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Bách Khoa [Bach Khoa] (Tap Chi Bach Khoa)

Item Number: 1078Serial140241
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Bách Khoa [Bach Khoa] (Tap Chi Bach Khoa) - Serial

Bách Khoa [Bach Khoa]
Tap Chi Bach Khoa
Republic of Vietnam
Semi Monthly
General Note


  • Existence: 01 September 1962

General Note / OCR

Hoang Minh Tuynh - tu vu Lao vu Duc toi van de tai binh [from the Laotian Affair and the German Affair to the matter of arms reduction]
Domahide - gioi lanh dao thon ap Cham tai Viet-Nam [leadership in the Cham hamlets of Vietnam]
Nguyen Van Hau - ho mien Nam [Southern work chanties]
Tran Huong Tu - tong ket ve phong trao triet hien sinh [summary of the Existentialist Movement]
Nguyen Hien Le - nhan doc bo Viet-Nam ca tru ben khao [on reading the multi-volume set Songs of Vietnam, a comparative study]
Doan Them - tim dep: do dac [Seeking Beauty: Things]
Phong Giao - (dich Erskine Caldwell) kinh nghiem doi van [Experiences of a Literary Life (Call It Experience)]
Le Tat Dieu - ban co tuong [Chinese Chess Board]
Thai Thuc Nghia - Thang bay, Mua thu,l Luu lac (tho) [July, Autumn, Wandering (poetry)]
Bui Giang - nguoi hai ngoai [People Overseas]
Co Minh Duc - anh di ngang nha em (tho) [You go Past My House (poetry)] Tran Phong - (dich Johan Peter Hebel) Kanniverstan [(translated from Johan Peter Hebel) Kanniverstan]
Vo Hong - tra thu (truyen ngan) [Revenge (short story)]
Thai Tuan - doc 'Tim hieu hoi hoa' cua Doan Them [Reading Doan Them's 'Seeking to Understand Painting']
Huu Phuong - Posey (tho) [poetry]
Vu hoi, Thu Nga, Tran Quang Hieu - tra loi cuoc phong van ve quan niem hoi hoa [answsering questions on their opinions on painting]
Trang Thien - Viet va ve theo y Henry Miller [Writing and drawing according to the Notions of Henry Miller]
Nguien Ngu I - (thuat) buoi noi chuyen 'nhan dinh ve tieu thuyet hien dai' cua Vu Hanh tai Nhan Dan [(method) a conversation by Vu Hanh in Van Dan: 'Observations on Current Novels']
Nguien Ngu I - (thuat) buoi hop bao ve dai hoi thu XI cua Tong lien doan Giao gioi quoc te [Press Conference of the Eleventh Congress of the International Teachers Union]

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1078Serial140241, Douglas Pike Collection (Personal Papers), The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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