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Herbert Schandler Collection (266) Finding Aid

Item Number: 2660000000

Scope and Contents

Two folders of documents and articles authored by Herbert Schandler and reviews of his materials document Herbert Schandler's service in the US Military during the Vietnam Conflict and his post-war research and publications about the war. Most materials date from the late war-era period and the post-war period and include reviews of Schandler's book, The Unmaking of a President: Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam .


  • 05 January 2002

Biographical / Historical

Dr. Schandler, a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and the Command and General Staff College as well as a Korean War veteran, was assigned in June 1965 as Executive Officer, 2d Battalion, 2d Infantry, Fort Devens, Massachusetts. This battalion became part of the 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) and deployed to South Vietnam with the Division in September 1965. The 2/2 Infantry was involved in two major battles with Viet Cong forces in the III Corps area in November and December 1965.

In July 1966, Major Schandler was assigned to the Revolutionary Development Division (J33), MACV. He served in three capacities: 1) the revolutionary development staff of MACV; 2) advisor to the Ministry of Revolutionary Development; and 3) as staff to the Deputy Ambassador for pacification. In this post, he helped develop the concept and outline for the CORDS organization to coordinate the civil-military effort of U.S. agencies in the country.

Returning to the Army Staff in January 1967, Major Schandler had the Vietnam Desk, Strategic Plans & Policy Directorate, DCSOPS. In January 1968, Lt Col Schandler became Assistant for Southeast Asian Affairs, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, International Security Affairs (OASD/ISA). In this position, he worked on issues related to the Tet Offensive and, subsequently, on issues concerning U.S. negotiations with the North Vietnamese/Viet Cong in Paris.

In 1969, Lt Col Schandler returned to Vietnam. For six months, he commanded the 3d Battalion/187th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division. This battalion was involved in 'pacification,' local defense, and training activities in I Corps in the area known by the French as 'la rue sans joie--the street without joy.'

Dr. Schandler holds two awards of the Combat Infantrymans Badge, 4 awards of the Legion of Merit, 3 awards of the Bronze Star Medal with V, 12 awards of the Air Medal (2 with V), and 3 awards of the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He also has decorations from Korea and the Netherlands.

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OH0409 Interview with Herbert Schandler

