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Bách Khoa [Bach Khoa] (Tap Chi Bach Khoa)

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Bách Khoa [Bach Khoa] (Tap Chi Bach Khoa) - Serial

Bách Khoa [Bach Khoa]
Tap Chi Bach Khoa
Republic of Vietnam
Semi Monthly
General Note


  • Existence: 15 August 1962

General Note / OCR

Hoang Minh Tuynh - xao thuat cua ong Krouchtchev [Kruschev's Trickery]
Nguyen Van Hau - ho mien Nam [Southern Region work songs]
Tran Huong Tu - tong ket ve phong trao triet hien sinh [summary on the Existentialist Movement]
Domahide - nguoi Cham tai Viet Nam [The Cham People in Vietnam]
Nguyen Hien Le - Isaac Newton
Nguyen Nhu, Thanh Dam - gop y ve van de giao duc va triet [ Opinions on Education and Philosophy]
Phuong Giao - (dich Erskine Caldwell) kinh nghiem doi van [Experiences of a Literary Life (Call it Experience)]
Nguyen Khac Thieu - cam thao (truyen ngan) [Liquorice (short story)]
Tuong Linh - nam cum nui que huong (tho) [Five Clusters of Mountains in the Homeland]
Mong Huien Hoa - chua dam nhan (tho) [I Don't Dare Accept, Yet (poetry)]
Le Minh Ngoc - que huong nao (tho) [Which Homeland (poetry)]
Vien Linh - bai Phuong Lien (tho) [The Poem of Phuong Lien (tho)]
Hoai Khanh - bong suong (tho) [Shadow of Mist (poetry)]
Tran Phong - mot bong hong cho Emily (dich a Rose for Emily cua W. Faulkner) [A Rose for Emily (translated from A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner)]
Doan Them - hoa am so XI (tho) [Harmony Number Eleven (poetry)]
Co Phuong Thao - doc Thanh Cat Tu Han cua Vu Khac Khoan [reading Genghis Khan by Vu Khac Khoan]
Nguyen Tri Minh, Thuyong Thi Thinh - tra loi cuoc phong van ve quan niem hoi hoa [Answering an Interview about Their Opinions on Painting]
Trang Thien - song va viet theo y cua W.Faulkner [Living and Writing according to the Notions of William Faulkner]
Nguyen Phu (thuat) - buoi noi chuyen cua Doan Quoc Sy ve net sau va niem tin trong tin ca Viet Nam [(method) a conversation with Doan Quoc Sy about sadness and faith in Vietnamese song and poetry]
Nguien Ng I - (thuat) buoi noi chuyen cua Dong Ho ve 'Song Tinh Bat Da truyen' cua Nguyen Huu Hao [Dong Ho's conversation about Nguyen Huu Hao's 'Unhumbled Duplicity']

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1078Serial140239, Douglas Pike Collection (Personal Papers), The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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