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Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) Collection: Printed Material (386) Finding Aid

Item Number: 3860000000

Scope and Contents

Half a linear foot of articles and parts of books detail various issues related to Vietnam Veterans and the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association. Materials date from both the war and post-war periods and were photocopied by various VHPA members. This is one series of the VHPA Collection.


  • 05 March 2002

Biographical / Historical

The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA), is a non-profit war veterans organization filed under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service and is dedicated to enhancing and accrediting the cohesiveness, esprit de corps, and traditions of valor of rotary wing aircrews that flew in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Era. Currently, the VHPA has a membership of over 9,400 helicopter pilots from around the world. It has a web site located at: http://www.vhpa.org.


Finding Aid
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  • Box 1: [1] [TTU - Southwest Collections Building, Stacks [D052.7A ]]


  • "Rapid Flight: New Method of Airmobile Operations," Hawk, April 1969 - "Backing Up The Grunt." The Air Cavalry Division, July, 1968. - 229th Aviation Battalion - Armies, Corps, Divisions, and Separate Brigades - Armored Combat in Vietnam - End Nears for Last CH-54 Unit (Army Times, August 20, 1979) - Fair Market Values Of Aircraft And Spare Parts For Air America, Inc. - Headquarters and Headquarters Company 11th Aviation Group - Headquarters and Headquarters Company 16th Aviation Group - Kelly, Francis J. Vietnam Studies: US Army Special Forces 1961-71. - Mounted Combat in Vietnam - Tolson, John J. Vietnam Studies: Airmobility 1961-71. - Vietnam Studies - Sharpening the Combat Edge: The Use of Analysis to Reinforce Military Judgment, 1974 - Vietnam Studies - Tactical and Materiel Innovations, 1974 - "U.S. Mobility Beats Reds' Guerrilla Tactics," Stars and STripes, August/September 1967
  • ARRS, An Illustrated Chronology by Donald D. Little [source: MAC], 1/2/64-8/1/76
  • Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight,Vietnam [source: David Earley], 10/1/67-6/1/71
  • A History of U.S. Coast Guard Aviation (Copy of 1 page)
  • Military Engineer Field Notes, The Military Engineer, May-June 1968, no. 395 - Military Engineer Field Notes, The Military Engineer, September-October 1966, no. 385 - Minipads for Heliports, The Military Engineer, May-June 1967, no. 389 - Recovery Of Crusher Fines (Engineering In Vietnam)
  • Articles From Stars And Stripes During And After The Vietnam War - Cavalair Volume 2 Number 53. November 29, 1967 - Chanoff, David. Portrait Of The Enemy. New York: Random House, 1986. - Chaplain's Message - White Lighting Supports the Mohawk - You're "In" Why Not Stay - An Aircraft's DEROS - Change of Command - The Delta Riggers - Civic Action: A Different Kind of Battle - Vietnam: More than a Word - Seagrave, Sterling. Soldiers Of Fortune: The Epic Of Flight. - Tour 365 - 1969 Vietnam - Ye Holy Land. August 1970 issue of "Hawk" magazine
  • Collection Of Photos And Descriptions Of Helicopters And Weapons Systems - Helicopter Nomenclature And Information - Hovering above the fear in Vietnam (Article copied from USA Today, July 15, 1983) - Interavia - New Hughes Turbine-Powered Helicopter Sets 23 World Records, no. 12, 1965 - Major Changes In Helicopter Pilot Training [source: John Konek] - Pacific Stars & Stripes Monday, February 8, 1971 (Picture of CH-54 Skycrane helicopter)
  • "Lam Son 719" Avian 34. July 1971. Volume 11, Number 4
  • Dorland, Peter. Dust Off: Army Aero-Medical Evacuation In Vietnam. 1982 - Lacy, Clay. "School Becomes Hospital 3rd Field Hospital Opens." - List Of Materials At The National Archives, RG 472, US Army In Vietnam, Medical Units - Medical Support of the U.S. Army in Vietnam - Hospitalization and Evacuation - Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles About Medevac In Vietnam - Sp3 Tom Benic, "Medevac." The First Team, Fall 1969. - US Army Surgeon General, Annual Report, 1962-3, 1965-72 - "The Miracle Of Medevac." The Air Cavalry Division, Sep 1968.
  • Articles From Marine Corps Gazette On Marine Helicopter Operations In Vietnam - Sklarewitz, Norman. "Counterinsurgency: Marines At Work In Vietnam." - USMC, "Marine Aviation In Vietnam" by Lt. Gen. Keith B. McCutchen [source: US Marines in VN, History & Museums Div USMC], 1/1/62-31 Dec 70
  • Untitled Article, US Naval Institute Proceedings, Oct, 1963 - US Navy Histories And War Photos Order Form
  • Flying Dragons (Information about VNAF)
  • USAF Aircraft Losses, December 1964-June 1973

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3860000000, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) Collection: Printed Material, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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