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  • Update Briefing, 3d Battalion, 187th Infantry, 18 March 1970
  • General Information Brochure, Thua Thien Province
  • Letter from Schandler to the 3d Battalion, 187th Infantry
  • General document on the Third Battalion (Airmobile), 187th Infantry, 1970
  • Reviews of Schandler's book, The Unmaking of a President: Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam
  • Article in Book World, May 2, 1982, by Schandler; two New York Times articles from 1978 and 1985
  • Papers
  • Vietnam: The Decision to Intervene, 1964-1965, by Schandler, for Citadel Conference on War and Diplomacy, March 12, 1976
  • America and Vietnam: The Failure of Strategy, by Schandler, for Military History Symposium at Royal Military College of Canada, March 30, 1978
  • Reports for the Air War College: "Street Without Joy": A Case Study in Vietnamization, Professional Study No. 4225, by Schandler, December 1970
  • Land Reform in South Vietnam, Professional Study No. 4438, by Schandler, May 1971
  • Syllabus for the National Defense University, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Academic Year 2002, Elective Course 5010, American in Vietnam: An Introduction
  • Student Papers:
  • Riverine Warfare in Viet Nam, by CDR M.R. Mara USN
  • My Lai: A Failure in Leadership, by Myron L. Hampton USMC
  • Linebacker II: A Review, by Lt. Col. Stephen P. Gray USAF
  • The Vietnam War: A Nation Changed, by Betsey Mazzella
  • Deja vu All Over Again: U.S. Crediblity as a Vital Interest in Vietnam and Kosovo, by Chris Carey
  • Student Papers:
  • The Tet Offensive...Surprise, Consequences, and Twisted Truths, by CDR Stephen J. Fitzgerald USN
  • Linebacker II: Mission Accomplished, by Lt. Col. Lori Gatson
  • Army Logistics in Vietnam, by Lt. Col. Randall D. Corbin
  • The Southeast Asian Air War, The B-52 "Stratofortress" in Vietnam, by Wayne Marhefka (2 copies)
  • Countering the Communist Waterbone Infiltration, by Cpt. Michael R. Howard USN
  • Did the Helicopter Loose the Vietnam War? by Cpt. Frank Pagano USN
  • National Will...Its Affect on National Security, by LTC Ray Mason USAR
  • America's Role in the Vietnam War-If JFK Had Lived, by Cpt. Matthew L. Nathan, MCUSN
  • Vietnam: A History of Crossroads, by CDR Gary R. Windhorst USN
  • Navy Strike Ops in Support of "Operation Rolling Thunder," by CDR Tom Wiechelt USN
  • Military Civic Action in Vietnam, by Col. Thomas W. Travis USAF (2 copies)
  • Student Papers:
  • The Norwegian View Upon the Vietnam War and the Influence of Media 1963-1975, by Bjorn Ruud
  • Once Upon a Distant War, by Lt. Col. Rebecca Ritchey-Fritz, USAF
  • Chaplain Ministry During Vietnam, by Chaplain Col. Carlo Montecalvo USAF
  • The Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War, by Garland Stephens and Tom Carter
  • Iraq 2003-America's New Vietnam? by CDR Miguel Gonzalez USN
  • With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies? by Lt. Col. Chris Moulton
  • The TET Offensive, by Byron Shorter
  • Kissinger's Ending the Vietnam War- A Review, by LTC Peter F. Taylor, Jr.
  • The Vietnam War: Irony, Contradiction and Misperception, by CDR Christopher A. Patton USNR
  • Book Review: Marine Sniper-93 Confirmed Kills, by CDR Paul J. Frost USN (2 copies)
  • A Vietnam Experience Ten Years of Reflection, by LTC Dave Wesley
  • Air Cavalry: Tactical Success, Strategic Failure, by Carl A. Lude
  • Lamson 719: Another Perspective, by CDR J. Hubbard USN
  • Clausewitz on Vietnam: The Trinity of War Theory's Relevence to Vietnam, by Lt. Col. Paul E. Greenwood USMC
  • Vietnam: Robert S. McNamara, Lt. Col. George A. Lembrick USMC
  • U.S. Air Force Logistics in Vietnam: Moving Mountains to Nowhere, by Lt. Col. Michael W. Arnold
  • Home with Honor: The Story of U.S. Prisoners of War in the North Vietnam Prison Complex, CDR Paul R. Martinez USN
  • The Vietnam Memorial, by Col. Brent A. Johnson USAR
  • Military Advisors: America's Unconventional Entry into Vietnam, by Lt. Col. R.S. Slater USMC
  • Psycological Operations, by Lt. Col. Thomas J. Liptak USAR
  • African Americans in the Vietnam War, by Col. Geneva C. Sanders USAR
  • What was the most important lesson of Vietnam? Lt. Col. Duane P. Gapinski
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, by LTC Frederick L. Carter USAR
  • Fullest Possible Accounting, Missing in Action, Vietnam, by Lt. Col. James M. Joyner USAR
  • The Media and the Vietnam War, by Col. Gail E. Jennings USMC
  • TET 1968 and the Media, by LTC David Laine USAR
  • Surviving Vietnam, by Col. Andrew R. Monteiro USAF
  • Vietnam Antiwar Movement, by Lt. Col Kurt Froeb USAR
  • Vietnam War: Vo Nguyen Giap, by Lt. Col. Martin A. Jacoby
  • The United States Marine Corps' Combined Action Program in Vietnam: 1965-1971, by Owen W. Englander
