jan 1963. VHPA Member George Reese loaned the VHPA John’s collection of official US Army photos taken by the 39th Signal Battalion mostly in April and May 1963. Obviously, John leveraged his PIO duties to obtain copies these photos. The photos on the left were taken at Moc Hoa. The toppled aircraft are the result of “a tornado like storm” at Tan Son Nhat in the Spring of 1963. The small photo shows a damaged CH-21C. John retired from the Army in 1969 with credit for service in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. He passed away in 2005.

February Serious Vertigo! LOH meets Chinook – VHPA Member Bob Sines, then 132nd Assault Support Helicopter Company (ASHC) Maintenance Officer, and VHPA Member Ben Robinson provided these photos. The pilot of OH-6A #67-16466 (Light Observation Helicopter (LOH)) had finished work for the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division at Camp Eagle on 22 March 1971. By the time he got to Phu Bai the clouds were at 300 feet with patches of ground fog. People could hear and sometimes see him overhead. His third contact with something on the ground was into CH-47 #67-184661 (not in the photos). Bob said that 446 had been a “hanger queen” for some time and was just about ready to return to the line. OOPS! Both Chinooks were repaired and survived Vietnam. The LOH pilot survived these crashes but the OH-6A was destroyed. In the small photo, Captain Bob is on the left and CWO Roy Daw on the right.

March 187 AHC/Tay Ninh Some 187th Assault Helicopter Company “Blackhawks” photos at Tay Ninh in early 1968. VHPA Member George Reese loaned the VHPA slides taken by VHPA Member Al Duquett during his tour with the 187th. In March 1968, the 187th changed its nom de guerre to “Crusaders” when the 7/1st Cavalry arrived in Vietnam and had priority on “Blackhawks.” The 197th had a strong tradition of both battery cover and door art as shown in the top left photo. The lower left photo shows Al’s “war horse” Huey named after his French grandfather’s WWI real war horse. The small photo shows the famous 187th front gate.

April Mo’s Tour Mo’s Scrapbook 1971-1972. VHPA Subscriber Gary “Mo” Moline loaned the VHPA his scrapbook from his 1971-72 tour. He started out as a Huey Crew Chief on #69-15951 in the Blue Lift (Aero Rifle Platoon) of Delta Troop, 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry based at Chu Lai in July 1971. The top two photos are of 951. Typhoon Hester destroyed their base camp and several aircraft on 23 Oct 1971 – center left photo. In November 1971, they moved north to Marble Mountain and painted their signature statement on the first revetment entering their area. Gary started flying the Night Hawk mission. The two bottom photos show the Xenon light and mini-gun side plus the 50-cal machine gun side of the “low” Huey. The small photos show other views of the Night Hawk equipment. The “high” Huey dropped illumination flares. On 30 Apr 1972, they were reflagged Delta Troop, 17th Cavalry. Sergeant Moline DEROSed in June 1972.

May 336th AHC Warriors and T-Birds 336th Assault Helicopter Company – 1967. VHPA Member Jim Hadley provided these photos taken during his first tour in Vietnam with the Soc Trang based 336th AHC. Reddevil was the Maintenance Platoon, Warriors the two transport platoons, and Thunderbirds (T-birds) the weapons platoon. CPT Robert Lee Stewart, who later became General Stewart and an astronaut, can be seen standing nearest the gunship.

June Hercules’ Door Art 132nd Assault Support Helicopter Company (ASHC) Chinook Door Art. VHPA members Bill McRae, Bob Sines and Ben Robinson provided the material for the collage from their 1970-1971 tours. Note the two versions of Easy Rider on the top left – one on each side of the helicopter. Not all their Hooks had art work but at least a dozen did. The small photos contain two views of same image hoping to provide some prospective of their size.

July 188th Black Widow Aviation The 188th Assault Helicopter Company (AHC) – the original Black Widows and Spiders were stationed at Camp Rainier in the Michelin rubber plantation near Dau Tieng from April 1967 until mid-March 1968 when they started moving north to eventually be reflagged Charlie Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion, 101st Airborne Division. VHPA Member Bob Janes provided the material for this collage dedicated as a tribute to two 188th gunship crews lost in a mid-air collision at night on 31 July 1967 near Phu Hiep.

