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Michael Lemish Collection (2322) Finding Aid

Item Number: 23220000000

Scope and Contents

Approximately one linear foot of military records, medical studies, articles, and photographs related to various K-9 operations during the Vietnam War to include mine, tunnel, scout, tracker and sentry dogs used by the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.


  • 29 October 2010

Language of Materials


Finding Aid
Length (Linear Feet)
D101.4, Oversized 102.2, Newsletter Collection, Photograph Collection

VA061616-VA061626: 11 photographs of military dogs and Vietnam Dog Handler Association members

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Combat Tacker News, November 1999
Combat Tacker News, December 1999

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  • Box 1: [1] [TTU - Southwest Collections Building, Stacks [D101.4D ]]
  • Box 1000: [1000] [TTU - Southwest Collections Building, 2nd Floor, Stacks, D054.2 Individual Oversize Box 8 [D054.2]]


  • Review of Military Dog Program by Allen K. McIntosh & Coke L. Westbrook, June 1968
  • Military Dog Service Statistics documents
  • U.S. Military Veterinary Activities in South Vietnam
  • Contents Guide to U.S. Army Veterinary Corps Archive
  • Dept. of Army Document " Detector System - Military Dog"
  • Biological Sensor Research Team Briefing
  • Articles "Army's Superior Dog" and "Ft. Belvoir will develop system detector dogs"
  • USACDC Mine/ Countermine Warfare Conference II. 12 December 1969
  • Office of the Engineer, Mine Detecting Dog Program Document
  • Swampy Sentinel Document
  • Procedures for Proper Utilization of Mine/Tunnel Detection Dogs
  • Army Concept Team in Vietnam
  • Mine and Tunnel Dog Operations, 7 April 1970
  • "Dogs in Countermine Warfare" by Captain Woodrow L. Quinn, Jr.
  • Various of Articles about the Health Issues of Military Dogs
  • 44th Med Bde Log; Subject: Sponsorship of Incoming Units
  • Letter to Colonel M. W. Castleberry, V. C. from Colonel Donald E. Guy, Installation Veterinarian
  • Regualation Number 40-65, Medical Service Evacuation of Military Dogs. 13 Aug 1971
  • Letter to Colonel Robert Nim, Dept of Veterinary Medicine, 5 Jan 1969
  • Dept. of Army Documents, Newspaper Articles, and Army Orders for Military Police Dogs
  • "Dogs for Swimmer Defense" by Paul M. Eisenhauer
  • "Enviromental Support of Water Dog Tests of Late October 1969" by G. B. Austin
  • "Waterdog" U.S. Navy Research and Development Unit- Vietnam
  • "Personnel and Training Implications for Aquadog" by John M. Richardson, Jr.
  • "A Swimmer Defense System Using Dogs" by Paul M. Eisenhauer
  • National Archives response to a Freedom of Information Act request.
  • USARV War Dog Program
  • Master Lesson Plan: Capabilities and Limitations of Scout Dogs - Operations in Rice Paddies, Marsh, Swamps
  • ORT INF Platioon Scout Dog
  • Master Lesson Plan: Detection of Trip Wires, Booby Traps, Mines, etc.
  • Standardization of Training, 1 Nov 66
  • Lesson Plan: Viet Cong Village
  • Various of articles about Sentry Dogs of the Air Force and Army
  • Michael L. Hammerstrom thesis, Ground Dog Day: Lessons Don't Have to be Relearned in the Use of Dogs in Combat, Dec 2005
  • Various of articles, U.S. Army documents, and orders regarding Scout and Tracker Dogs
  • Operations Report Lesson Learned Report 1-68, Section V Military Dogs -
  • Marine Dog Platoons Unclassified Document
  • Various of articles about Scout Dogs used by Marines
  • "U.S. Marines in Vietnam, High Mobility and Standdown 1969" by Charles Smith
  • "U.S. Marines in Vietnam, Vietnamization and Reployment" 1970-1971
  • Document from III Marine Amphious Force, Subject: War Dog Requirements
  • 1st Marine Corps Scout Dog Platoon Training and Monthly Report of Activities documents
  • Operation Ordance, Quang Nam Province, 1st Marine BN, 3rd Marine Division
  • List of Navy Sentry Dogs Known to Have Served in Vietnam, 1967 - 1973
  • 1st Military Police Battalion, Project Officer, Mine/Booby Trap Detecting Dogs
  • Letter to Comanding Officer Seal Team 2 regarding Scout Dog School
  • Various articles about Scout Dogs detachments in Vietnam
  • General Orders Organizing Scout Dog Platoons
  • Freedom of Information Act Letter requesting information of various Scout Dog Platoons
  • History Card for 55th Platoon Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)
  • History of Scout Dog Detachment 1969, US Army Scout Dog Detachment, 26th IPSD and 51st IPSD
  • PACAF Sentry Dog Training Center, 6100th Support Wing Information Document
  • 3282TTS Military Working Dog OLB Supporting, Training Center, Kadena AB Information Document
  • Letter from Larry (Joe) Haynie, MSgt-USAF retired to Michael Lemish
  • Various of newspaper articles about the 37th, 38th and 39th Infantry Platoons (Scout Dog)
  • History of the 37th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)
