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Bách Khoa [Bach Khoa] (Tap Chi Bach Khoa)

Item Number: 1078Serial139828
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Bách Khoa [Bach Khoa] (Tap Chi Bach Khoa) - Serial

Bách Khoa [Bach Khoa]
Tap Chi Bach Khoa
Republic of Vietnam
Semi Monthly
General Note


  • Existence: 15 February 1962

General Note / OCR

Hoang Minh Tuynh - tai sao An Do Dung vo luc chiem lai Goa [Why did India use armed force to re-take Goa]
Nguyen Hien Le - mot vu soi noi khap the gioi: vu Exodus [one case that embroiled the entire world: Exodus]
Hien Sinh - Thai Phien va cuoc Duy Tan khoi nghia [Thai Phien and the duy Tan Uprising]
Tran Huong Tu - Jaspers hien sinh va sieu viet [Jaspers, existentialism and transcendentalism]
Vu Thuy Hoang - nhien lieu dac voi cuoc tham hiem khong gian [solid fuels and space exploration]
Co Lieu - may troi (gioi thieu cuon Les merveillaux nuages cua F. Sagan) [Drifting Cloud (introducing Les Merveillaux Nuages by F. Sagan)]
Thach Ha - mot truyen xuat hanh (truyen ngan) [A Journey Begins (short story)]
Nguyen Minh Hoang - con dao cat banh mi (dich Erskine Caldwell) [the bread knife (a translation of Erskine Caldwell)]
Hoai Huong - xa cach (tho) [Far Apart (poetry)]
Doan Them - hoa am so 1 (tho) [harmony number 1 (poetry)]
Bui Giang - tham anh chi [visiting you (elder brothers and sisters)]
Phan Duy Nhan - duong bay cua tho (tho) [flight path of a poem (poetry)]
Dong Ho - tho [poem]
Sao Tren Rung - co don [lonely]
Vo Phien - thu nha (truyen dai) [letter from home (long story)]
Mong Trung - giac mong xuan [a dream of Spring]
Nguien Ngu I - tim hieu noi long ban bien tap Bach Khoa [trying to unserstand the hearts of the board of editors of Bach Khoa]
Trang Thien - doc 'Duoi bong van ly' (Pearl Buck, Le Ba Kong and Vu Phuong Minh, translators) [Reading 'Under the Shadow of the Great Wall (Pearl Buck, translated by Le Ba Kong and Vu Phuong Minh)]
Nguien Ngu I - hoi mua xuan voi doi song tinh cam Viet Nam [New Years gatherings and Vietnamese love life]

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1078Serial139828, Douglas Pike Collection (Personal Papers), The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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