August Air America An Air America Bell 204B parked in Hue during the Summer of 1969. VHPA Member Pete Rzeminski took this photo after bringing the Commander of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division to visit the Vietnamese District Commander at his villa across the Perfume River from the famous Citadel.

September Nail ‘Em to the Trees! Studies and Observations Group (SOG) and Delta Company, 101st Aviation Battalion – Laos April 1969. VHPA Member Bob Denlinger, Hawk 32, provided this material from his time with D/101st Aviation Battalion, 101st Airborne Division based at Phu Bai. His armament of choice was flechette rockets and mini-guns. A Covey FAC (Forward Air Controller) asked if he could help a SOG team in contact. The lower right photo with the small white arrow points to the NVA on the road. See the orange ID panel through the trees in the center photo – used to locate friendly units on the ground when they could not use smoke grenades. Bob remembers telling the guys on the ground, “Lay down NOW!” and made two firing passes. See the rockets and the gun sight reticle in the top right photo. Covey exclaimed with joy in his voice, “You’re nailing them to the trees!” The SOG team was able to disengage and be extracted as shown in the small photo. The lower left photo shows Bob and SOG team leader, Dave mauer, at the 2017 SOG Reunion.

October Armed OH-13S OH-13s from the 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry, 1st Air Cavalry Division – Summer 1966. VHPA Member Walt Gutsche provided the three photos taken in II Corps during his tour with Bravo Troop in 1965-66. VHPA Member Phil Raschke, who also flew OH-13S Scouts but with Alpha Troop, took the photos of beautifully restored #67-17005 at the Palm Springs Air Museum in 2009. The museum believes this is the only known flying former Army H-13 restored back to its Army appearance as an armed scout.

November Captain America OH-6A #67-16023 from the Aviation Platoon of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company of the 212th Combat Aviation Battalion (HHC-212 CAB) at Da Nang in 1968. VHPA subscriber Ray Wilhite provided this photo from the Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker. According to the VHPA’s database, on 22 Sep 1968 while returning from Da Nang to Phu Bai, 023 experienced an engine failure with the pilot, VHPA Member Lloyd Munson, and three passengers on board. The main rotors removed the tail boom during the crash landing but no one was seriously injured. Routine actions because the OH-6A was a very crash survivable aircraft that often chopped off the tail boom after an autorotation! 023 was repaired in Vietnam, then served with B/123 AVN and D/1/1 CAV. It was destroyed in Vietnam on 24 April 1970. The small photo shows VHPA Member Curt Knapp in #66-17795 that did survive its time in Vietnam!

December 217 Squadron VNAF 217 Squadron VNAF (Viet Nam Air Force) CH-34s and AFAT-7 (Air Force Advisory Team #7) at Binh Thuy Air Base – 1967. VHPA Member Orbie Robinson provided these photos from his 1967 tour with AFAT-7 that was attached to the 217th VNAF Squadron. He also provided scans of the Vietnamese cloth patches on his flight suit. Left to Right – South Vietnam Air Force, 217th Helicopter Squadron, and 74th Tactical Wing. The 217th was one of the first VNAF helicopter squadrons formed and was originally equipped with CH-34s. The small photo shows US Air Force Major Orbie Robinson in his black flight suit.

Above: One Hardworking Chinook! VHPA Member John Shafer, a Scout pilot with Bravo Troop, 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry, took these photos about April 1971 at Dak To. He recalls the AH-1G Cobra from the Undertaker Platoon had an engine issue and needed a “hook ride home.” The Ch-47C is #68-15996 from Big Windy (180th ASHC) out of Camp Holloway at Pleiku. It came to Vietnam right off the assemply line in June 1969 and served with the 180th until Mar 1972 when it returned to the States with 1,139 hours on the air frame. The VHPA databases state it was involved in at least four “accidents” but was always repaired in country and retuned to the line. Well done indeed – everyone who flew, crewed or maintained this very hardworking helicopter! Below: A brief tour of the famous Marine Corps Helicopter base at Marble Mountain, Da Nang circa June 1970. VHPA subscriber Doug Woods was a Combat Correspondent (photographer) during his Oct 1969 – Aug 1970 tour with Marine Air Group 16 (MAG 16) based at Marble Mountain Air Facility (MMAF)

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