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Vietnam Magazine Collection (516) Finding Aid

Item Number: 5160000000

Scope and Contents

Original and revised manuscripts included in Vietnam Magazine, 2001-2003.


  • 06 February 2002

Biographical / Historical

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Finding Aid
Length (Linear Feet)
D060.3A; Periodical Collection

Vietnam (October 2004) 2 copies

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  • Issue # 76, April 2001
  • A Bad Day at Bu Dop by Major John F. Mullins (Ret.)
  • The First SEAL by Charles Sasser
  • Let's Cross Over into Laos by Richard Fisher
  • Jungle Prisoners of the Viet Cong by Duane E. Frederic
  • OV-10 67-14626: This Bronco was a war horse by Darrel Whitcomb
  • Operation "Kingfisher:" A Show of Force by Jack T. Hartzel
  • A Mystery Solved by Noonie Fortin
  • The Myth of the Girl in the Photo by Major Ronald Timberlake (Ret.)
  • Unheralded Victory: The Defeat of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army, (1999) by Mark Woodruff. Reviewed by David Christopher Baker.
  • Issue # 77, June 2001
  • "Show a Little Respect, He's one of Ours:" 'Some Thoughts on the 'Dustoff' by Paddy Griffith -
  • Hearts Without Homes by Merlene Reynolds
  • Navy SEALs in the Mekong Delta: Wood's War on the VC Infrastructure by Dr. Russell H.S. Stolfi
  • Marine Forward Air Controller by William J. Keough
  • The Soviet-Built M-46 130mm Field Gun by Captain Carl O. Schuster, USN (Ret.)
  • Junction City - A Medic Meets Death by Cliff Roberson
  • Heroes of Ap Bac by Art Giberson
  • Facing Our Parents' Past by Wendy Loughlin
  • The Siege at Hue by George W. Smith. Reviewed by Spencer C. Tucker.
  • Issue # 78, August 2001
  • Lansdale, Diem, and Operation Exodus by Kenneth E. Kaizer
  • The Battle of Nghia Hanh by Owen Harding
  • Airmanship and the Medal of Honor: An Enlisted Point of View by Judd A. Katz
  • N423PA: One Lucky Plane by Paul A. Scipione
  • Early Covert Action on the Ho Chi Minh Trail by Ken Conboy and James Morrison
  • Gone But Not Forgotten: Accounting for Americans Missing in Southeast Asia by Colonel John B. Haseman, USA (Ret.)
  • The Rise and Fall of Recon Team Asp by Ken Conboy and James Morrison
  • Spun Yarns by Phil Smith and Mal Lancaster
  • Missle Ambushes by Sergei Blagov
  • Issue # 79, October 2001
  • Roy Wheat in Vietnam: You Never Know Until You Try by Phil Hearn
  • The Fighting Tigers by Bartholomew King
  • Combat Tracker Teams: Establishing a New Infantry Specialty by Sue Rodgers
  • ASP #1 at Da Nang Explodes: Seabee Base Destroyed by Frank J. Musumeci
  • An American Fire Drill by Dr. Robert O'Melia
  • Lariat O-3 Bravo by Colonel Richard Duckworth
  • Soviet designed RPD Machine Gun by Jon Guttman
  • A Combat Geologist by Brigadier General Raymond E. Bell, Jr., USA (Ret.)
  • Issue # 80, December 2001
  • Vanguards in the Rung Sat Special Zone by Ray Pezzoli, Jr.
  • Sapper Attack by Commander Arthur R. Lee, USN (Ret.)
  • Flareships by Sam McGowan
  • Operation Lorraine by David T. Zabecki
  • ELINT Saves Lives by Albert F. Becker
  • Two Weeks Down, Fifty to Go by Lieutenant Commander Burt Levin, USN (Ret.)
  • The Man With the Dog by Shelly L. Davis
  • Was Thanh Phong Another My Lai? by Robert Larson
  • Issue # 81, February 2002
  • Doctors in Vietnam by Marc Phillip Yablonka
  • Were the Viet Cong Eliminated During the 1968 Tet Offensive? by Peter Brush
  • Task Force Dorland at Hill 63 by Colonel James F. Humphries, USA (Ret.)
  • Hue: The Forgotten Massacre by James O. Clifford, Sr.
  • The Computer and the FileSearch System were Key Intelligence Tools by Michael E. Unsworth
  • Mini-Man by Charles Sasser
  • A Sense of Urgency: Changing Missions of the Da Nang Depot, 1970-1971 by Dick Daniels
  • Perspectives on the Vietnam War Experience in the TV Series "Magnum, P.I." by Richard H. Owens
  • Stemming the Tide: May 1965 to October 1966 by John M. Carland. Reviewed by Ron Frankum.
  • Issue # 82, April 2002 (Complete Magazine Present in Folder)
  • List of Magazine Contents
  • Titles and Authors
  • Dancing with the Goddess of War: At the Cutting Edge in Vietnam by Russell W. Glenn