  • Reframing the Veterans of Vietnam, by Col. Paul D. Meredith (2 copies)
  • The Cambodia Incursion and its' Aftermath, by LTC Daniel S. Sheahan (2 copies)
  • Vietnam After the War, by Col. Niwat Subongkot
  • Joint Task Force-Full Accounting: The Mission to Return America's Missing Warriors, by Lt. Col. David J. Rohrer USAR
  • A Study of the Strategic Hamlet Program in South Vietnam, by Robert W. Kline USAR
  • Vietnam and the National Will, by Joanne Callahan
  • Innovation in Warfare: The Story of the "Guns A Go-Go," by CDR Alan A. LaBeouf USNR
  • The Development of Attack Helicopters, by LTC Thomas G. Willis, USAR (3 copies)
  • Student Papers:
  • Book Review, Once Upon a Distant War, by LTC Shelby L. Syckes USAF (2 copies)
  • From Empathizer to Onlooker, The Finnish Attitudes and Vietnam War, LTC Hannu Herranen
  • Kelly Lives-On: U.S. Army "Dust Off": Vietnam, by CDR Joseph D. Forsha MSC USN (3 copies)
  • Lessons Not Learned, by CDR Roberta Spillane
  • Vietnam Through a Fictional Prism: The Quiet and Ugly Americans, by Lennard G. Kruger
  • The Uncensored War: The Media and Vietnam, by Lt. Col. Sharon R. Disler, USAF
  • African Americans and the Vietnam War, by Lt. Col. Cardell K. Richardson, USAF
  • An Analysis of the Rolling Thunder Air Campaign, by Lt. Col. Judyann L. Munley USAF
  • Book Review (2 copies)
  • The Phoenix Program, by Lt. Col. Robert B. Smith (2 copies)
  • A Long Year, by David T. Noble (2 copies)
  • Student Papers:
  • Dereliction of Duty As it Pertains to the U.S. Military Role in the Decision Making Process, by Elaine Carter USN (2 copies)
  • Vietnam, Have We Gone Beyond? by Lt. Col. Gregory J. Dyson USAR
  • The Free World Assistance Program--"More Flags", by CDR David M. Thomas, Jr. USN
  • Legacies of The Second Indochina War, by Lt. Col. Gene E. King USAR
  • Vietnam Today, by CDR Thomas I. McKeon USN
  • Christmas Present in 1970: My Year in the Nam, by Lt. Col. James Lewis Kennon USAR
  • The Media's Impact on National Will During the Vietnam War, by Lt. Col. Christopher H. Sonntag USMC
  • Vietnam and the Art of War, by LTC Rabon
  • Maxwell Taylor's Eight Major Contributions to the Effort in Vietnam, y Lawrence J. Nolan
  • A Case Study of the My Lai Massacre and what the Army has Done Since then to Upgrade Law of War Training, by Col. Glen D. Lause USAR
  • The Vietnam War, Where Were the Strategists? by CDR James W. Gibson
  • Linebacker II, by Lt. Col. Douglas B. Salmon USAF
  • What America Didn't Learn From the French Failure in Vietnam, by LTC Patrick C. Dunkle USAR
  • Vietnam: A Personal Perspective, by Lt. Col. M.E. Williams, USMC
  • Student Papers:
  • Vietnam: The Lessons Are Still Pertinent, by Col Al Brensdel
  • Requiem for a Nation-The Pain of Vietnam, by Judy Guenther
  • The Vietnam War: Loss of the National Will, by LTC Sidney E. Riley
  • Vietnam: The Delicate Balance of Normalization and POWs/MIAs, by Steven Lyons
  • What Happened When We were Not Looking: The Economic Payoffs of the Vietnam Conflict, by Barbara A.H. Scarlett
  • Who's Who in Vietnam? by Cynthia Q. Burns
  • The American Tragedy in Vietnam: Lessons of the Dead Strategists, CDR David M. Volonino
  • Vietnam Air Campaign: Who's in Charge? by Lt. Col. Thomas B. Wright
  • Rolling Thunder-A Failed Air Campaign, by Lt. Col. Douglas A. Nelson
  • American National Will and the Vietnam War, by Lt. Col. Michael K. Hicks USMC
  • The Coast Guard in Vietnam, Cpt. Norm Henslee USCG
  • The Vietnam War: A Revised Perspective, by Brenda Gonzalez
  • Student Papers:
  • Why the French and Vietminh Began Fighting in 1946, by Lt. Col. D. Lawrence
  • Vietnam A Greek Tragedy, by CDR Kevin E. Mikula USN
  • The Lessons We Didn't Learn from Vietnam, by Lt. Col. Lawrence E. Larson USMC
  • TET: Bend in the Tunnel, by Cpt. John K. Taylor
  • Robert S. McNamara and Vietnam, by Col. Reed Heddleston USAF
  • The Vietnam Issue in the Presidential Election of 1964, by Col. Don Wetekam
  • Foreign Aid in Vietnam: The Forgotten Past, by Carole Scherrer-Palma
  • The Eve of Destruction, by Col. William E. Crowe, Jr.
  • Another Veteran's Story, by George A. Kline
  • Vietnam: Why the United States? by CDR B.J. McCullough USN
  • The Creation of a Working-Class War: America in Vietnam, by Lt. Col. A.A. Washington USMC
  • The 1968 TET Offensive: A Turning Point for Three Nations, by Ken Stombaugh
  • Win the Fight-Loose the War, The 1968 North Vietnamese TET Offensive, by Lt. Col. Marshall C. Reed, USAR
  • You Should Have Read My Book: Lessons from the War in Vietnam-A Discussion with Sun Tzu
  • Vietnam-Lessons Learned? by Lt. Col. Gary L. Kirsteatter
Oral History

OH0409 Interview with Herbert Schandler

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