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Bách Khoa [Bach Khoa] (Tap Chi Bach Khoa)

Item Number: 1078Serial141016
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Bách Khoa [Bach Khoa] (Tap Chi Bach Khoa) - Serial

Bách Khoa [Bach Khoa]
Tap Chi Bach Khoa
Republic of Vietnam
Semi Monthly
General Note


  • Existence: 01 October 1962

General Note / OCR

Hoang Minh Tuynh - Algerie tren duong xay dung doc lap [Algeria on the Way to Building Independence]
Le Xuan Khoa - Phat giao Thien Tong va Triet Ly Thien [The Zen Buddhist Sect and the Philosophy of Zen]
Dohamide - tang le va hon nhan Cham [Cham Funereals and Marriage]
Nguyen Hien Le - danh nhan: Ignace Philippe Semmelwels [famous names: Ignace Philippe Semmelwels]
Vi Huyen Dac - lo dao tao nguoi thuong luu [oven for molding gentlemen]
Co Lieu - nhung gia thuyet ve ky thuat hoa tien Vostok [The Hypotheses behind the Vostok Missile]
Nguyen Van Trung - doc 'nhung ke tram luan or tran gian' cua Frantz Fanon [reading 'The Losers of the World' (The Wreched of the Earth) by Franz Fanon]
Minh Duc - men bo be xanh [Skirting the Banks of the Blue Sea]
Doan Them - hoa am 12 bis [Harmony 12b]
Thanh Tam Tuyen - noi chet khong roi [feeling of death without falling]
Nguyen Nho Sa Mac - tinh ca mua thu [Songs of Autumn]
Ninh Chu - cau dat; giong co don; thao cam (tho) [pray to the earth; lonely sound; the zoo (poetry)]
Huy Tram - ve day ; thoi biet bao gio (tho) [Come Back Here; Who Knows When (poetry)]
Van Ba, To Oanh, and Nguyen Trung - tra loi cuoc phong van ve quan niem hoi hoa [answer an interview on their opinions about paintings]
Ha Nguyen Thach - giac ngu thanh pho [slumbering city]
Thai Tuan - xem trine lam Esso [viewing the Essso exhibition]
Trang Thien - viet va nghi theo Claude Simon [Writing and Think along with Claude Simon]
Nguien Ngu I - thuat: buoi noi chuyen cua Co Lieu ve quan niem tieu thuyet; buoi thuyet trinh cua O. Doan Giap ve nen hoi hoa V.N.; [a presentation by Mr. Doan Giap on the Foundations of Vietnamese Painting; the Ceremony for Presentation of Cultural Awards for the Entire Country]

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1078Serial141016, Douglas Pike Collection (Personal Papers), The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University

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