  • A Hill Too Far by Kelly Bell
  • Espionage or Military Action? The Strange Disappearance of Two American Technicians in Vietnam's Central Highlands by Garnet Bell
  • Courage and Cowardice at Dong Khe by Shaun M. Darragh
  • Commander C.A.L. Swanson and the 1966 fire aboard the U.S.S. Oriskany by Lynn S. Swanson
  • Dog Tags: Lost and Found by Robert W. Mann, Thomas D. Holland, and Robert W. Maves
  • Reviews
  • Last Reflections on a War by Bernard B. Fall. Reviewed by James H. Willbanks
  • Issue # 83, June 2002
  • List of Magazine Contents
  • Titles and Authors
  • The Bravest Man I Ever Knew by Lacy Dean McCray
  • Concerning the Death of Staff Sergeant Andujar by Robert Fromme
  • General Donn A. Starry and the Rebuilding of the U.S. Army by Lance Jones and Claudia Gary Annis
  • Samozaryadnyi Karabin Sisyemi Simonova Obrazets 1945g by Lance Jones
  • Heroes Never Die by Robert Bateman
  • Ignoring the Messenger by Steven J. Lloyd
  • Home to War: A History of the Vietnam Veteran's Movement by Gerald Nicosia. Reviewed by Robert L. Bateman.
  • Issue # 84, August 2002
  • List of Magazine Contents
  • Titles and Authors
  • Interview with Vietnam Helicopter Pilot and Filmmaker Richard Jellerson by Hazel-Dawn Dumpert
  • Storm on Thunder Road: The 1st Battle of Ap Bau Bang by Tracey L. Derks
  • The Jakarta Axis: Indonesia and the Wars in Indochina by Kenneth Conboy
  • One of North Vietnam's three jet fighter types was a Soviet design made in China by Jon Guttman
  • Advisor to Fighters by John W. Coleman
  • America's Other War in Southeast Asia by Patrick J. Chase
  • Vietnam: A Bad War? by Robert C. Ankony
  • Karl Richter's Last Mission by Hank Brandli
  • Legacy of Discord, Voices of the Vietnam War Era by Gil Dorland. Reviwed by Robert L. Bateman
  • Issue # 85, October 2002
  • List of Magazine Contents
  • LZ X-Ray: Reporter Under Fire as told by Joseph L. Galloway
  • Operation Bolo by Jon Latimer
  • The Hudson River's War by James Jay Carafano
  • Charles Lea's Happenstance: An Incident in Vietnam by Charles Lea and Phil Powell
  • Vietnam Veteran and War Protester by Randolph J. Forrester
  • Support Operations Control Center by John McCormick
  • The Missouri Supplant by Albert Robinson
  • The Ontos Anti-Tank Vehicle by Peter Brush
  • None So Blind: A Personal Account of the Intelligence Failure in Vietnam by George W. Allen. Reviewed by Lewis Sorley
  • Glory Denied: The Saga of Jim Thompson, America's Longest-held Prisoner of War by Tom Philpott. Reviewed by John C. Foster.
  • Issue # 86, December 2002
  • List of Magazine Contents
  • Titles and Authors
  • A Tale of Hungry Lions by Russel H. S. Stolfi
  • Interview with General Tran Van Tra by John M. Carland
  • We Were Told Time Was Critical by Thomas R. Messick
  • Higher and Higher: Drug Use Among U.S. Forces in Vietnam by Peter Brush
  • Aural Adjustment in the Jungle and Other Indirect Fire and Incidental Jungle Matters by John S. B. Tulloch
  • Phil Ferrazano's Anxious Days in Cambodia by Brent Swager
  • The Edmison Letter by John E. Mann
  • The Battle for New York by Dr. Ellen Chris Fanizzi
  • Honor and Sacrifice by Anthony J. Blondell. Reviewed by Captain Carl O. Schuster, USN (Ret.)
  • Issue # 87, February 2003
  • List of Magazine Contents
  • Titles and Authors
  • Interview: Tim Page Remembers Mini-Tet. Interviewed by J. Allston James.
  • Quang Trung and the First Tet Offensive, January 1789 by Spencer C. Tucker
  • The Battle of Kontum, 30 January - 12 February 1968 by Erik Villard
  • Tet 1969 by Kevin D. Randle
  • Return with Honor: A Film of Human Survival by Jon Keeyes
  • The U.S. Naval Security Group and Vietnam (Two Tales) by Norman Klar
  • U.S. M3 Submachine Gun by Gene Gangarosa, Jr.
  • Air Assault Badge Controversy by Guy C. Lamunyon
  • Reviews
  • The Mindful Moment by Tim Page. Reviewed by J. Allston James
  • Articles and Letters Concerning the Death of Douglas Pike, 2002

Vietnam (October 2004) 2 copies

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5160000000, Vietnam Magazine Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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