  • Letter from 2Lt Richard D. Bruce to express condolences to Mr. and Mrs. Kuefner
  • Bronze Star Medal List for 1st Cavalry Division, General Orders Number 3012, 16 Feb 1971
  • Roster of the 37th IPSD for Fall 1970, Bien Hoa AFB RVN
  • "If I Could Only Talk" by R. "Pete" Peters, 39th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)
  • Letter from Randy to Jesse about the 37th IPSD.
  • Monthly Report of Scout Dog Operations from the 39th IPSB, 173rd Abn Bde
  • Letter and newspaper article about military dog "Toro" and handler PFC Carl Dobbins
  • Personal letters and telegrams regarding Sgt. Lane S. Dixon Jr.
  • Newspaper articles relating to the 40th 41st and 43rd Scout Dogs Platoons
  • History of 43rd Inf Plt (Sct Dog)
  • Monthly reports of Scout Dog Operations, 43rd ISPD
  • Military documents of the 43rd IPSD and the 41st IPSD
  • Military Documents and Newspaper articles about the 46th, 47th, and 48th IPSD
  • Military Documents from the 57th IPSD
  • Monthly Report of Scout Dog Operations from 57th IPSD
  • Personal letters, memoirs, and potocopied photographs from the 58th IPSD
  • Military Documents from the 58th IPSD
  • Various of book excerpts, magazine, and newspaper articles regarding Military Dogs
  • 33rd IPSD after action report- handwritten
  • 33rd IPSD Report of Scout Dog Operations
  • 33rd IPSD After Action Report
  • 33rd IPSD Report of Off-leash Scout Dogs
  • 34 IPSD Scout Dog Operational Reports
  • 38th IPSD Monthly Report of Scout Dog Operations
  • 39th IPSD Monthly Report of Scout Dog Operations
  • Articles and Army documents regarding Robert W. Hartsock, 44th IPSD, KIA and Medal of Honor awardee
  • Newspaper articles and personal reflections regarding the role of military dogs on the Attack of Tan Son Nhut Air Base
  • Unit History of 42nd Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)
  • History of 59th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)
  • Attachment orders from 11th Infantry Bridgae to 59th ISPD Commanding Officer
  • Monthly Report of Scout Dog Operations
  • 61st IPSD, Unit History-Initial and 1968 Annual Supplement
  • 62nd IPCT, Operational Report for the Year of 1969
  • 63rd IPCT, Monthly Report of Combat Tracker Operations
  • 63rd IPCT, Total Results Report, September 1969 - January 1971
  • 77th IPSD Unit History
  • Military Advisory Group (MAAG and RVNAF Military Dog Program)
  • "A Cohort Study of the Effects of Vietnam Service on Testicular Pathology of U.S. Military Working Dog"
  • "U.S. Military Working Dogs with Vietnam Service: Definition and Characteristics of the Cohort"
  • "Case-Control Study of Canine Malignant Lymphoma: Positive Association With Dog Owner's Use of 2, 4-Dichlorophenozyacetic Acid Herbicided"
  • "The Role of Military Working Dogs in Low Intensity Conflict"
  • "Outline of a Proposed Research Project on Diseases of the Canine and Wquine in Southeast Asia; Specifically South Vietnam"
  • "Utilization of War Dogs"
  • Outline of Doghandlers training and issues
  • "Military Working Dogs and Canine Ehrlichiosis (Tropical Canine Pancytopenia) in the Vietnam War"
  • FM 7-42 "Combat Tracker and Tracker Dog Training and Employment"
  • "An Infantry Supporting Weapon Concept" by George M. Lawrence Jr. Capt USMC
  • History of Scout Dog Detachment
  • Infliction on military personnel for breaching directives of handling war-dog
  • Report to describe progress mae with 46 sentry dogs, Military Dog Training Center
  • Training Documents of the 26th Infantry Platoon
  • Military Dog Breeding Center, Breeding Project Concept
  • Militrary Dog Breeding Documents
  • Training Documents for Remedial Training, Off Leash Scout Dogs Teams, and Detection of Trip Wires, Booby Traps, Mines, Etc.. Master Plan
  • Welcome to Phan Rang AB, Best in the Republic of Vietnam
  • Press Release, "Exterminate All Dogs"
  • Director, Combat Development Test Center, RVNAF documents about Military Dog Research
  • List of All Doghandlers at Pleiku from Oct 1965 - Oct 1966
  • Exhibition Publication, The Dog Museum, "Dogs of War"
  • Study, "The Relationship Between the Soldier and Military Working Dog During the Vietnam War"
  • Vietnam Dog Handler Association Letter
  • Nemo's War Dog Heroes Memorial Committee Letter
  • Tracker Dog Memorial Document
  • Various of newspaper clippings about military dogs.
  • Scout Dog Operations (Vietnam) 1966-1971
  • Infantry Scout Dog Class 3 , 197th Inf Bde documents -
  • Photocopied Map sections of Phan Rang, Camp Evans, and South Vietnam

VA061616-VA061626: 11 photographs of military dogs and Vietnam Dog Handler Association members

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Combat Tacker News, November 1999
Combat Tacker News, December 1999

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23220000000, Michael Lemish Collection, The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive, Texas Tech University

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